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SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising

Closer to clients & their needs

SeniorSFA is the most modern SFA application, designed to automate sales processesand to manage field teams. The solution provides efficient planning of daily activities and fast taking orders, providing high data accuracy and access to up-to-date information.
Easy to use and perfectly integrated with SeniorERP, the app optimizes the entire sales flow, from visit preparation to the analysis and optimization phase.

SeniorSFA helps you to:

Increase productivity in sales

On-site agents benefit from an easy-to-use app that allows them to organize their activities.

Processing orders on the spot

Stocks, prices and trade policies are always up to date, and orders immediately arrive to the warehouse.

Save time

Send and receive real-time information from on-site employees, and capture customer feedback faster.

What are the benefits offered by SeniorSFA?

Monitor in real time operations on-site

Increase sales and customer satisfaction

Reduce costs, returns and errors

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising

Measure performance in real-time

Improve marketing strategies

Discover new opportunities

The SFA system’s capabilities

Easy connection

It integrates easily with ERP, where it takes data on customers, prices and stocks and receives on-site orders and information.

Offline work

Agents can also perform their tasks in areas with no internet access, thus eliminating the downtime.


The sales team will be able to work efficiently anywhere and anytime, as the app can be accessed from any device with Android, iOS or Windows.

Supplier access

The external suppliers involved in the promotional activities of the company can also use the app, giving you the opportunity to closely monitor their progress.


Increased performance for the sales team

Employees have access to all the information necessary to successfully close a sale, such as stocks, balances, prices, promotions & discounts, service, customer history, etc. Moreover, they have access to the best practices validated by experienced employees. The application has online training features which allow you to insure a new employee’s induction and accommodation in a much shorter time.

Shorter sales cycle

Thanks to the use of mobile terminals, you can quickly access a wide variety of information about customers and potential customers which reduces the time spent on pre-sales and post-sales activities. You can also plan and correlate field visits with KPIs and sales targets, in order to get better results in a shorter time.

Control over customer balances

With SFA, tracking and collection of balances can be done directly from mobile terminals. At the same time, it makes it possible to monitor customers’ payment history, but also to establish credit limits or restrictions so that sellers do not take orders when it comes to bad payers. At the same time, unlocking the account can be done instantly through the mobile device if the client makes the payment on the spot.

Stocks linked to sales

Through SFA, customer stocks — IKA, distributors, etc. — are sent to the supply department, who will know, before the actual order is issued, what items are required. In this way, stocks goes from being a capital asset to representing a competitive advantage in the market.

When it comes to stocks with no movement, they can be included in fire sales campaigns available on the agents mobile devices and can be linked with the corresponding targets. In addition, a correct and transparent merchandising of products by categories of customers or sales channels leads to a higher speed of stock rotation on the shelf.

Custom actions and real-time intervention

The app allows you to customize the stages of the sales processes according to the best practices in the company and due to the visibility of the sales steps and KPIs, you can step in at any time to adjust the actions. In this way, SFA ensures the observance of all stages in the sales process, the improvement of these phases, and the employees benefit from the experience gained within the team.

Transparency and more productive employees

The transparency offered by the SFA system on all activities and information related to sales processes and mobility given by the Android terminals, employees’ KPIs can be followed in real time. Thus, they can be rewarded according to their results and the members of the entire team are determined to relate to top performers and to be more focused on achieving targets.

Greater visibility in the market

Field agents can become a channel to identify opportunities. Using configurable forms, data about new opportunities is immediately entered into the system and sent to the headquarters to initiate the actions necessary to win them. Any interaction with a potential customer, as well as any feedback from current customers is stored in the system and made available to the marketing department in order to design appropriate promotion strategies.

At the same time, due to the transparent sales flow, managers can easily identify undone or underperforming activities, unvisited customers or unusual situations in the bidding and selling process and thus intervene in real time to fix them.

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising

“With SFA, any on-site information is processed directly, without errors, each order being immediately entered into the system, without any intermediaries.”

Adrian Buica – IT Manager Sano Vita

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With the SeniorSFA solution you can easily manage:

Customers, Contacts & Leads
Items & Stocks
Routes & Activities
Opportunities, Offers, Orders & Direct Sales
Service Forms
Market Research
Marketing & Promotional Campaigns
Reports & Analysis


Merchandising & Marketing

  • Visit planning
  • Verification and filling in customer information
  • Tracking the placement of products and promotional materials
  • Promotion management
  • Gathering information about the placement of your own products
  • Gather information about the competitors

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising

  • Visit planning
  • Verification / filling in customer data
  • Picking up orders
  • Invoice cashing
  • Receipt printing
  • Collecting on-site information

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising
Targets & Analysis

  • Set sales targets tailored to each team or agent
  • Tracking sales targets: total number of visits and their success charts, value of sales and receipts
  • KPI Analysis

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising
Van Sales

  • Visit planning
  • Verification and filling in customer information
  • Direct sale
  • Stock management
  • Printing invoices/receipts
  • Collecting on-site information

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising

  • Defining users and user groups
  • Creating forms and surveys
  • Planning marketing campaigns
  • Creating and assigning tasks for on-site employees
  • View information about visits, clients, users
  • Sending information to field employees

SFA – Sales Agents & Merchandising

“The SFA solution from Senior Software helped us save a lot of time in terms of taking orders from customers. Another extremely useful feature is that I can always see the agent’s exact location on the map when they send an order.”

Vali Canpeanu, Sales Director – Roxana SRL

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