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Interview with Mr. Cristian Stanciu-General Manager, Office Media

“Advantages of an ERP, to the extent that you can use it, are multiple. Generally speaking, the most important would be the picture that it offers the business. The application allows helps you see where you sell best, what sells, what are the customers ?expectations. Sales people can always adapt having all this information in hand. ”

“I needed a real picture of my business, reports, indicators, profit in real time to be one step ahead of competition. In the continuously growing birotics market in which the customer has matured, besides competitive prices and quality products, he is in search for a partner whose services to facilitate the acquisition process. After a thorough canvassing of the market, visionary solutions of ERP, we opted for SeniorERP, a solution specialized in Import and Distribution which offers me information for which I used to allocate resources and time that today is used for development, marketing, improvement of services. “

Who’s Office Media?
Office Media began work in 1996 and has as main activity the import and distribution of office equipment, stationery and technical computing. Turnover was an indicator of constant growth. For 2008 we established a pretty bold goal, that of doubling turnover. This goal is achievable in terms of listing the major Key Accounts with our ERP solution, which would provide large volumes of articles. A type of Enterprise Resource Planning is not only a condition for working with major Key Accounts such as chains of hypermarkets, but is mainly a solution for the proper functioning of a company.

What was the situation before the implementation of an ERP solution?
The system we have now is the first ERP solution we are using, as far as what we used before was just a static accounting software. Although the previous software promised a lot of reports, often they were not operating, plus the fact that our growth implied more needs that were not covered. I needed a client history, the articles. Before the ERP implementation, everything was done manually. If for example I wanted to check how I sold a portfolio of a client last month, I had to look for the bill to see when the transaction took place and at what price. It was a titanic job and a waste of time.

Now I can simultaneously know information not only on the average price for a product sold to a client, but also more products and customers or the entire range of products. Such complex queries are extremely easy to achieve. Prior to implementation, all orders were written manually. For this reason there were many misunderstandings since writing the order and filling its information were subject to human errors of each person to complete the flow of activities. The result consists in the fact that, instead of focusing on the effort to sell, we spent time checking errors and searching through documents.

How did you choose the ERP solution?
After I began to acutely feel the need for acquisition of ERP solutions, we started to get into the market, to go to shows and to see different solutions. Finally, we chose the solution that we use now because of the confidence that the company has inspired due to the attractive quality-price they offered me.

What were the main benefits of implementing an ERP?
The first benefit that I felt was in that we have removed much of the errors that creep through the transcription of data from one part to another. In addition, we have a centralized structure of all products. If before there was confusion between the types of products, each product now comes into a clear structure. Once a command opened, each agent knows the steps that need to be done and what to complete.

Another major benefit I felt was at the level of reporting, analysis of any kind was impossible to achieve until now. For example, the bonuses of sales agents were done manually: on each bill, depending on the profit margin is granted a commission that was real or not, being done again, a person could make mistakes. Now however, on the 31st of each month, or the 1st, when we introduce into the application the last account statement, we can see the commissions on all amounts received and the amounts each agent should receive.

What is the role of an ERP system in a growing company?
Perhaps you can grow without an ERP application, but it is very difficult. It’s like you choose to take a trip between two villages with a cart when you can do it much faster by train. Finally you get there, only you can do it much faster, more comfortable without being stale. What seems important is that the ERP solution we are using gives us the premises to sell up to 3 times more, without feeling suffocated.

Is the ERP solution a benefit for a company?
Advantages of an ERP, to the extent that you can use it, are multiple. Generally speaking, the most important would be the picture that it offers the business. The application allows helps you see where you sell best, what sells, what are the customers ‘expectations. Sales people can always adapt having all this information in hand.

What would you recommend a company looking for an ERP solution?
I think it is most important to define your expectations and see if what you pay for answers to them. You must consider the market a little before you buy something and identify the suitable solution on the type of business you have. In my case, I opted for a solution specific to import and distribution. If you get something good for everything it will not ever cover requirements in your field.

A thing that I recommend is to take into account the providers ‘experience, their receptivity to your specific needs. Long-term, I think partner with whom you work should be able to keep up with technology. Following the Romanian principle: you give money but you know what you give it for, I want a solution that is still profitable for me even in two and three years, so you can easily upgrade and not one that would cost me double next year. Cheap solutions are exactly on the technical principle of computing: today you get a good laptop at low price, 6 months over it is worth half what you paid.

It is important to have partners who can grow steadily the value of the application, who can give you the certainty of a long-term investment.