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HR – human resource management

Manage the wages calculation and the professional route of your employees with SeniorHR

Rapoarte SeniorHR

SeniorHR is a powerful system for the management of information related to the human resource within the company, both from the point of view of the development and professional route of the staff, as well as of the custom wages calculation and issuing of statements and related reports.

Easy to adapt to the company’s particularities

SeniorHR allows an unlimited number of companies or locations, ensuring at the same time a high level of data security. In addition, wage calculation can be done for any type of organization (company, public institution) or retribution form.

Nomenclator societati in SeniorHR

Declaratii si rapoarte in SeniorHR

Up to date legislation

The application provides all the necessary tools for the effective management of salaries and related reports/declarations according to the Romanian legislation. In case of legislative changes it is not necessary to interrupt the activity because the application is updated permanently.

Integrated salary control

The wages calculation formulas are configurable, allowing you to adapt in real time to the internal or external changes of the company. In addition, the application allows planning the salary budget by conducting simulations. Thus you obtain a more rigorous control of wages expenditures.

Pontaj salariat in SeniorHR

Adaugare personal in SeniorHR

More efficient and motivated employees

In addition to the reduced implementation time and ease of use of SeniorHR, the system allows to automate the processes of issuing statements, payment orders or required reports. Thus it eliminates the possibility of human error or lack of information for certain mandatory activities.

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SeniorHR, through its modules, covers two essential components:

HR module for human resource management

If the satisfaction and transparency of the employees relationships aren’t ensured, the whole business is affected. It is therefore necessary to automate the human resource management process in order to ensure getting the maximum efficiency in the employees’ activity and last but not least their professional development as required by the company.

Gestiune resurse umane in SeniorHR

Payroll module for wages calculation

Regardless of the number of employees or the activity field, any company needs a system for the automatic calculation of salaries, issuing of the statements required by the regulations in force, reporting and calculation of bonuses and deductions relating to salaries. Moreover, frequent legislative changes require high flexibility of the system.

Gestiune salarii in SeniorHR

SeniorHR is a modern human resource management solution, in accordance with the current legislation.

It ensures the transparency of the relationship between employees and the employer and the IT support for the human resource management, necessary for increasing the company’s productivity:

  • The organizational hierarchical structure of jobs available in the company and the corresponding staff
  • Creation, calculation and forecasting of wages expenses budgets of the entire company
  • Creating and managing related job descriptions of each employee and the associated performance criteria for each job.
  • Creating and planning regular employees evaluations
  • CV storing, with advanced search function of persons who meet the required criteria
  • Human resource inventory
  • Planning courses and necessary budgets for their realization
  • Creating an electronic archive of the staff files
  • Planning rest leaves
  • Staff data management
  • Establish configurable alerts per employee

The HR Module includes sub modules that cover the following areas:

  1. The organizational chart: generate organization chart positions and the budget allocated to each job, configure the job descriptions and define the criteria on which evaluations will be made
  2. Employees’ evaluations: records of the evaluation set in the job description: listing of all evaluations
  3. CVs: highlight and select CVs after certain criteria
  4. Staff files: contains electronic records of each employee, grouping of documents by type.
  5. Planning leaves/courses: leaves and evaluation schedule of each employee
  6. Human resource inventory: record of each employee data

For each employee you can enter data about the number of working hours, rest leaves, sick leaves, bonuses and so on, and the system automatically calculates the gross and net salary, taxes and other related deductions. The Payroll component includes advanced functionalities for wages calculation:

  • Wages, bonuses, extra allowances, deductions, leaves or fees can be calculated using formulas configurable at user level.
  • It contains all the reports necessary for a payroll application: payrolls, leaves, liquidations, pay slips etc. and in addition a number of configurable reports.
  • Wages can be calculated based on the actual number of worked hours.
  • You can export or import data from other applications.
  • Wage expenses can be seen on the cost or budgets centers.
  • Simulations can be carried out for the purpose of budget planning.
  • Due balances for each employee/expense.
  • Salary payment can be done through automatic transfer into the account of the employee

The Payroll module includes sub modules that cover the following areas:

    1. Work teams: keeps track of the data relating to the work teams, adding a new work team or edit data for an existing one
    2. Jobs: keeps record of all existing jobs in the company
    3. Register of employees: intended for evidence of work contracts of the employees and their changes
    4. Attendance: tracks attendance hours, file import and export of hours in the work voucher
    5. Work voucher: calculates the gross revenue depending on worked hours, imports files from other applications
    6. Wage I – Advance: calculates the advance for employees, issues the relating document
    7. Rest leaves: calculates the amount payable to each employee for the rest leave and displays the history of the rest leave days
    8. Medical leaves: centralizes the medical certificates and calculates the types of medical leaves
    9. Prizes: calculates bonuses for each employee
    10. Personal deductions: calculates deductions for each employee
    11. Wage II – Liquidation: calculates and issues the related documents
    12. Meal tickets: tracks and allocates meal tickets
    13. Bonuses listing: track the bonuses and taxes for each bonus type
    14. Wage deductions listing: deductions type configuration
    15. Crafts listing: crafts nomenclatures, name, level of education
    16. Health insurance: evidence of health insurance codes and the corresponding analytic for accounting

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