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Listings ERP Module

ERP Listings

Nomenclature of the ERP system module includes a dedicated management functionality, articles, partners, staff, treasury, fixed assets, accounts, documents, geographic, parking, controlling, containers

  • Defining and setting up company information
  • Workflow Mapping
  • Combination of different types of documents

  • Eliminate errors in data processing operations
  • Reduce specific operating costs
  • Get flexibility in managing the company’s specific workflows


• Each point of a company can have an unlimited number of management. These can be management of warehouse, shop, custody from third parties, custody, etc. to third parties. Their role is to support activities in each work.
• A special management of that transit. During the time of issuing the notice of transfer of management to another point of time and destination management in the lobby, the property transferred be found in the virtual management “transit”, which is the only management per company.


This classification is optimized to manage a high number of articles and offers advanced search features, sorting, grouping. It also provides the user a wide range of information grouped by functionality: coding system, manufacturer, brand, information Best Before Date (BBD), information logistics, supply policies, prices, recipes, pictures, unlimited number of classification, properties, etc.

Alternative names and codes

In relation with suppliers, producers and customers of hypermarkets, the need to communicate with them in specific codes and descriptions. SeniorERP can manage a virtually unlimited number of coded secondary names, which are attached at the level of product and partner, so that your supply or customer invoices and notices to be issued automatically in agreed formats.


Provides management of customers, suppliers, manufacturers. A partner may be simultam customer, supplier or manufacturer so that multiple registration is required. Also, each partner can have one or more points so that such transactions are pursued simultaneously on point and working partner. Information is managed as commercial information, and CRM-type information. Also, partners are allocated points on the working of the company, so when billed in Iasi, for example, the default will be available for selection in the list only customers who have at least a work in Iasi.


Information related to employees is managed, the staff working on items, departments, functions. Also define the sales division, the component thereof.


Given that any transaction is evaluated simultaneous in three currencies: the original currency equivalent, the equivalent reference is required to introduce exchange rate, there is the possibility to import automatically. Also, these nomenclatures include banks, branches, accounts in lei and / or currency, and the type of association per default currency sales per division.


Continue rankings fixed assets and other useful information management module of fixed assets.


Since the operation of accounting involves automatic generation of accounting notes for all operations that require this, the role of these nomenclatures is to secure the necessary information to generate automatic engine: accounting plans, accounting classification (articles, partners, staff, FM, etc.), accounting models, associations with the types of transactions, etc.


In general, a document is a matter of workflow and has a predefined set of information. A customer can order through for example the following conditions: availability, confirm availability, reserve assets, in process of picking, picking completed, car parts, car. Within these nomenclatures are handled these situations and dime special documents. Also top documents associated points are working to eliminate operating errors.


• Starting from the fact that a company operating points will divide the work so that each work covers a geographical area, generally well defined, we can distinguish operations which takes place in these areas: customer visits, cargo delivery, but and reporting needs, in particular, that no longer comply with this division.
• The role of these nomenclatures is to define and manage operations both intra-point work, and an unlimited number of areas reporting purposes (marketing, logistics, etc.).


Fleet Management Machine requires very detailed information of all types, starting from the fleet on points of fact and departments and continued with data such as tires, weight, volume, number of Europallets, trailers, drivers, etc. licenses.


A key factor in managerial decision making is the establishment of budgets and their implementation by each revenue and cost center that exists in a company.
In this submenu will be defined the structure of revenue and cost centers. Also here will be established rules for automatic allocation of revenues and expenditure into centers that are part of the previously defined structure.

CONTAINERS – management of returnable packaging

Some of the packages in which are listed and traded goods that are returnable (jars, bottles, crates). SeniorERP offers at any time a clear evidence of the packaging to be recovered from the customer or returned to the supplier.