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Work Space ERP Module

SeniorERP work space: ERP dashboard, ERP indicators, ERP reports

It is destined to the centralization of the two types of activity: operating current data and issuing synthesis reports. Among the goals of the ERP system there are efficiency and reducing time to access information relevant to the user and focus in one place.

  • Information is available in one place
  • Access to reports and other data is performed by a single click

  • Reduce time to access relevant information
  • Eliminate redundant specific activities


The role of this sub- module is to reduce the time in which operated information is made available to the final consumer, particularly people in the management that use a standard set of indicators. If this kind of consumer information, repeated configuration of the same set of reports is becoming a problem, especially if filters and complex groups of data are used. Indicators, the initialization of their presentation and graphics are customized and effective access to data is done by pressing a button. The data presented in the dashboard can be viewed, exported in common formats or printed. The indicators are grouped into classes: sales, acquisitions, stocks, etc.

Shortcut Menus

Because the ERP applications have by nature a relatively high level of complexity, and fate operators usually perform repetitive operations corresponding to the role within the organization, it is necessary to concentrate these activities in one place. This function is fulfilled by the current sub – module.