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Fixed Assets ERP Module

ERP assets: fixed assets catalog / classification, fixed assets damping operations / standards

Operations applied on fixed assets during their functioning are pursued in detail, as well as their location and persons responsible for them. From a financial and accounting point of view, this module implements a configurable number of standards for financial damping; it automatically generates accounting notes and distributes costs to centers according to preset criteria.


  • Automatic calculation of the depreciation according to the predeterminated plan
  • Generate accounting notes for specific operations
  • Allocate employees responsible for each asset

  • Reduce associated operational costs
  • Eliminate human errors in processing documents related to fixed assets
  • Obtain visibility and control over any operations on fixed assets

Fixed Assets Catalog

It contains all goods in the company that are considered fixed assets, or if necessary, inventory objects.

A whole range of specific information can be included, such as:

  • The classification code and name of the group
  • Name of the fixed asset
  • Inventory number
  • Time when it was first used
  • Type of restraint
  • Registration value
  • Manager
  • Cost Center
  • Type of damping associated to each damping standard
  • Damping coefficient for accelerated damping
  • Duration of damping
  • Unit of measure
  • Remaining duration of damping
  • The amount remaining
  • Provider
  • Date on the document input
  • Accounts

Attention should be paid to the classification of fixed assets in terms of cost centers, as each operation associated to fixed assets generates specific accounting notes, as well as distribution to cost centers.

Another mention is linked to the possibility of declaring several damping standards (accounting damping standards, tax damping standard (use of SAPARD credit etc.). When issuing reports, the selected damping standard will be taken into account.

Fixed Assets Classification

In the case of accounting damping, the damping period is set according to this classification. Classification provides a minimum and a maximum possible.

Fixed Assets Operations

They are operations which can have fixed assets as subject. Example: revaluation, disposal, sales, inventory, etc. Revaluation of fixed assets is an operation which can be complex and takes into account a variety of configurable parameters.

Calculating damping

A fixed asset can be associated with one or more damping actions. A buffer is associated with at least one damping standard. Only one damping standard generates accounting notes. Methods covered are: linear damping, progressive, regressive with the two variants.