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Interview conducted with Mr. Viorel Tofan General Manager Dinamic 92 Distribution

“Since I have Senior ERP, I sleep more peacefully. Turnover increased by 30% in 2008, while debts were maintained at the level of 2007. SeniorERP is an extraordinary measure of cash flow.”

“The solution offered by SeniorERP fits exactly our profile: import and distribution of tires and construction materials and interior design. Besides the possibility of performing various customizations in the configuration of the system, we believe that it will allow the exact adjustment to flows currently existing in the activities. Its main objectives include the implementation and development and of an interface between SeniorERP and an e-Comerce B2B and B2C portal. The same interest we also give to the SFA system. “

Who is Dynamic 92, what is its position on the market, which are the strategic objectives of the company?
Dinamic 92 is working in the distribution of auto supplies since 1992. Our business consists of the distribution of auto tire in proportion of 75% in turnover, also contributing to distribution of materials for interior design.

In the last five years I had a double digit growth of turnover, so that at the end of 2008 we reached 22 million EURO. Currently we run our business through five points in Piatra Neamt, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Bucharest, and we have about 160 people.

We are the first distribution company in the tire market in Romania. As plans for the future, given the current context, we wish to strengthen our existing distribution channels.

What was the company’s situation before implementing an ERP and which were thecurrent issues?
I reached a level of growth at which the implementation of ERP has become a necessity for us. Before implementing it, we used an accounting application and the controlin the company at management level was weak. Search for an ERP practically started from the need for integrated management of all company resources.

How did you get the current ERP system?
I chose the ERP after an analysis of systems available on the market. I found together with the IT department that SeniorERP best suited our requirements and offered the control we needed. The final choice was between SeniorERP and SAP and for choosing between them criterion was the quality-price ratio.

What were the main benefits of the implementation?
After only one year of use, we found that we have better control on cash flow. This is easily seen when you think that turnover increased by 30% in 2008, while debts were maintained at the level of 2007. SeniorERP is an extraordinary measure of cash flow.

Another important benefit is the control of customers to whom we had to sell merchandise, information that allowed to cease bad loans to customers.

What were the main problems in implementation and how were they solved?
At management level we felt small errors after deployment and the need that the system has covered the mileage. Glad to see that our feedback has been used by those at the Senior Software on new kits, many of our requirements given answer.

Can SeniorERP be considered a support for growth in the company and if yes how did it do that?
SeniorERP implementation is obviously a plus for the Dynamic 92 and I don’t regret taking it. Increasing turnover, decreasing receivables are clear arguments that I have grown due to this program.

How will Senior ERP support inventory management and the customers?
SeniorERP allowed us rigorous real time control of customers, sales agents and logistics control. These changes are important to us because they give me, as a manager, a better control over the entire company.

Do you believe that implementing an ERP is a benefit for a company?
Implementation of an ERP brings a company a key benefit in the current context, more specifically, control cash flow and your customers. The ERP has enabled us to adapt quickly to market changes.

What advice would you give a company that wants to implement an ERP? Would you recommend SeniorERP to a company in your business?
A company that reaches a turnover of several million can not work without an ERP. The reason is very simple: the chance to lose control of the business and to have such major irreversible losses.

In our case, implementing SeniorERP was a decision that proved correct. Successful implementation has been helped both by the Senior Software team involvement, and by the effort of our people. Going further, I recommend that, when implementing an ERP, you a man of trust in the IT department, to coordinate work at the client and the interface between your software and users to know how to use it.

I recommend SeniorERP to distribution companies primarily because of thevery good current price-quality ratio, but also due to the engagement of the Senior Software team.