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Take a look into the future of your business with Business Intelligence

SeniorVisualBI is an advanced data analysis tool that can be used with minimal technical knowledge and compiles information from different systems and databases. Business Intelligence helps you better understand your business dynamics and how it will evolve under the impact of your decisions.

In the video below you can see a concrete situation, in which we analyzed the sales evolution for a certain period, we applied the forecast function and tried to answer the question: what happens if we change certain indicators, such as cost or sales?

 Discover more benefits of the Business Intelligence forecast and what-if analyses

Another type of analyses that help you answer the questions related to your business are the geographic ones. Data map location gives you a new perspective on them. You will be able to find out where your top customers are located, in what areas certain products sell best and other similar scenarios

Include the geographical analyses in your dashboard

Analize geografice in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides you with one of the most powerful ways of data visualization: dashboards created from various kinds of graphs. You can combine geographical reports, with forecasts or with other types of analyses in a single dashboard to get more answers in a shorter time. Include demographic information in your reports and find out what is the relationship between the sales evolution, customer characteristics and their territorial distribution.

Geographical analyses will emphasize trends impossible to detect with other visual analysis forms. The maps can be used to filter other charts from the dashboard and will bring out new opportunities that until now you have not considered.

Interact with the dashboards you created

After you answer the questions “where” and “why”, with Business Intelligence you can move on to the “who”, “when” and “how”. Highlight the information through colors, shapes and values and then interact with them.

Select a certain area on the map, find out more about its specific trends and use the drill-down capability of the Business Intelligence system to analyze in detail each item.

Below is an interactive dashboard that displays the average annual income of each State, allowing you to identify what are the areas where you could get the highest income. Under the map, the regions are divided on products and the purchase behavior is highlighted on each one. These information are useful if you want to know how to create the messages for an email marketing campaign, depending on the specifics of your target.

Interact with the dashboard and it will change as you select different areas on the map.

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