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With SeniorCRM you successfully manage projects in only 5 steps!

SeniorCRM provides you with a project management module. Within the same familiar interface of the CRM system you can plan your projects in the most efficient way. In addition, they can be easily linked to the information available in the Sales, Marketing and Service modules.

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Plan more efficiently and create projects faster

Planificarea resurselor in CRM

The success of a project depends primarily on how it is planned. At this stage it is important to take into account all the necessary elements for its optimal progress. You also need to take into consideration the time allocated for their implementation: if it’s shorter, the managers will be able to handle a larger number of projects simultaneously.

The Projects module available in the CRM interface allows project managers to:

Template proiect CRM

  • Quickly create projects directly into the CRM system, based on predefined templates or by import from external files.
  • Attach Stages, Sub-Projects, Milestones or Working Packages to each project, which they can define within the Detailed Activity Structure or the Gantt chart.
  • Create project templates, from which they can later generate new projects. Depending on the established start date the deadlines for the intermediary activities are automatically calculated.
  • Allocate the necessary resources through the Planning Table and attach the related documentation to the project in any desired format.

Diagrama Gantt in CRM

The project planning can be viewed in a Gantt chart

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Efficiently manage the available resources for maximum results

Utilizarea resurselor in CRM

Because resources are limited, they should be distributed more efficiently, so that the results will be maximum. With CRM you manage, besides the financial resources, both the internal and external staff, the car fleet, equipment or meeting rooms. You are able to optimally allocate all the resources, on each project separately and permanently follow their distribution over the company.

  • Allocate resources to each project, the appropriate staff to the specific project activities and tasks to employees and departments.
  • The system supports simultaneous management of multiple projects, so it gives you permanent access to the way in which resources are distributed within the company.
  • The Gantt chart displays correlations between implemented projects.

Inregistrare absenta CRM

  • As the project unfolds, changes may occur in terms of needed resources. Medical leaves, unexpected expenses or postponed deadlines can be quickly included in the planning. You can make the changes with just a few clicks, and new appointments are immediately visible in the system.

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Correctly plan and measure the employees’ time

Planificare activitati pe angajat in CRM

The purpose of the project managers is to manage more efficiently the employees’ time, avoiding both overloading them, but also long periods of inactivity. On the other hand, it is important to provide them with more flexibility by helping them to correctly record the duration of their activities. This will give you an accurate overview of the load of each employee.

Inregistrare rapida a activitatilor in CRM

The CRM system offers you:

  • A variety of ways to record the time of the employees: standard CRM activities, through the rapid registration of activities or directly from Outlook.
  • The ability to quickly identify gaps arising from data registration and to act accordingly.
  • Effective methods of finding out the recorded time versus the billed time or the time periods left unoccupied.

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Optimize costs and manage customers, partners or employees settlements

Formular inregistrare costuri in CRM

The CRM system helps you plan budgets, manage the cost for each task separately, settle travel expenses of employees and bill customers and partners’ service. Furthermore, you can monitor all costs for the project and in case of alterations of the budget, the initial values are preserved too for final calculations.

  • Compare set levels versus actual ones for staffing costs, materials, field trips, etc.
  • Use automated workflows and customizable system notifications in order to be permanently informed in case of overcoming set cost levels.
  • The integrated settlement management function facilitates the settlement of travel expenses for each employee or client. Employees can plan their travel period quickly as well as the required resources, which will be automatically reserved.

Deplasare in CRM

  • Clients and partners reports and payment documents are automatically generated, and the system may generate suggestions for client invoicing, regarding travel expenses, on the basis of the invoice parameters from the order.

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Analyze in depth the obtained results

Raport Managementul Proiectelor in CRM

For any manager it is important to know how effective his projects are and what`s their impact on the company’s activity. The project module provides a variety of reports for analysis and monitoring of projects, available at any time.

Analiza costuri pe proiecte in CRM
  • All reports and dashboards can be customized according to your company’s needs.
  • Dashboards can be generated from more micro-reports in order to obtain an overview in just a few seconds.
  • Allows the comparison of the initially planned time and costs with the actual ones, and with a simple drill-down differences are quickly identified.

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