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Simplify the selling and communication process with your partners using a B2B portal

More and more companies from the B2B (business to business) area, choose e-commerce as the solution for streamlining their activities, reduce cost and retain more customers. Modern B2B portals have borrowed many of the benefits tested in the B2C (business to consumer) field and they represent a profitable investment that helps develop the business and increase customer satisfaction.

You provide your partners with quick access to your products and services

The classical methods of presenting the products, such as the printed catalogues sent by mail or through agents, do not always have the desired effect because they are not easy to update and their costs are quite high. A B2B portal offers you an affordable method to present your offer to the partners:

  • They have at their disposal advanced search filters, pages with new or promotional products or the most popular searches.
  • You can offer online catalogues that you customize according to your needs and update them directly from the ERP system.
  • The portal is available 24/7 and customers can place orders any day of the week, at any time.
  • Prospects have access to the status of their placed orders, delivery details and the products stock and prices.

You communicate faster and more efficiently with your clients

portal B2B

If you perform B2B activities you know how important the transparency of the relationships with trading partners is. A B2B portal, exclusively dedicated to this type of relationships will help you simplify the communication process with partners:

  • It is an interactive site through which you present any products or services you want
  • You can customize the portal content and add detailed descriptions and multimedia attachments to each product: images, video demos, etc.
  • You can give them access to technical documentation of the products, comments of other users, FAQs etc.
  • You can integrate an online chat through which the customer can directly contact a consultant.

 It is a promotional and sales growth channel

A B2B portal can be a real promotional support. You benefit from the same proven and tested online promotional and sales methods from B2C, but also from specific functionalities.

  • You can set up promotions that you can present to the clients when they access the B2B application
  • You can send them personalized emails through which to invite them to place an order in real time.
  • You can provide quantitative or value discounts, free shipping options, complementary products at lower prices, etc.
  • You can implement coupons, reward or loyalty points systems for recurring sales.

How does a B2B portal integrated with ERP work?

Connecting a B2B portal to an ERP system involves the automatic transfer of information between the two systems.

  • The orders placed by customers in the B2B portal are automatically sent to the ERP, where they are processed and prepared for delivery.
  • All invoices and delivery documents are generated in ERP based on the orders received from the B2B application.
  • Product stocks together with their prices from ERP are visible in the portal too.
  • Commercial policies established in ERP are applied to the orders placed through the portal. Partners are able to see the available credit limit or the established discounts directly from their personal account on the portal.

portal B2B

 What are the advantages of the ERP integration?

Because the companies’ requests are higher than the ones of the final consumers, integrating a B2B portal with the ERP system leads to obtaining a significant added value for businesses that opt for the online selling, through benefits such as:

  • Data transparency, which means that they have access, at least partially, to critical stock information. Customers can place orders easier given that the stocks are available in real time.
  • Automation of the order collection process: these being exported directly into the ERP, there is no longer required the manual processing of a large number of orders, with hundreds of lines. In addition, orders are taken as they are placed, thanks to the synchronization of the B2B portal with the ERP system.
  • It offers self-service capabilities, which allows the customers to view their account balance, credit limit, the deadlines and issued invoices. If the credit limit is exceeded the customer is invited to pay the outstanding bills in order to be able to continue to place new orders.
  • Reduced orders processing time and increased accuracy.
  • Elimination of the possibility of human error, because the data doesn’t need not be processed twice./li>
  • Price synchronization between ERP and the B2B portal, through the possibility of export and import of the price lists.
  • Increased security for registered users.
  • A wide range of payment methods.

You have access to new business development opportunities

Along with the competitive advantage that you get in the market, launching a B2B portal opens the path to new business opportunities:

  • You lower the launch time of new products by promoting them through online catalogs directly in the portal. This way, you get over the cost, space and time barriers that catalogue printing and distribution involves and you can promote them through dedicated pages or emails.
  • You attract new customer categories, such as those in the field of online retailers, considering the fact that they usually work with the stock of the distribution companies.
  • You reduce the risks and costs involved by targeting new markets, because an online sales channel is much more accessible if you want to refer clients in other geographical areas or industries.
  • You can analyze your customers’ preferences easier and identify more quickly what additional or superior products you can offer them.

You significantly reduce the sales costs

portal B2B

Besides the low costs involved by managing an online platform, it helps you eliminate repetitive activities and your employees can concentrate on more profitable activities such as identifying new sales opportunities. In addition, you can reduce the costs with the support department via phone, fax, or those generated by communication errors, such as a wrong submitted invoice or price.

Through a B2B portal you can offer customers self-service options, and automate a large part of the activities and processes:

  • Registering and verifying customer data.
  • Delivery of product catalogues.
  • Price displaying.
  • Applying commercial terms and conditions laid down in the relationship with clients.

You offer your clients unique buying experiences

The increased interactivity and availability of the portal contribute to the improvement of the customer relationships. The fact that he will be able to place orders at any time and from anywhere he has internet access will help to maximize the efficiency of its work, and the information that you can provide through B2B application will help him make decisions faster.

  • It’s easy for the customers to do business with you because you put at their disposal an effective acquisition, payment and stock management system. At the same time, they have quick access to products, prices, targeted content and advanced search methods on the site.
  • The response time is lower, and the service and support quality increases. You can provide quick assistance to clients during and after the sale due to the self service capabilities or the online chat. They can place service requests directly on the portal and permanently monitor their status. You can quickly respond to their requests and create a long-lasting relationships with each one of them.

How much does the implementation of a B2B portal integrated with ERP cost?


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