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Interview with Mr. Cristian Magheru – General Manager, MediaRom Wunderbaum

“I always rely on numbers; they show you what to do. SeniorERP does just this, sets the numbers in order, giving me information in order to take decisions. The most important benefit has been tracking the work points, something extremely difficult to achieve without an application that allows management to detail and follow the product when in storage to reach near the consumer. We sell to networks of hypermarkets, which have dozens of stores. Basically, we work with Metro, for example, and the application solves this tracking very safe and fast, giving us the opportunity to know where our products go.”

1. Can you briefly describe your company?
MediaRom is, from 1992, the single importer of Wunder-Baum products. In a short time after entering our market, we’ve got to have a national distribution of Wunder-Baum, currently numbering approximately 5,000 clients. Business is currently developing through three distribution channels: the gas chain, chain of international retailers and Key Account area.
In the future we intend to provide area coverage to Moldova and Bulgaria and expand the portfolio of articles. We work with clients like Metro hypermarkets, where details of each article are very important, their identification, their codes representing a series of problems to which you can find solutions only in an ERP application. In my opinion, you cannot work with such accounts if you don’t have an application support. It is impossible. There are companies that have started to work with major chains of hypermakets and when they faced the complex manner of sale they had to purchase a solution like this. This is also our case. We had a time when we hand writen invoices for Metro, and they never ended. You couldn’t even list all items on one invoice.

2. What was the situation before the implementation of an ERP and which were the problems that you faced?
Before implementing SeniorERP, we had another circuit of the documents, more ponderous, more difficult. Even the wording was a problem. When you sell to 20-30 clients, it is practically impossible to write 30 bills at the same time. Without an application like this, we wouldn’t have been able to sell today. And Mediarom didn’t have a system before implementation of ERP. We printed invoices in Excel. It was a primitive sale. Management was a matter very much relieved by the application and the Treasury module has helped us to follow incomes.

3. Why did you choose SeniorERP?
the solution came to us. I was contacted. We compared it and I considered it the best for what I needed. It offered even more than we needed at the time of purchase. But because of this, there are issues that helped me to look further, namely to facilitate my business after acquisition. Actually, this is what happened: everyone wants to develop, is in the business logic. To sell more. But you must meet some conditions before you gear to a greater sales volume. It is necessary that your own company can put up with selling more. Without an application like that, you have no way to sell, you can’t resist, you stick to the stage of intent, of desire. First you have to be prepared for everything that it involves growing up in sales.

4. What were the main benefits of the implementation?
Besides the fact that the processing time is much less than before, a man can solve more problems with the application. Without it I needed more people for the same position. From here came a visible reduction of costs.
Another aspect, perhaps the most important, information is secure. In any other system you are losing information, you distort it, in the application I am certain that everything is recorded, archived and it can always be corrected if there is something wrong.

5. What were the main problems in implementation and how were they solved?
We had no problems in implementation, and regarding the operation of the application, when we had problems, we solved them. There are various customization needs; sure, every company wants an application that is personalized to their own style of work. As far as possible, you benefit from flexibility, and personalize the application. For me or what I asked, and others wanted, or asked, was easily done and I was very happy.

6. Are there changes in the organizational culture following the ERP implementation and at what levels?
Not everyone understands why you use an application like this. At least in our company. But those who understand are very pleased. It’s true, things are changing, but without change you can tell: for example, if deliveries, invoices that come in a certain format, in a certain period of time since the command launch, print another pattern for sale. But not everyone understands and I don’t necessarily want everyone to. But again, there are implications in many departments, sometimes almost without you knowing it. Your life is easier in the company and that is a goal that I watched when I bought SeniorERP.

7. Can SeniorERP be considered a support for growth in the company and if yes how did you do that?
The SeniorERP application provides support, it meets the conditions for growing up. You have a system for tracking products, which follow one by management, have a billing system, another system of tracking incomes, each operation, each step, each link has a role. A man makes mistakes. In theapplication, the errors of human nature are at the OS. Only the operator is allowed to make mistakes but not application doesn’t. From this point of view, I feel my business safer, consolidated.

