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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

Sistem ERP, Business Intelligence ( BI, OLAP ), Windows Communication Foundation ( WCF ), .NET Framework

The main technological characteristics an ERP system should have:

1. Flexibility

a. In conditions in which an investment in an ERP system is usually significant, taking into account trends increase in market dynamics and the fact that any company aims to increase, the issue of choice between a financial system is accessible at present, but will not cover future needs and purchase an expensive, but viable in the future. Besides the direct costs of acquisition and implementation, you must take into account the indirect ones, related to infrastructure upgrades needed by a scalable and comprehensive system

b. Not few times, for economic reasons, opting for easy solutions, the company will repeat the shock of a new implementation in terms of where future business will have a more complex ERP user staff structure.

c. Obviously, it is preferable that the solution implemented offered a start-up available, and that the extent of development to be enabled business processes and new flows necessary exhibition of normal activities. Also, considering the impact of implementation and duration of the new system assimilation, it is in favor of the customer to start with a simple, but controllable, configuration.

d. A damping factor of the impact of implementation is the attention given to user interface. It must meet a standard of simplicity, the attention to detail, be intuitive and attractive to be able to capture user curiosity and create a comfort feeling. Regardless of the system functionalities, the absence of such interfaces generated a phenomenon of rejection at the user level.

e. Technologies incorporating SeniorERP allow efficient running of all components (client, application server, database server, reporting server OLAP) from a single computer and reaching, according to various configurations, from hundreds of customers to geographically distribute nationwide, operating in real time.

f. A configuration of ‘cost effective’ start-up can start from a server database for free (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition) installed on a system of non-server OS (Windows XP / Vista) or a low cost server system (Windows 2003 Server Web Edition), a server application SeniorERP and a desired number of clients SeniorERP that effectively communicate with the server application using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Initial setup of the application will favor a simple operation, focused on documents, and that economic expansion as a result of company growth and the need for control to pass to a setup based on processes and flows.

2. Scalability
a. Scalability solution is conditioned only virtual by hardware infrastructure and channels of communication skills. As a solution optimized to work with the server database MS SQL Server 2005, it is possible to manage huge volumes of data, offering extensive reporting features advanced type BI. Application servers are based on Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 is 100% compatible with the server database. Communication with clients is achieved through the application Windows Communication Foundation, which is possible to configure the distribution system in accordance with existing infrastructure. Customer SeniorERP is developed entirely using Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5.

3. Life cycle
a. All technologies used are last generation, being incorporate native / supported in / by the next generation of Microsoft operating systems: Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008

4. Security
a. SeniorERP uses implementations of the latest international standards on security architectures based on services.

b. Security can be configured according to existing infrastructure on the client due to the flexibility offered by the Windows Communication Foundation. Data exchange among suite components can be secured with X509 certificates, using the security offered by VPN channels or using any of the options available. Also the flow of data is compressed to optimize cost of communication infrastructure (internet).

c. SeniorERP implements security restrictions imposed by the new generation of Windows operating systems.

5. Maintenance
a. SeniorERP is designed to reduce administration costs, regardless of the size of implementation.

b. In general, SeniorERP enjoy all facilities maintenance offered by the Microsoft platform. Net Framework 3.5, providing at the same time guarantee a smooth incorporation of new technology.

6. Integration
a. SeniorERP offers native integration with Microsoft Office 2003/2007, export data in PDF, text, CSV, etc..

b. The Business Intelligence platform is integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint collaboration, to provide support for managerial decision extremely effective in a secure way.

7. Interoperability
a. The application to open systems is the architecture of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).