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Purchasing ERP Module

ERP Purchasing: necessary supplies, extra- communitarian imports, DVI, NIR, intra- communitarian acquisitions

Depending on the specifics of the customer, this module of the ERP system can trace the purchasing process starting from the estimate of supplies needed, through specific stages of the supply orders, incoming tax documents, managing the reception of goods and finalizing by linking to other modules: WMS, accounting, sales, stocks etc.


  • Automates over 95% of the estimate need of goods process
  • Automatically issues purchase orders

  • Balance the order fullfilment necessary with supply
  • Minimize the impact of supplies on the cash-flow

Purchasing: Necessary supplies

Depending on the purchasing department’s organization and other factors involved, you can automate to a certain extent the process of estimating the need for goods and issue orders for supplies. The degree of automation varies from case to case; some companies have implemented such a process in SeniorERP estimating it to over 95%.

Purchasing: Purchasing Orders

As in the case of sales, complete we recommend tracking the flows of supply, to watch and control the quality. In this process, your purchasing orders play an essential role.

Wizard generation supplier orders

For products found in customer confirmed orders that cannot be honored the possibility of issuing stock orders to suppliers company. Through the wizard of generating the necessary documents is determinated the supply necessary and orders are prepared by the suppliers. The application generates supply solutions based on the following conditions: – Delivery time – Minimum order quantity – the lowest price – payment term.

Purchasing: extra- communitarian purchases

In the case of imports of goods from non EU countries, the old rules for acquisition remain in force, using the following flow: Invoice / s -> DVI -> NIR. Before completing the DVI, the user must take care to assign bills of services (or services in the Invoice / s) on the Invoice / s. After this step, DVI has the role of spreading the taxes and customs fees in cost of goods, the customs code for each individual and to evidence VAT payment. New VAT journals are automatically generated according to parameters set.

Purchasing: intra- communitarian acquisitions

Under the new tax rules, in the case of purchases from the community, DVI is no longer filled. For these acquisitions, to calculate cost of goods, bills for services are distributed (the calculation is automatically made, having a proportional value). New VAT journals are automatically generated according to parameters set.

Purchasing: Invoice entry / intern

This is the usual case of purchases of domestic goods and services.

Purchasing: expeditions/entries approval

One or more orders, partially or fully, may be delivered by one or more approvals, being billed later. The status of each line of command or approval is very easily followed.

Purchasing: expenditures invoices

They are used when only part of the service purchased becomes effective immediately, the rest being distributed in time. This is similar in the case of VAT chargeability.

Supply: Wizard distribution services

Inventories of merchandise includes, besides the price paid to the supplier, a series of charges arising from its purchase. As they are billed separately, the buyer have to include them in the cost of acquisition. With the wizard’s distribution services, costs related to purchasing goods can assign the desired documents, depending on cargo weight, volume or value. Wizard involves three easy steps track: distributed service selection, calculation and check the distribution of final values??.

Purchasing: NIRs

It refers to managing goods and to highlighting the differences between factual and written situations in the reception of goods. If wanted, pluses are automatically highlighted in a management type of custody from third parties, and minuses in the management of custody to third parties, the final goods being highlighted to be clarified later.

Purchasing: Free Zone

SeniorERP helps the desire to manage stock and move goods stored in customs warehouses and free zones. Also, you can keep a clear record of customs duties and taxes levied upon the sale of goods stored in these warehouses.