8. There are indicators that business has increased since the ERP implementation? Which are these?
Business indicators have increased, for the company life had reached a certain degree of maturity that we wanted and this is just why I took the application. Sure, you don not automatically increase profitability and start to sell more just because of an application. But if you have a strategy related to business and you do have an application, I do not know if you have the chance to be successful. It’s good to know that the application itself does not give you solutions for development, but gives you support a degree of safety and helps you fulfill some conditions. It’s like poker, anyone can play, the stakes may be higher or lower, but when you sit at the table you must have a sum of money, it is the same with the application: we start to play, but we need to have this application so we can get in the game. Otherwise neither we sit at the big table, nor can we win.

9. How did SeniorERP support following processes:

Management of stocks
Basically, our product, the Wunderbaum treem is a single product. But for that we have 40 flavors, we have 40 articles. In my sales strategy, I aimed not only to sell an item, I have 40 articles, although only different in color and flavor. But without a management product, monitoring aroma is practically impossible. If someone orders 200.000 trees, I do not know who to give him. Maybe I give him a flavor that he already has or which doesn’t sell. This, until we implemented the application, has been extremely difficult. Especially because imports arrive in two, three months, the volumes are very high, and following in detail the flavor was virtually impossible without the ERP. For us, tracking aroma stocks is another element that leads to business, I know what to see, what flavor did not increase the selling process.

Warehouse management and logistics costs
Management in the warehouse derives for us from following the criterion of flavor, which means that each flavor of pine must have space in the warehouse. Those that are sold are placed differently. Order in settlement of deposit is given by the following flavors that do not exist before. It’s another benefit derived from the application, it tells us what, how. I always rely on numbers; they show you what to do. SeniorERP does just this, sets the numbers in order, giving me information in order to take decisions.

Customers management
The most important benefit has been tracking the point, which is particularly difficult to achieve without an application that allows management to detail and follows the product when in storage to reach close to the consumer. We sell tohypermarkets networks, which have dozens of stores Basically, we work with Metro, for example, and the application solves this tracking very safe and fast, giving us the opportunity to know where our products go.”

Management of customers and cash flow-flow map
In the cash-flow, the application helps me tracking maturities. We also sell in gas stations. Network of gas stations are working very much on the system or franchise dealers, and then each is practically another client. We talk about MOL for example, the Ardeal area, but also about a certain such company that has a gas station in a certain town. In this case it is very difficult to follow what happens without an application to notify you each time prior to maturity where the money has to come, and if didn’t come, you can act accordingly.

10. Do you believe that implementing an ERP is a benefit for a company? What advantages (or disadvantages offers an ERP implementation to a company)?
It is indisputable that the successful implementation of an ERP is a benefit for a company. There is no question that only your application will absorb quickly, but will help in obtaining a much higher income. You comply some such conditions to sit at table with important players. There is no question of bankruptcy because you do not exist. Now, it depends on what companies we talk about. I speak from the perspective of companies that are claiming to sell nationwide, not one that sells in three stores.

11. Would you recommend SeniorERP to a company in your field of activity? What would be the arguments?
I would say : take this because I got it, I was happy, I had no problems, and it gave me satisfaction.

12. What would be the advice that you give a company that wants to implement an ERP application?
I would recommend anyone to outline very well the demand that they request from the application. You must have an explicit request, clear, so that it can be rewarding. The application is very large, but you need to know to ask the department to develop what you need for it to see it he can respond to and adapt to it.

You can’t work alone in one application, only you as a manager. You need people to process the minimum knowledge to access the application and understand what it offers. So you need to know what to ask and you need people to work with it. Acquisition of such software can not be done when you open a company, you’re alone and you decide to take your application. All come in a certain moment in the company’s life.

I chose the application because it was well packed, well presented. I was interested, and I looked for information. I am one of the oldest clients and I am very happy. There are new products that we buy from Senior Software to the extent they are interesting for our plans, helping me in business and investment is amortized.