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Price ERP Module

Erp prices module: prices list, trade policies, price management, prices recalculation, changing prices, commercial adding

None of the processes of supply or sale may be effective without tracking price of acquisition and sales. Whether they are expressed in Lei or foreign currency, in fixed prices or percentage discounts / additions, a specific point or a Division, permanent or promotional, net or gross, price management has been designed in the SeniorERP system in order to be intuitive and efficient even for many thousands of items sold in conjunction with many thousands of partners.


  • The possibility of associating entities with different price lists: management, divisions, products, partners
  • Creating promotional lists with limited validity
  • Change prices at any time, with automatic propagation of changes on related documents

  • Customize commercial communication with partners
  • Give discounts based on each customer’s history
  • Get the flexibility to work with list prices, regardless the number of articles or partners

Custom Price Lists

This sub module represents the decisional support for one of the most delicate operations in the trade policy of a company: management in terms of price nomenclatures of tens of thousands of products and partners. It implies both selling prices and acquisition, net / gross or warehouse / retail for promotions, price lists or sets of fixed discount sites, lists of prices with a limited number of products, or opportunities for parent selection in the list etc.. Also in this sub module, you can set policy and credit / payment terms agreed with the prices, even at the product level. Price lists are associated with management (i.e. prices net to gross deposits or stores) or sales divisions where appropriate.

Recalculate Price

If using the method of discharge Weighted Average Cost (CMP), this option allows revaluation of cost for unloading the goods at any time. In practice, there are situations in which it appears the need for products to be sold before their reception in system. Due to the fact that the CMP method – on daily or monthly basis, leaving the management is made of all inputs in + stock existing at the beginning of the period, not from a specific batch of acquisitions, there is no strict connection between acquisitions and sales. So, sells can be made in minus (configurable, and you can prohibit this), indicating that when the merchandise cost is recalculated, the stock at the end of the period should not be negative.

Change Rates

Any change made in a list of prices automatically generates an order to change the price. A particular change order is that referring to the retail price. If, for example, the list of retail prices is associated with a number of 20 shops and a price change, it automatically generates 20 change orders, one for each store, which serves to record / adjust commercial adding and generate related accounting notes.

Transversal Vision Price

When analyzing the profitability of operations on a product, synthetic price information is required in one screen, to have an overview of the flow of acquisition and sales, from a commercial point of view.