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ERP Case Study: ERP-business partner specialized in cost management

The ERP is one of the business instruments recommended for overcoming the current situation because it allows removal of current operational losses by eliminating human error, control cash flow, optimization of inventory and logistics operations, automaton of repetitive processes, fast response, constantly updated economic indicators, efficiency of work force…

Adverse fluctuations of exchange rates and increased interest rates charged by banks are negative new factors that affect the profits of importers and distributors. Coming against the backdrop of the accelerated growth of labor costs, fuel prices and rents and the pressure of big international chains, the current crisis leads to the need for a rapid reaction of the distributors in different organizational plans in order to re-settle financial indicators in acceptable parameters.

Romanian distribution companies have been caught by the global financial crisis in the process of development and before the prospect of take-off and growth in order to reduce potential risks. At the same time, they may choose to strengthen infrastructure and defense weapons against harmful effects of today’s business. How can a performant informatics system help a company to maintain its positive trend of development – those who make decisions in companies which have chosen a proactive attitude explain:

1. Access to centralized data in real time, allowing quick identification of the losses at each level of the company

The first benefit that I felt after the ERP implementation, consists in the fact that we have removed much of the errors that creep through the transcription of data from one part to another. In addition, we have a centralized structure of all products. If before there was confusion between the types of products, each product has now a clear structure. Once a command, open each agent knows the steps that need to go and what to complete. Mr. Cristian Stanciu, General Manager, Media Office

After implementing the ERP, it was seen that we can have information in real time, we can optimize the costs and we can do acquisitions, this time with a real support. We optimized the way the pay debts to the state, with a clear record of VAT and tax. I think the most visible change was the level of control of stocks, noting less than 6 months with an obvious clear in real time, on each working separately. And the accounting closing the month is much faster. Mr. Valentin Tertiu, Financial Petline