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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

POS – Retail Sales

SeniorERP for Retail – the complete solution (hardware and software) for distributors and manufacturers

SeniorERP pentru Retail

SeniorERP for Retail is the latest local technological platform for retail management. It ensures the unfolding of the sales process in any type of store and includes multiple sales interfaces specific to the profile of the store

SeniorPOS is one of the most advanced business management system, dedicated to distributors and manufacturers selling through retail stores. The system can operate in several working modes, the most advanced and prevalent functioning being the online mode, connected directly to the database of the shop. In this way the store’s stock is managed in real time.

SeniorERP for Retail Functionalities

  • It is the fastest fiscal POS with real time trading from the market;
  • Offers multiple sales methods: fast food, grocery store, general store, etc;
  • Accepts multiple forms of payment: cash, Credit Card, voucher, cheque, etc, integrating automated vouchers computers;
  • Allows integration with mobile sales systems, with POS payment;
  • It is available in various configurations: 5 models of fiscal printers endorsed by FM and over 25 compatible models of cash registers;
  • Supports up to 3 bar code scanners connected simultaneously to the same POS;
  • It can be operated both in monostation and in multistation regime on an unlimited number of POS terminals;
  • Enables interconnection with miscellaneous POS weighing equipment;
  • Enables rigorous control of stocks and helps getting the documents related to the sales process quick and efficient;
  • Offers flexibility to the dynamic change of the sale prices;
  • Allows centralized coordination of trade policies;
  • Automates shelf and product labelling;
  • Allows centralized supply based on a need of merchandise and the sales at each store;
  • Performs automated real time inventory using mobile bar code scanners;
  • Allows centralized tracking of costs and sales of the entire stores network;
  • Offers the possibility to analyze the performance of each store by emphasizing the expenditure on cost centers;
  • Allows the realization of complex analysis: at the level of articles, store, vendor, etc.

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SeniorERP for Retail Top Advantages

Vertical market expertise

SeniorPOS clients benefit from specific, innovative tools for store selling: touchscreen interface, multiple payment methods, complete customer loyalty programmes with micro payment support and micro credit, integration with weighing equipment, inventory with bar code scanners, wireless, etc.

SeniorERP for Retail

One Stop Shop – Complete solution

SeniorPOS is the complete solution (hardware and software) for distributors and manufacturers that sell through their own shops.

Latest technology

SeniorPOS integrates a robust technological platform, which guarantees data reliability and scalability of the business.

Fast software development

SeniorPOS is a product of Senior Software – the most innovative local supplier of specialized business management systems.

SeniorERP for Retail provides real-time control of sales through own shops, organisation of merchandise reception as well as logistical support. With the help of the system the flow of goods can be controlled from the moment of entry into the store and up to exit through points of sale.

In addition, it allows you to access real-time information about products, partners, staff, treasury, fixed assets, etc., but also to visualize complex analyses and reports. The system offers extensive functionalities specific to the Back Office, from the coordination of trade policy for each store, to centralized supply, controlling etc.

SeniorERP for Retail covers the analysis and management requirements at Headquarters, as well as the operative ones in the store, through three components:


Head Office – offers the possibility for real-time access of information about products, partners, staff, treasury, fixed assets, etc., but also allows you to view complex reports regarding sales, trade policy coordination for each store, controlling, centralized supply, etc.


Back Office – It controlls the flow of goods from the moment of entry into the store and until exit through points of sale. The system provides real-time control of sales, management of goods reception and logistical support.


Front Office – SeniorPOS has a very easy to use and intuitive interface; It can work with fiscal printers and cash registers, in order to meet customer demands. The main sales interface is characterized by simplicity and it shows only the functions necessary for the sale process. Any other function can be accessed by only pressing a button.

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