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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail
Flexible, integrated and fast ERP software Flexible, integrated and fast ERP software SeniorERP offers you customized business workflows, specific components for sales, manufacturing, inventory, logistics and more. Learn more! Successfully manage your human resources with SeniorHR It is a powerful software solution for managing the wages calculation and the professional route of your employees Successfully manage your human resources with SeniorHRFaster supply processes with SeniorInventory Faster supply processes with SeniorInventory It`s a flexible software solution for forecasting, planning and optimization of the procurement processes, which helps to reduce by 85% the inventory planning time. Find out how! 100% accuracy in tracing goods with SeniorWMS The WMS system utilizes the latest technologies for warehouse management and handling equipment for goods: printers and barcode readers, wireless mobile terminals... 100% accuracy in tracing goods with SeniorWMSLooking for retail solutions? Looking for retail solutions? SeniorERP for Retail is the complete solution - software and hardware - for your stores, integrated with weighing equipment, fiscal printers, cash registers … Start a successful online shop! Or a Business to Business platform? With our specialized solutions, e-commerce becomes more accessible. Integrate it with an ERP system and you`ll have a very profitable sales channel. Start a successful online shop!Attract and retain more customers with SeniorCRM Attract and retain more customers with SeniorCRM Discover the most flexible CRM solution for sales, marketing, service and project management, developed on Microsoft platform. Business Intelligence at your fingertips Discover how simple data analysis is with SeniorVisualBI, developed on Tableau Software platform, worldwide leader in visual analytics. Business Intelligence at your fingertips Sales. Marketing. Training. Service. Objectives All managed with SeniorSFA on Android: the complete management system for field salesforce.


10 ways to reduce costs with an ERP system

Dashboard costuri ERP Discover 10 sustainable, effective and realistic ways toward reducing your company's costs using an integrated ERP system. Read more
Analiza date vanzari in BI

10 ways to increase revenue with an ERP system

An integrated ERP system contributes to the improvement of the sales process, increases customer satisfaction and employees productivity. All this will help you increase your income and permanently develop your business. Read more

Planoil implementeaza ERP si BI

Planoil implemented ERP and Business Intelligence from Senior Software

Planoil has chosen the ERP and Business Intelligence systems from Senior Software to manage their over 170 million Euros business more effectively. Read more


Discover 4 simple methods to increase sales with CRM

crm Although the selling process of each company has different characteristics, the measurement and evaluation of the sales process is reduced in most cases to 4 main factors that make up a simple math formula... Read more
software crm online

With SeniorCRM you successfully manage projects in only 5 steps!

In the same familiar interface of the CRM system you can plan your projects in the most efficient way. In addition, they can be easily linked to the information available in the Sales,Marketing and Service modules. Read more

software crm online romania

How do you perform integrated marketing campaigns using CRM?

SeniorCRM allows you to automate the activities of online marketing and email marketing within your company. Discover the CRM solution! Read more


Adapting a WMS to the dynamic changes of the business strategy

wms gestiune depozit Article written by: PhD. George Ogrinja, Supply Chain Director, Associate Professor Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics Read more
wms optimizare stocuri

The dynamics of the business environment is pushing the WMS limits

Article written by: PhD. George Ogrinja, Supply Chain Director, Associate Professor Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics Read more

Supply Chain Strategy

How does the company strategy influence the Supply Chain model?

Article written by: PhD. George Ogrinja, Supply Chain Director, Associate Professor Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics Read more


A Business Intelligence solution helps you discover the added value of an ERP

dashboard-business-intelligence An indicator for measuring the impact of the investment in an integrated ERP system is Read more
business intelligence

Without numbers, you are just another person with an opinion

The Business Intelligence system allows you to find out how your business will evolve and how the decisions that you make may influence it, based on the information that you already have. Read more

Business Intelligence

Discover the new interactive reports from SeniorVisualBI

The new version of the Business Intelligence system comes to help users with a lot of new features and improved ones. Processing speed of large data volumes has been significantly improved... Read more


Shorten the sales cycle and generate more sales opportunities

software sfa Consultative sale is specific to companies who are selling high value products ( eg. equipment, machinery ) and is characterized by a longer and complex sales cycle. Read more
sfa pentru automatizarea vanzarilor

Increase field team productivity with SFA

An accessible and powerful SFA (Sales Force Automation) system allows field teams to gain the speed, transparency and efficiency they need in order to conduct their work in the best conditions. Read more

software sfa

General Parma Food uses a SFA solution

Due to the increased number and volume of products distributed, the number of partners and customers, but also due to competition on the local distribution market, Parma Food Food General decided that it is necessary to implement an integrated business management solution. Read more


Expand your sales channels: launch an online store!

magazin online ecommerce Selling online is one of the biggest commercial opportunity of the moment: an online store is available 24/7 and offers many benefits. Read more
crm ecommerce

Solutions for online consultative selling: CRM and E-Commerce

The prospect generation portal is suitable for high-value products, in which case the decision is taken after a longer time and where the seller intervention in the purchase process is required. Read more

Portal B2B

Simplify the selling and communication process with your partners using a B2B portal

The desire to access new ways to promote and facilitate communication with its partners has led to the emergence of online B2B e-commerce platforms, which borrows many of the benefits of online stores. Read more

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SeniorERP offers customized business workflows, specific components for Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail and Services and is already interconnected with specialized add-ons for warehouse management, online sales, retail, customer relationship management and more.

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