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Solutions for online consultative selling: CRM and E-Commerce

Have you ever thought to extend your business to the online area, but the concept of an online store where people come, see, choose and pay does not apply in your case? We propose you an alternative to online selling for companies that have in their portfolio high value products or whose features and prices are different from customer to customer: the lead generation portal.

How does it work?

The lead generation portal is suitable for high-value products, in whose case the decision is taken after a longer time and where the seller’s intervention is required to enable the purchase process.

  • The prospect enters the site and analyzes the offer, viewing the product descriptions, images, etc. Through the lead generation portal you can provide informational materials, case studies, clients’ portfolio and any other resource you believe it will help him make a favorable decision.
  • If he is interested in your offer, the prospect will fill in a form with his contact data and through it you can ask for details about his needs and preferences.
  • The information filled in in the form is transmitted automatically to a sales consultant in order to be processed accordingly. Based on these and after a discussion with the prospect, the consultant will be able to quickly create a personalized offer.

A different kind of online store

The lead generation portal can be compared to an online store, but it is specific to companies who perform consultative selling. Prospects have the opportunity to view the available products or services, to analyze their features and to react when they want to buy something. What differentiates such a lead generation portal from the classic online stores consists of:
  • The emphasis is on identifying customer needs and building personalized offers based on these.
  • The customer doesn’t place an order but an offer request via a form.
  • The form completion is only the first step in the selling process, the discussion being taken over by a sales consultant.
  • Once he filled out a form, the interest of the prospect about the company’s offer can be increased with different retention tactics: recommendations for similar products or case studies for the products he appeared to be interested in, video demos, etc.

What type of companies can use a lead generation portal?

Basically, any company can implement a lead generation portal, but there has been an increased interest among those who sell products with high value, whose features and prices vary from one project to another. For example, interior design or furniture companies or those from the construction sector cannot provide accurate prices for their services because they vary depending on what each customer wants, what the project size is or the people in charge and many other criteria. Another example is represented by service companies, such as those from the finance or insurance sector, where the offer is dependent on a large number of variables, and the final price involves an intense preliminary analysis of the client’s requirements.

You get quality leads for your business

The prospecting stage, that is identifying potential customers, is very important, whether it is done offline, at fairs, presentations or online via a lead generation portal. But the quality of the latter, or more specifically, the likelihood that they will become actual clients, is usually higher, because:

  • The prospect is the one who makes the first step and requests details about the offer. Furthermore, when he decides to provide you with their personal data through the form, he already has an idea about your products or services.
  • You can provide different methods through which he can quickly find the information they need: online chat where he can talk with a sales consultant, the opportunity to add comments to your products or FAQS.
  • The qualification process, that is passing the prospects through the various stages of the sales workflow, until he becomes a client, begin right from the portal, so that vendors will be able to make the right offer easier.

You streamline the prospecting activity

The effort you make to find prospects is often very expensive and doesn’t always provide the expected results. And in a context where all companies seek to reduce costs, the amount of money invested in this process is no longer justified. Therefore, you need a tool like the lead generation portal that automates this task and gives your sales department quality potential clients at lower costs:

  • The portal is very easy to maintain and it takes over the front office role, interacting with potential clients through a wide range of multimedia information and communication methods: forms, questionnaires, direct e-mail messages or comments.
  • You can customize the forms, so that the information provided by the prospects, relating to the products they want and their characteristics help you qualify them faster.
  • You get more information from prospects in a shorter time: you can see what pages have drawn their attention, how much time they spent on the site etc.

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You have access to marketing tools specific to the online environment

The promotional methods specific to the online environment are often less expensive and better targeted than the classic ones. They can also be used with success for a lead generation portal:

  • Periodical newsletters or online banners to promote special offers.
  • Discount coupons, quantitative or qualitative discounts and free transportation options for orders with a specific amount.
  • Associated products, pages with special offers or new products.
  • 100% customizable online product catalogues

What does the integration of a portal with a CRM system involve?

By integrating the two systems, all information relating to prospects that they provided within the portal is automatically transmitted to the CRM:

  • Once they get to the CRM, the prospects are automatically or manually allocated to the sellers, along with all the information they provided within the portal and the history of the visited pages.
  • If the contact has interacted with the company’s offer on the site before, the new information is automatically linked to the existent record from CRM.
  • With the CRM system automatic notifications can be set up, so that vendors to be notified immediately when a new request comes.

What are the advantages of integrating the two systems?

The CRM system takes over the sales process, after importing the prospects from the portal, which means that the customer traceability can be followed from the first contact with the company’s offer until the end of the sale process and then after it. Moreover:

  • The prospects have the opportunity to ask for personalized offers for a specific product or service, which can be easily allocated to the sales team or the seller after they get in the CRM system.
  • Site visitors that fill out a form are automatically converted to prospects in CRM, without the intervention of any other employee of the company.
  • The database is common for both the online prospects and for the others, ensuring thus an overview over all the activities related to them.
  • You have at your disposal the reports from the CRM system, with which you can quickly see the status of the prospects’ requests, you can perform comparisons between sources of potential clients or analyze the sales activity.

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What benefits you get if you choose a portal integrated with CRM?

The implementation of a lead generation portal integrated with a CRM system enables companies to automate a wide range of prospecting, promotion and sales activities. Thus, it ensures the uniqueness of the company’s information. Moreover, the sellers have more time to devote to the effective sales process because they have access to complete and accurate information. Other benefits are:

  • Increased income, by getting quality prospects, already familiar with the company’s offer due to the information provided on the site.
  • Reduced operating costs due to automatic export of the prospects in the customer relationship management system.
  • Streamlined sales activity by allocating prospects according to the preferences expressed by them within the portal.

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