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How do you perform integrated marketing campaigns using CRM?

The new module of the CRM system allows you to automate the online marketing and email marketing activities within your company. You can integrate all promotional actions that you perform, target the right customer segments and react faster to their signals.

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There is no better sign that you have to contact a prospect than when he visits your site. That’s why it’s important to know who are these prospects, what information has drawn their attention, how much time they spent viewing your offer etc. This way, you will be able to give them the exact products or services for which they have expressed interest.

Identify who and how is visiting your site

  • Any visit to the site is automatically recorded, and once identified, people and organizations can be turned into contacts and leads in CRM.
  • You have available complete information about your site visitors: number of visited pages, time spent on each of them, used keywords, etc.
  • Integrate the existing contacts in CRM with site visits and find out more about current preferences of your customers.

Pagini vizitate CRM

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Increase online traffic through specific marketing campaigns


Topul celor mai vizitate pagini in CRM


  • Create marketing campaigns intended to increase online traffic: online banners, partner sites, paid advertising (AdWords
  • Analyze the impact of social networks and concentrate your efforts on those that bring more traffic
  • Develop more effective marketing strategies, starting from knowing in detail the consumers’ preferences and behavior
  • Measure the results of online marketing activities: which campaigns bring most visitors to the site, what are the traffic sources with the best conversion rates from visitor to prospect and further to client etc.

Convert anonymous visits to prospects

  • Offer site visitors the opportunity to request additional information via forms
  • Use the forms to automatically turn the anonymous visits to contacts and leads in CRM
  • The system does not allow duplicate registration: if a prospect who has filled out a form already exists in CRM, the system will link the form to it together with all its past and future online activities

Formular in CRM

Formular in CRM - actiuni

  • When an anonymous visitor becomes a known contact, analyze his previous visits and identify the reasons that triggered the response
  • Set specific actions that will take place automatically once a person sends a form: append to a marketing list, create a campaign response, send an auto-responder email, create a follow-up task for sales, etc.

Go to the next step: implement integrated online marketing campaigns

An online marketing campaign involves the execution of a large number of activities: segmenting prospects lists, preparing dedicated web pages, following received answers, and planning follow-up activities. Performing them in different systems and using multiple tools is totally unproductive. Within the CRM system, you can accomplish all the steps of an online campaign and more than that, you can track and analyze their results quickly.

Correctly segment the prospects lists

  • Use marketing lists available in CRM to segment your prospects depending on the criteria you have selected
  • Make sure that the messages are created specifically for the chosen lists
  • Attach e-mailing lists and the CRM system will automatically send the message to all members

Lista de marketing in CRM

 Launch e-mailing campaigns directly from your CRM system

Campanie e-mail in CRM

  • Use the HTML editor or the predefined templates to create attractive emails
  • A personalized message is more likely to be opened: use specific fields from the CRM records or insert conditions, such as: If the recipient has a leading position will receive Message A, and if it doesn’t, Message B
  • Answers and reactions are available directly in CRM: the answers received after the email launch are attached to the appropriate prospect or contact in the CRM system

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Analyze the results of the e-mailing campaigns

  • Find out who opened your email, who clicked a link, what posts have attracted more attention, what pages they visited later on the site, etc.
  • Track the results of a message sent to a particular contact: you will be notified if that person opens the email, clicks a link or reaches a certain page
  • Create automatic response messages, which will be sent immediately to those who download specific files available on your website, fill out a form or respond to a campaign

Rezultate campanie pe e-mail in CRM

Go to the next step: find out what your prospects want and target them properly

There are certain categories of prospects that visit frequently or have visited at some point certain pages on the site, they filled out a form or have downloaded an online brochure, but have never bought. Now is the time to approach and convince them to make an acquisition. Study their needs, preferences, and give them additional materials or customized offers and turn them into customers.

Automate the prospect segmentation process

Scoruri pe lead in CRM

  • Use the Lead Scoring function to determine the scores for each type of interaction of the prospect with the site: type or number of viewed pages, length of visit, filled out forms or materials downloaded from the site.
  • Create automated workflows to allocate points for each prospect, depending on the action he performed

Learn more quickly how satisfied are your customers

  • Use opinion polls or satisfaction questionnaires to find out more information about clients
  • Create quick surveys or questionnaires for the different stages of the life cycle of the client and invite them to share their opinion
  • Once identified the needs and desires of your clients, you can use this information for building more suitable deals

Chestionar de satisfactie in CRM

Make sure you give them the required information at the right time

Raport scoruri pe leaduri in CRM

  • Set notifications for when a prospect reaches a certain score
  • Depending on the score attained by prospects, set the automatic triggering of specific follow-up activities: calls, automatic response email etc.
  • Assign prospects to sellers depending on the products for which they have expressed interest

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