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SeniorERP, performance in remote work!

The latest version of SeniorERP comes with a number of features that support remote working, allowing you to collaborate more efficiently with your business partners, and manage your company’s resources wherever you may be.


Why choose SeniorERP?

  • More than a software solution, it is a management tool for the company’s activity, followed by the know-how of a team of professionals.
  • 100% Romanian ERP system, perfectly adapted to the financial-accounting legislation and to the specific needs of the local business environment.
  • Developed and implemented by Senior Software, the system is extremely flexible and easy to adapt to the needs of any business.
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What benefits do you obtain?

Shortly after implementation, companies that chose SeniorERP had gained:

Increased employee productivity

Due to the increased intuitiveness of the application

Advanced communication between departments

All employees have access to the same information

Reduced working times

By automating repetitive operations

Enhanced data accuracy

Data is constantly updated and available in real time

SeniorERP, the software for long-term businesses

By automating and integrating all company operations, SeniorERP favors:

Reduced risk of human errors

Because the data is entered only once in the system

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Customer requests are always honored on time, and the information provided is updated

Reduced delivery time of the orders

By optimizing document generation operations

Enhanced transparency regarding operations

By having access to a complete history of user activity

The latest technology,

integrated into a modern ERP software

Some of the features that place SeniorERP among the top preferences of Romanian companies:

The unitary structure of the system
Intuitive application interface
Role-based access
Complete data audit
Predefined workflows
Client-server architecture
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VIDEO Case study

Torockoi, cheese manufacturer and distributor:

“We do more in a shorter time and with accurate data. A+ for the program!”

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