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Shorten the sales cycle and generate more sales opportunities

Selling high value products, often customized to the clients’ needs and accompanied by services, have a longer and more complex sales cycle – a process known as “consultative sales”. This situation involves interacting with the potential client in several points of the selling process. Thus, it becomes necessary to monitor and streamline this process, so as to win more contracts in a shorter time.

In this context a goal-oriented SFA (Sales Force Automation) software becomes very helpful.

The field teams are in direct relationship with the customers and prospects and are most able to identify their needs. With the SFA system, mobile users are able to capture customer feedback and information from the market or about prospects and so you will be able to identify and capitalize the selling or business development opportunities.

Create customized sales stages

Pasi de vanzare consultativa in SFA

Enforce transparent sales workflows that will allow you to easily identify uncompleted activities, unvisited customers or unusual situations in the sales process, and to act quickly in order to correct them. By using the SFA system:

  • Field teams will have access to predefined sales steps, tested by experienced employees
  • You will provide your consultants with sales materials, technical specifications, sales procedures and so on, accessible directly from the mobile application
  • You make sure that the employees comply with the established sales instructions, and you can assign them activities, visits or tasks while on the ground

Increase field team productivity

  • All changes made at headquarters are immediately visible on the mobile device and the field teams are not forced to go so often at the office.
  • The intuitive interface and the predefined sales steps enable easy and fast integration of new employees, diminishing the negative effects of staff turnover.
  • The information collected on the field is sent through synchronization, so that it gets more quickly to other departments and allows the mobile teams to spend more time on the field.


sicronizare in SFA

Get more visibility in the market

Include questionnaires customized on products categories, customers or prospects or even related to the competition in the mandatory activities of the field teams. In this way, you will be able to transform the field teams into a channel for identifying opportunities. With the SFA system:

oportunitate in SFA

  • You create customized questionnaires that you include in the mandatory steps of the customer visit, ensuring this way that the mobile users fill them in
  • The opportunities identified during the meeting with the customer are captured on the mobile device along with their details: estimated closing date, the winning probability or their value
  • All information is automatically transmitted to the headquarters through synchronization, which allows the sales department to begin working on the identified opportunities, and the marketing department to develop more effective promotional strategies

An informed sales consultant will look like a professional in front of its clients. By using a SFA system, he will be able to quickly respond to their questions, to provide complete information about products, prices, stocks and to record the feedback.

He has access to full customer and prospect history

Informatii client SFA

While visiting a client, the consultant has access to information such as additional contacts, interactions history, balance and so on. Thus, it can quickly identify customer needs, in order to build a suitable offer.

  • All data is synchronized with those at headquarters and may be updated during the visit
  • The highly intuitive interface of the mobile SFA application enables the user to quickly access the information he is looking for
  • Whether he uses a smartphone or a tablet, the user benefits from the same intuitive interface.

He can respond quickly to customer requests

Considering the great value of products traded within the consultative sales process, it is obvious that there will be many questions from the customer. He will want to know technical details, the commercial policy or the preferential prices, and the consultant will need to provide them on the spot.

  • He has direct access from his mobile device to products documentations, descriptions and presentations, which he can consult during the meeting.
  • A frequently asked questions and answers database can be created and it can be used whenever it is necessary
  • Products can have multimedia files attached: video demos, images etc. aiming to accelerate the customer’s decision.

Informatii produs SFA

Shorten the sales cycle

obiectiv detaliat SFA

The immediate data availability, the goal-oriented attitude of the employees and a streamlined business process will reduce the sales cycle length. In addition, with the SFA system:

  • You can improve the reaction speed, by constantly monitoring the sales workflow and identifying on time the unusual situations that arise
  • You accelerate the information exchange between the field team and those at the office, thus facilitating the documents processing and the decision making process

Your goal is to develop your business and increase sales value. In order to achieve it, on the one hand you must ensure that customer requirements are solved in the shortest time, and on the other hand that employees have learned of the company’s overall objectives.

Increase customer satisfaction

The SFA system also covers the after-sales service, which significantly contributes to increasing the quality of sales process and customer satisfaction.

  • Create service forms easy to fill in and offer users quick access to them directly from the mobile device
  • Once completed, service requests are submitted through synchronization and automatically allocated to headquarters employees responsible for resolving them
  • Service requests are stored in the application, being available for the analysis of client satisfaction or for taking precautions in case of unusual requests

Turn company’s goals into employees’ goals

By using the SFA system, you can correlate these targets with performance indicators for employees, based on which you will also determine the reward methods.

  • The system manages transparently and in real time the performance indicators of employees and the most productive ones will feel recognized and rewarded for their efforts.
  • Each user has access on his mobile device to the goals status and the necessary effort they must submit in order to achieve them. In addition, he can see the objectives of the team, which will determine him to relate to the sellers with the best results.

Dashboard vanzare consultativa in SFA

Build competitive sales strategies based on the information from the SFA

imagine reprez BI

The SFA system has an integrated advanced reporting component that allows you to create any desired analysis with minimal technical knowledge. Based on data from the SFA system you can create by just drag and drop interactive graphics and custom dashboards that will provide you with a new perspective on your business.

Find out more about the benefits of the reporting tool integrated in the SFA system

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