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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

Benefits of implementing ERP systems in Import, Distribution, Logistics

About SeniorERP – Benefits of implementing ERP systems in import, distribution, logistics, process sales, SFA, bonus system, personalized price list, sales channels.

What real benefit brings the SeniorERP solution to distribution companies?
The biggest benefit is the organization of business processes. Words may sound, but if a company fails to put in orders and activity, it is difficult to suppose that it is able to achieve economic performance. Supply, stock management, customer tracking, organization of deposits, cash flow tracking map, budgeting, managing cost centers are only a few significant examples of areas where implementation SeniorERP acts directly.

Another obvious benefit is redirecting the activities of departments from the repetitive operational area to analysis and control. This is generated by eliminating redundancies in the operation of documents and processes by automating certain repetitive, time-consuming activities.

Real time reporting tools, as well as the complex managerial analysis address the fundamental need for the existence at each organizational links to be relevant, useful, presented in a form intuitive, flexible, able to take decisions.

How can the SeniorERP solution expand the distribution activities of a company?

At no time should not leave it to understand that a system, it would call it, substitute decision-makers and management organizations. An ERP implementation within a company organized enormous benefits, but the same system can be a burden for a company. Maintaining non expansion activities in distribution companies can have two distinct phases:
1. Preparing the organization in order to extend the activities.
2. Formation of IT infrastructure capable of supporting growth.
Depending on the degree of disorder upon implementation, the first step could be lasting. The biggest problem is attracting people in the organization able to impose changes in development strategy, or to create this strategy, in case no. One of the usual terms offered by these people is the existence of a system able to help, so implementing an ERP is essential in this respect. With skilled staff and powerful computer system, you can successfully attack this problem. SeniorERP implementation within the company may be in stages of complexity, to the extent that departments are ready to available use functionalities. Once the processes stabilized, the company is ready for growth. Extension activity distribution could mean several things:

1. Increase the quality of sales. This may mean: the elimination of losses from sale due to lack of information last time (SFA), due to lack of stock (increasing the accuracy of supply), due to overload of portfolio of products per agent (the establishment of divisions for sale), increasing number of clients active portfolio (SFA), increasing the number of positions on a command (SFA + divisions), transparent and coherent bonuses (SFA) system for determining targets (correlation marketing BI +), implementation of trade policies at organization (clients on the type, create custom list price, providing payment deadlines depending on various parameters, blocking, etc.), etc..
2. Increasing the number of products in the portfolio. For example, there are situations in which, due to periodicity of distributed, wants filling with products of reverse periodicity, to have a constant turnover. In time, the efficient management of the portfolio becomes extremely problematic, if the ERP system was not designed for this situation.
3. Integration of alternative sales channels. A distribution company may act in order to increase the availability of cashflow, in the sense of opening up retail points of sale, perhaps to sell products online through e-commerce portal, and can build / extend network Buy or may focus on a capillary distribution, or could do all these things simultaneously.
4. Expanding Geographical opening points work area. For better coverage of local activities, in order to reduce response time to customer requests, you can decide the appropriateness of opening points in a territory. These may work for sale, logistics activities, or both. To offset the pressure of expanding chains of hypermarkets, it is necessary to work in this area not covered by the extension and quality customer service offered, so that the distribution is still attractive and supplier.
5. Acquisition of other distribution companies. Successful companies, following their maturity as organizations, have both the know-how, and capital (own or attracted) necessary to accelerate the development process through the assimilation of competitors. In all cases above, the support offered by the IT infrastructure is critical. There is no sustainable development without a healthy foundation, able to sustain growth and adapt easily to new business needs.

What using an ERP means in terms of increased turnover for a company of import and distribution?

A company that supplies, manages and sells thousands of products requires an absolute nomenclature by product. These nomenclatures must be maintained, ordered, classified, should not be doubled, tripled, etc.. In the definition of work processes using an ERP solution that works online, nomenclatures are centrally controlled and responsibility lies with a limited number of persons, which have clearly defined responsibilities. Starting from a definition of intelligent nomenclatures within the ERP application will lead to control effectively the business to increased productivity and reduced operational costs. An ERP application has to be a technological support for intelligently developing companies. In the case of geographically distributed development, specific to import and distribution firms, such as SeniorERP application that we offer, the solution fosters the scalable growth of the company. Opening a new branch and a new point and rapid integration with the company are made rapidly and with significantly reduced costs, having in regards integration of the Clickonce technology. Also, the upgrade costs are reduced substantially, the new improved versions, or additional modules being possible to achieve with a simple click.