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Treasury ERP Module

ERP Treasury: cash register, bank register, compensation protocol, clearing advances, clearings, currency balances revaluation etc.

This module integrates financial flows in the company, following in detail each type of operation. To ensure easy to do operations and provide higher quality information, operations specific to types of problems were implemented, able to offer the basis for decision-making processes such as cash flow analysis. When the bank deposit it is made is possible that forecast received from the client does not have coverage in your bank account. In this situation the bank is forced to refuse payment of the amount requested. This operation will be registred in SeniorERP in Treasury module – Clearing – Refuse forecasts.


  • Logic structuring of operations according to their nature: the house / bank, customers / suppliers, receipts / payments etc.
  • Quick registration of financial operations
  • Documents easy to operate that accumulates various operations and linked to their owner: the schedule of receipts, reimbursement of employee

  • Get real-time evidence of available funds
  • Highlight transactions with employees and customers quickly
  • Easily identify uncovered bills or unpaid checks

Cash Operations

Documents that affect the cash are tracked. For example, receipts / cash payments, internal transfers, agents cashing sheets, operations accounts, clear advances etc. Information about operations for one day is presented in centralized form, the cash register being automatically generated in lei or foreign currency, as appropriate. Notes (records) are also generated in accordance with preset accounting models, course differences being highlighted by default in accordance with current legislation.

Current Bank Operations

Extracts are followed by a detailed account. Venues and payments are distributed on outstanding invoices or checks. If payment is received from the customer central work point, it may be assigned to any outstanding invoice of any valid working point. All automatic generation rules which are presented above (bank register, accounting notes, etc.) are valid.

Current bank operations – to be cashed / paid effects

Account statements are monitored in detail. They contain both the issue / reception date, and due date. The invoices covered lose their maturity, being taken over by the receivable. It is to be mentioned the fact that a check is to undertake (cover) maturities for the documents to which it is distributed. It does not decrease the final balance of the partner; it only changes its component. If, for example, customer X has 5 outstanding bills in total amount of USD 1000, and issues a check in the amount of USD 500 which covers the 3 invoices, the customer’s current balance is amounted USD 1000 and consists of 2 outstanding invoices and a check which has not been cashed.


Compensation protocols have the role of compensating the maturities of a debtor partner with the equivalent of a partner lender. You can compensate documents issued both in RON and in foreign currency. The amount is compensated to a selected course.

Personal Advances / Clearings
The granting of an advance in view of a clearing is a distinct operation and it generates the obligation of justification. In many cases, the employee presents cumulative justificatory documents, making it impossible to connect each expenditure to an assigned account.
SeniorERP enables the clearing of several advances simultaneously, using a simple method, consisting of 4 steps:
1. operation of justificatory documents
2. simple selection of justified advances and amounts you wish to clear
3. simple selection of documents entered in step 1
4. if desired, where different amounts, a pay or cash order can be issued, if necessary, to extinguish the balance of the employee.

Sheets Personnel

Using the Cash Operations sub-module, the deposit of is the cumulative cash sheet is first operated by a commercial agent, in order to be included in the balance. In this sub-module, it will be further detailed in terms of receipts and individual extinction balances paid. In this way we do not overburden the cash register with atomic transactions (each receipt in hand), and we provide the possibility for quick verification, cumulative, of the primary documents register.

Advances clearing

If the bill is received in the month following the advance (especially if there are differences in the course), there are current operation dedicated to extinguish them. Thus, the effects are generated on the invoice, previous account situation not being affected.

Check Endorsement

In many cases, a received check is used to cover a debt to a supplier. In this case the owners get the money from customer to supplier, so this operation is necessary to extinguish balances.

Closure of Currency Bills

It is used when balances are closed for currency bills by means of opposite sign bills issued / received in different months. Example: credit notes.

Currency balances revaluation

At the end of the fiscal year (but also at the end of the month, if desired) there is need to update balances in foreign currency at the current exchange rate (December 31). Situations covered by this sub-module are balances of providers, suppliers advances, customers balances, customer advances, revaluation of accounts in foreign currency (cash and bank accounts that operate with foreign currency).

Initial Balances

Before beginning the Senior.ERP implementation, startup data is initialized. In this case we talk about cashiers balances, bank accounts and partners. In the case of partners, the aim is the detailed composition of the balance, at document level.

Current Bank Operations

Statements are followed in detail. Receipts and payments are distributed on bills or checks outstanding. If collection is received from the customer’s central point, it can assign any outstanding invoices for any work point valid. Apply all rules to generate automatic (register bank notes, accounting, etc.), above.

Refusals forecasts

If customers are unable to meet payment commitments, refusals checks and promissory notes can be recorded. In this way, the bills covered by initial commitments that cannot be met will become mature in other ways for their payment.

Deposit checks

To be deposited in the bank, checks and promissory notes must be accompanied by a summary schedule, complete with particulars of each payment instrument that will be submitted for collection. Printing this can be done directly from SeniorERP.

depunere cecuri

Document charges

By recording document charges, uncertain customers and their balance component will come out very easily.