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SeniorERP next generation: integrating SOA WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and advantages in communication, flexibility, efficiency, scalability

Due to the extremely rapid evolution of complexity and diversity of business processes on the Romanian market, companies increasingly felt the need for more complete information, more quickly, at all operational levels.
In the meantime, companies have consolidated and expanded geographically, with major regional centers, this trend increasing the need for rapid intervention and control. Naturally in this context, it is determined the existence of an IT infrastructure able to scale with business needs.

ERP-type systems must be in step with this evolving market. The need for information in real time, facilitated by reducing the costs of communication channels is often the selection criterion of an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). Software for the older generation, rich in options, but developed on architecture based on an outdated reality, loses ground in front of new technologies designed to meet current market demands, at a cost of maintenance continuing to decrease. Although attempts to use as a server or Terminal Services to the replication of databases can be temporary solutions, it generates additional costs for maintenance which are significant and not devoid of problems.

In the world of distributed information systems, designed to communicate natively distance, there were, in time, several technical solutions, each having advantages and disadvantages. In the world of Microsoft, DCOM, MSMQ, remoting, ASMX, WSE became terms of IT history textbook. Major disadvantage of each of the technologies listed above is that they are designed as an application on one of these solutions and they will not only be able to use only the methodology of communication.

In practice, however, IT infrastructure found in a company require simultaneous use of several technologies. A very simple example: if a point is connected to the internet, but because of existing conditions, there is no VPN connection, and the company has a policy of very strict security, which does not allow the opening of additional ports to the outside, it is necessary to use a Web Services technology of, which uses port 80, open and usually transmit data in the form of XML, safe for your existing firewall. This technology has the disadvantage that it is quite slow and is not recommended for headquarters, where more appropriate technology would be a fast remoting type. So, both client and provider of the information system are put in front of an election generating additional costs.

From the provider’s point of view, he is limited to the option taken probably some time ago, in other market conditions, bringing new technologies needing serious investment in rewriting the application.

Following these experiences and based on the realities of today, Microsoft released with. NET 3.0 a new communications platform: Windows Communication Foundation, or WCF. This platform is a unifying Microsoft technologies in existing distributed environment. It makes abstract such messages (data) carried by the channel of communication, choosing the latter being made when implementing the system. Since that time, a system based on WCF can be configured on any existing IT infrastructure to the customer.

For the above example, can be set in the configuration, without the need to change any system or existing infrastructure, an endpoint that communicate via Web Services with the problematic thing, and another endpoint to communicate remotely with the rest of the work stations. Configuration options are very many and varied to cover the real situations encountered in practice.

SeniorERP has chosen to use WCF following experience often considered during the implementation of the companies in import and distribution to one or several regional working.

Companies working in this field usually have more storage, a volume of large transactions, often nomenclatures product order tens of thousands, felt so acutely the need for last-minute information, which help to streamlining business processes .

For IT infrastructure managers it is very important that this platform using known technologies, mature, documented, is managed centrally, the last native implements security standards is highly scalable, and its quick and simple solutions bring flexibility, not carrying hidden costs for complicated problems.

The decision of incorporating WCF within the SeniorERP system aims primarily to provide a response to any immediate needs for scalability and flexibility of our customers. Also, WCF is a technology optimized for next generation operating system Windows Server 2008 / Windows Vista, which ensures long life and high cost of maintenance and update