Business processes analysis

The first steap towards your company’s digitization

ERP analysis, or the analysis of the company’s business processes, is done before the project implementation, being a proactive operation which lowers risk factors and sets realistic goals.

The detailed business analysis is vital in the company digitization project’s success, future development perspectives being determined at this stage.

The ERP analysis process means:

Defining existing flows

Knowing and setting activity and document flows specific to the company

Company data analysis

Detailing actual data and integration necessities with other systems used within the company

Defining future work procedures

Creating a strategy by making decisions regarding the optimization of current operations

Setting implementation coordinates

Identifying necessary customizations, so that the company’s will function within optimal parameters.

What are the advantages of the ERP analysis process?

Understanding the client's needs

Brings us closer to the client and helps us understand how the business works

Project customization

Set the way in which the ERP system molds to your organization’s specific activities

Remodeling the company's processes

Propose solutions for optimal resource management, so that the implementation is a success

analiza de business ERP – avantajele sistemului ERP, digitalizare afacere

Clearly defined strategies

Set preliminary goals for the implementation process for the resource management system

The project's perspective

It gives the client a clear view over the benefits of implementing an ERP

Judging the required investment

Gives a complete, detailed explanation of the costs required for an ERP implementation

“Senior Software, with whom we started collaborating 10 years ago, proved that it is the ideal partner for distribution companies, because special attention is paid to identifying the right correlations for business activities efficiency.”

Eugen Savu – CEO Parmafood

Information followed during the ERP analysis process

Other software used

The newly implemented sistem’s interaction with the other systems and the definition of interfacing needs

Company organization

Departmental structure, user roles, country-wide hierarchy

Work flows

Activities specific to each department, relationships between departments, internal approval flows, document circuits

Data volume

Preparing data imports from currently used systems or files

Existing hardware infrastructure

Defining technical specifications in order to correctly dimension the app

Defining security rules

Setting the company’s internal protocols in detail

Alte sisteme software utilizate

Interactiunea noului sistem implementat cu celelalte sisteme si definirea nevoilor de interfatare

Organizarea companiei

Structura departamentala, rolurile utilizatorilor, ierarhia din cadrul companiei

Fluxurile de lucru

Activitatile specifice fiecarui department, relationarea dintre departamente, fluxurile de aprobare interne, circuitul documentelor

Volumul de date

Pregatirea importurilor de date din sistemele sau fisierele actuale

Infrastructura hardware existenta

Definirea specificatiilor tehnice in vederea dimensionarii corecte a aplicatiei

Definirea regulilor de securitate

Stabilirea in detaliu a protocoalelor interne ale companiei

Digitalizarea afacerii tale

The success of any digitization project greatly depends on the quality of the analysis processes within the company and the implementation consultant’s experience.

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Company processes analysis steps

Diagnostic analysis

The purpose of this step is identifying the clients’ requests and to verify the solution’s compatibility with the company’s activity. Here, the consultant will give the client information relating to the requested installation method and will make recommendations regarding the related hardware and software necessities.

Preparing files for import

The success of the implementation is directly influenced by how much the client is implied and by the way he really understands how the ERP system will help. Thus, it is very important that the examples given by the SeniorERP consultants are made using the client’s data.

In order for this to be done, the client must prepare in advance all files with the data that will be imported into the ERP system. Thus, when the implementation process starts, the system will contain the client’s data, instead of a test database.

Pregatirea fisierelor de import

Conform experientei specialistilor nostri, succesul implementarii este direct influentat de implicarea clientului si de modul in care acesta intelege concret cum il va ajuta sistemul ERP. De aceea, este extrem de important ca exemplificarile realizate de consultantii SeniorERP sa fie facute pe datele clientului. Pentru ca acest lucru sa poata fi realizat, clientul trebuie sa pregateasca din timp toate fisierele cu datele care urmeaza sa fie importate in sistemul ERP: articole, parteneri, solduri, mijloace fixe, politici comerciale si nu numai. Astfel, in momentul demararii procesului de implementare, in sistem vor fi datele clientului, in locul unei baze de date de test. Sesiunile de instruire vor fi realizate cu informatii care le sunt familiare utilizatorilor, iar ei vor putea asimila si intelege mai bine fluxurile si modalitatile de lucru.

Business processes analysis

Creating the project plan

The SeniorERP consultant team creates the project plan in close collaboration with the project’s beneficiary. This will include all details that were set up in advance with the client in regards to required resources, activities that will be done and the required time.

Approving the implementation protocol

It is an official document that defines the conditions in which the implementation will take place, the obligations and responsibilities of the parts, so that goals will be reached.

Kick-off meeting

It is an final meeting where all peoeple implied in the project participate, from both the clients’ and Senior Software’s sides. Here all details required for the implementation are discussed.

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