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About the implementation of SeniorERP at Koelner Bulgaria

Interview with Mrs Tsvetomira Petrova from Koelner Bulgaria

Senior ERP partener KoelnerPlease tell me a few words about the company and its position on the Bulgarian market.

Koelner Bulgaria is part of Koelner Group, leading manufacturer and distributor of construction fastening systems worldwide. Koelner Group has been amongst the largest manufacturers of construction systems and its full range of products includes over 30,000 products offered under various brand names such as Koelner, RAWLPLUG, Modeco, Globus, etc.

Koelner Bulgaria as part of Koelner Group has been on the Bulgarian market for more than 12 years, building strong connections with its customers and supplying them with the appropriate solutions for construction.

Why did you choose to change the previous software solution? What were the problems or situations that you were facing at that moment?

The decision to change our previous software solution was an easy one because it was a very outdated software that required a lot of effort to work with, was not at all intuitive and was making our work harder rather than easier. The problems we were facing were mostly related to the lack of any real connection between our local system and the Romanian system. That lead to an overall slowing down of our work. The reporting resources were very weak and required a lot of extra work. The possibilities for mistakes that slowed down the work were endless.

What were the reasons that determined you to implement the ERP system at Koelner Bulgaria?

We needed a system that is easy to use, up to date, easily adjustable to our needs, flexible and that facilitates the communication and transfer of data between Koelner BG and Koelner RO. SeniorERP provided all of those characteristics. We had already seen the benefits that brought to Koelner Romania so it was not a hard decision to implement the system in Bulgaria too.

We are very happy with the quick and directly to the object responses of the support team that makes our ideas realizable and helps us solve any questions that may occur. They have a great problem-solving attitude and are always willing to give us solutions. That is so important when you need something to be fixed quickly. Before Senior, we were waiting literally for weeks to have simple things fixed and that was bringing a lot of frustration. Now everything gets resolved within a day.

How was the change of the software solution perceived, both by employees and by managers?

SeniorERP Software implementare solutiiThe change of the software solution has brought nothing but positives, we were all looking forward to this change because we disliked our previous system very much. The ERP software facilitates all the processes that are involved in our everyday work and we are all enjoying the benefits of it. The transition was not at all difficult because learning to work with the new system did not require any extra effort. In addition to that, we were provided with a very thorough training on how to use it which was very helpful and we had all our questions answered before we even started using the ERP system.


What benefits did the SeniorERP implementation bring?

Since we’ve implemented SeniorERP, we’re much more well-connected to Koelner Romania and the processes between us go much more smoothly. We transfer orders with one click and everything is simpler. The system is very intuitive and easy to use, it has all the information we need in one place, we can make inquiries about pretty much anything within seconds, instead of thinking which file exactly to find to look something up which was wasting our time before we had Senior.

The reporting takes minutes and comes in a very clean and nice form. Compared to our previous system where we had to manipulate files in excel to make them look presentable, now we just generate the report and it’s ready to be sent immediately. SeniorERP has made our team more productive and has minimized the mistakes and misunderstandings that can happen in the work process. We find this improvement extremely valuable.

What future plans do you have concerning the Koelner Bulgaria business and how do you think that the Senior Software system will help you reach your goals?

Our plans are to continue to provide our customers with high quality products and services, strengthen our customers’ loyalty even more and broaden our customer network as much as the current economic situation allows it.

This year we started some promising collaborations with new partners and we hope to develop these relationships in the future. The ERP system from Senior Software will help us reach our goals by facilitating our work as it has been so far. That is all the help we need, the rest is up to our sales network and the economy.

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