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SFA – Sales Force Automation

SeniorSFA on Android is the most modern SFA application for sales force activity management

sistem SFA sales force automation pe AndroidA SFA (Sales Force Automation) software is intended for managing activities of the mobile sales force, connecting the customer, the field employee and the company.

SeniorSFA on Android works on both smartphones and tablets, and with its help salespeople will be able to:

• organize daily routes;
• take orders from customers faster;
• collect bills;
• present the latest product offer;
• communicate with managers at Headquarters.

SeniorSFA is part of the latest generation of mobile applications available on Android, destined for quality management of sales processes and field teams, which allows automating sales activities carried out on the ground, as well as coordination of all personnel that interacts with the company’s sales processes (sales, regional sales managers, marketing managers, promoters, marketers, etc.).

If you choose SeniorSFA, you will be able to:

Increase sales team performance

In addition to the usual data needed to complete a sale (stocks, balances, prices, promotions, discounts, customer history, service etc.) employees have access to sales processes personalized for different categories of clients or products and best practices validated by employees with experience. Also, the online training features available in the SFA system, will enable the shortening of the accommodation and integration period of a new employee.

SFA sales force automation pe tableta

Reduce the sales cycle

Through the mobile devices the field representatives have access to a wide variety of data about customers and potential customers, being reduced the time dedicated for pre- and post-sale activities. Field visits can be scheduled and related to performance indicators and targets, in order to obtain better results and not just to mark them.

Control customer balances more efficiently

Through application-specific SFA functionalities you can follow cash balances directly from the mobile device. In addition, it allows the monitoring of customer payment history and establishment of credit limits and other restrictions that prevent sellers to take orders from bad-payers customers. If a customer pays on the spot, then the account is unlocked instantly through the mobile device.

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Correlate stocks with sales

With SeniorSFA the customers’ (IKA, distributors etc.) stocks are submitted to the supply department, which will know before issuing the orders what articles are required. This way, stocks no longer represent a restraint of capital but they turn into competitive advantage on the market. In the case of slow moving stocks, they can be included in liquidation campaigns, available on agents’ mobile devices and can be correlated with corresponding sales targets. Last but not least, a fair and transparent merchandising of products by categories of clients or sales channels will cause an increase in the inventory turnover.

Make sure that the sales agents follow the sales steps

With SeniorSFA, everything is transparent and can be corrected. The steps of the selling process can be customized according to the best practices in the company, so that each employee can benefit from the experience accumulated by the team. The sale steps may be associated with performance targets, thus become immediately noticeable the areas where a sales consultant must improve its actions.

soft sfa vanzari

Loyalize the people with best results

The system manages transparently and in real time the performance indicators of the employees: the most productive employees will feel recognized and rewarded for their efforts, and the whole team will be determined to relate to top performers and to focus its efforts towards achieving the targets. In addition, with easy to use and affordable Android terminals, the productivity of the mobile users will increase significantly, as well as the quality of the relations with the clients.

Get more visibility in the market

A transparent sales flow enables managers to easily identify unaccomplished or non-performing activities, unvisited clients or unusual situations in the sale processes, acting quickly to fix them. In addition, field teams can become a channel for identifying opportunities: through configurable forms they are immediately recorded in the system and forwarded to Headquarters in order to start the necessary actions for closing them.
Last but not least, every feedback or interaction with a client or potential client is stored in the system, and available to the marketing department for building suitable promotion strategies.

Benefit from a complete solution available on advanced and accessible Android terminals

soft SFA pe Android pe orice device

Smartphone or tablet, SeniorSFA interface is optimized for each type of mobile device, offering productivity and comfort since the first use. Besides the low costs of the Android platform, the application can be integrated with existing systems in the company, ERP and/or CRM.

With SeniorSFA you can manage:

• Clients, Contacts and Prospects, together with all the related information: contact information, procurement, interactions and requirements history, different attachments etc.
• Products and Stocks, with associated price lists, logistics and traceability information, multimedia attachments, user manuals and technical data.
• Routes and Activities, which can be planned and tracked in detail, in order to obtain the best results.
• Opportunities, together with the estimated closing date, the probability of winning the sale, its value, etc. They are very useful for analyzing the sales pipeline by using the reporting component from SFA.
• Quotes, Orders and Direct sales, which can be easily configured in SFA, depending on the nature of the sales process. All documents are automatically sent to the headquarters in order to be processed, and in the case of direct sales, invoices and delivery notes are available in real time to the concerned staff.
• Service Forms, that can be filled in quickly by the mobile user and sent to the central system, ensuring fast resolution of customer requests.
• Market Research, useful for gathering feedback from customers or information relating to the competition.
• Marketing Campaigns and Promotions customized on clients or products. They can be accessed by the field staff directly from the SFA system installed on their mobile device.
• Reports and Analyses, carried out with the help of the reporting component of the SFA software. This allows immediate assessment of the field teams’ performance, the sales volume, the available stock, unfulfilled orders, marketing campaigns and promotions performance etc.

The SFA system is natively integrated with SeniorERP

sfa system

Orders are automatically transmitted, so they can immediately enter the logistic flow. There is no need for additional operations, the costs and related errors are eliminated. Orders being taken as of issue, the alternation of “peaks” and “inactivity periods” is eliminated. The logistical resources are leveled, the costs are reduced. Coupled with the WMS module, which automates the activity inside warehouses, the process of retrieval and preparation of customer orders is much more accurate. The quality of the relationship with clients grows, sales volumes also grow and by eliminating losses and tension, the degree of cash collection increases. The system optimizes the delivery of orders through a more effective planning process, the number of incidents is nearing zero, increasing customer and professional deliverers satisfaction.


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Roxana SRL, leader of the beer and soft drinks distribution in Bistrita County uses SeniorSFA

The SFA system from Senior Software helped us above all to save a lot of time in terms of taking orders from customers. Recently we did an upgrade to the latest version of SeniorSFA and I can say that I am very pleased, considering the improvements of the collection and fractional selling capabilities. Another extremely useful functionality is that I can see anytime on the map the exact location from where the agent sent an order. Read more