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ERP Implementation – Case Study – S&D Pharma – pharmaceutical distribution

S & D Pharma (Romania) SRL. is a member of S & D Pharma Ltd UK. The company is one of the important distributors of pharmaceutical products in Romania and has 3 points at the national level located in Bucharest, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca, being headquartered in Bucharest. In April 2005, S & D Pharma Romania has decided to change the former system of management and accounting solution with the SeniorERP integrated package of applications for business management developed by Senior Software. The objective was to increase the efficiency of activity in the company – importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products – by improving flows and processes.

S & D Pharma needed, under the pressure of time, by implementing a system of strategic company resources management, to ensure the smooth functioning of business support and development in relation to the work points in the country.

Implementation of an ERP system is a challenge, both for the implementing company as well as for the one which has chosen implementation. It is a complex process,that require close attention to detail, for a correct understanding of strategic processes and elimination of potential risks.

SeniorERP implementation was done in a negative context in terms of psychological acceptance of the solution (given that the failure occurred against the backdrop of attempts by the implementation of other previous solutions, which lasted over 1.5 years).

At the level of users, the atmosphere was very hostile for people were already “saturated” from “suppliers” of ERP systems. Stake for Senior Software has been to win the trust of people that were using the solution, because those had to accept implementation and support it.

Strategy proposed
The ERP Division of Senior Software, based on analysis of information flows and processes of S & D Pharma, has proposed a timetable for implementation in 2 stages:
– Importing old data scattered in many old applications implemented without previous success. This process has had great difficulties, because when importing data, errors accumulated in the old systems had been “cleaned”
– implement the SeniorERP solution for managing flows and strategic resources of the company

Our Contribution
Implementing SeniorERP effective solutions in the S & D Pharma has been a process developed over 6 months. Consulting team of Senior Software worked extra, about 3 months in early 2005, together with S & D professionals to achieve a good understanding of business processes specific to pharmacy. Based on identified requirements, special features were developed and implemented, such as control mechanisms and management specific batches of perishable products.

S & D Pharma used before SeniorERP implementation different systems for the management or the accounting. Senior Software imported data from both systems, migrating them to the unique platform offered by SeniorERP. The data were thus reinforced, the solution being customized for specific attention in the active field of S & D Pharma, importat and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Benefits / Results
After implementation, the results aimed at several dimensions of activity.
– Implementing SeniorERP has provided effective support for superior organizational processes and effectiveness of internal organization.
– The management of the company has obtained an increased capacity to control the activity, due to instant access to critical data about the business
– Implementing SeniorERP led to an increase in speed, but speed and reaction to the various company changes or challenges of a very dynamic market.
– Increased quality of business, by improving relationships with customers and suppliers by providing a rigorous control in respect of payment deadlines
– The company employees which use SeniorERP have again trust in a system and reduced stress on the users, so that things can be made on time and well.
– Sales increased 3 times, because the management could take care of business while saving, no longer bound to solve problems arising from erp / reports.
– Due to success in implementation, S & D has requested the implementation of new modules, to cover other specific needs of the company, to be implemented in next phase of collaboration with team SeniorERP.