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Planoil implemented ERP and Business Intelligence from Senior Software

The petroleum products distributor Planoil has chosen the ERP and Business Intelligence systems from Senior Software to manage their over 170 million Euros business more effectively.

“We thank the Senior Software team for the excellent way in which they managed the implementation of the ERP and Business Intelligence solutions at Planoil. We hope to collaborate just as well for managing the systems and adapting them to the requirements of the future.”, said Mr. Ionut Ciocodeica, Planoil General Manager

Due to the ERP system implementation, Planoil benefits from a more efficient way of applying trade policies, and through the Business Intelligence solution managers have access to interactive reports, easy to accomplish and interpret.

About Planoil:

Planoil is a private company with 100% Romanian capital and is one of the leading traders of oil products from Romania. In 12 years of activity, Planoil can quantify the sales of over 1,000,000 tones of petroleum products on the Romanian market.

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