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SeniorE-commerce – online sales

Launch a successful online store or a Business to Business portal with SeniorE-commerce integrated with ERP

Solutii e-commerce

The online sales platforms are instruments that have a significant impact in organizing and optimizing the sales process. An online sales portal has some properties that make it very attractive:

  • It is 24/7 active and has maximum coverage
  • It’s scalable, flexible and easy-to-use
  • It is easy to promote and in line with current market trends

  • Doesn’t change its job
  • Doesn’t question bonuses
  • Offers useful and quality information about your products

With SeniorE-commerce you get access to advanced functionalities such as:

Site Management
The e-commerce platform is scalable and can be integrated with other applications (for example a price comparator) based on customizable feeds. It allows you to control multiple stores from a single interface (back-end), as well as to take orders from multiple shops in just one. The platform offers support for a main currency and synchronization with 2 auxiliary currencies, plus customizable VAT and flexible taxes. Clients and products can be grouped according to certain characteristics, for differentiated discounts.

Marketing tools
SeniorE-commerce offers a variety of promotional tools, such as: coupon systems (by suppliers, collections or category, with a time limit, etc.), promotional prices per product, discounts, campaign dedicated web pages, whishlist, newsletter subscription, free shipping options, etc. Last but not least, it is 100% Search Engine Friendly, it integrates with most social networks and allows auto-login with Facebook or, optionally, other networks (Twitter, Google, Neogen).

Product shopping cart
It allows checkout in a single page, in two steps: order and choose the method of payment; in addition, it creates the client account automatically with the first order, it offers packing options and calculates all taxes, including transport fees.

Customizable shipping fee depending on the vendor, product, area, value, quantity, trade margin, plus defining shipping areas with the possibility of restricting certain countries, cities/counties or even streets.

Payment methods
SeniorE-commerce is integrated with ePayment and all Romanian banks, but it can be integrated with any payment gateway (mobilepay, google checkout, PayPal). It allows cash payment on delivery and tracking of the money from courier, or payment by Payment Order and delivery after receiving the money into the account.

Order management
The orders can be viewed, edited, created and processed from the back-end platform, and if their status changes, notifications can be sent via SMS or e-mail. It allows multi-warehouse management and automatic synchronization of the information about vendors or warehouses for the purchasing logistics management.

Customer service and self-service
It allows customer accounts management: order history, display options, newsletter subscription, quick order creation in a single page, add products to cart on an existing order or dynamic site search.

Product catalogue management
In addition to the automatic products import/export functionalities, unlimited number of attributes per product or multiple photos, the system offers the possibility of customizing the products after submitting the order, through a form (for example text for a custom t-shirt). In addition, it manages customizable pricing, products with custom options or with variations in color, size, etc., different prices for different customer groups, administration with automatic removal from the site and minimal stock notifications.

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Online sales platforms are of different types:

Online store: consists of a website through which the general public can buy a company’s products or services. This site is a very good method of promoting, attracting and retaining consumers.
B2B Portal: represents an online platform through which trading partners can place orders and can access the trade policies that they benefit from (custom prices, discounts).

As a general work principle, an e-commerce portal integrated with SeniorERP has 2 components:

  1. SeniorERP connector. This connector provides the interface with the ERP and assures security, communication and cache. It is a SeniorERP add-on and it is updated with latest ERP versions. Due to the advanced architecture of the SeniorERP connector, which provides facilities for caching and accessing SeniorERP web services in maximum security conditions, the portal can be hosted either on your own network, on a separate server, or at a specialized provider. The information does not require synchronization, caching having its own refresh policy. At most, there will be a delay between the information update time in ERP and the moment it becomes available in the portal.
  2. E-commerce Portal. This portal accesses data from the ERP through the connector.

What is B2C (Business to Consumer) e-commerce?

B2C (business to consumer) e-commerce involves selling to individuals through an online shop. It can be integrated with ERP systems for automating the processes of acquisition and order preparation, substantially reducing the risk of human error and the time required for processing customer requests. Moreover, it includes promotion and communication instruments specific for online marketing.

Why should I open an online store?

Because you get:

  • Increased reaction speed, through the 24/7 availability of the online shop, from any location with Internet access;
  • Increased interactivity with consumers by offering detailed information about the products, like images or video presentations, reviews from other buyers, products’ availability in stock and so on.
  • Personalized communication with each client: they can view the orders’ status, the available discounts, a history of acquisitions or they can choose a payment and delivery method close to their needs.
  • Promotion and retention mechanisms, specific to the online environment, like banners, newsletters with information about current promotions, special discounts depending on the ordered quantity.
  • Improvement of customer relationships by providing up to date information; also, sales people can access faster details of certain products, the online store being easier to maintain and access than a physical catalog.

What does the integration of an online store with an ERP system involve?

The integration of an online store with an ERP system involves a significant cost reduction, doubled by improving the relationship with clients:

  • Reduces the human resources and time spending, due to the automatic transfer of the order from the website directly into the ERP system
  • Accelerates the online buying process via automatic updating, from the ERP system, of the information presented on the site, at any time. The client can see up to date information about products (such as stock availability)
  • Reduces the costs generated by the customers’ orders processing and generating the subsequent documents (invoices, notices); in addition, it eliminates the possibility of human error.
  • Reduces the delivery time, because the orders placed online are directly sent to the ERP system and are processed faster.
  • It increases customer loyalty through special discounts, easy to manage promotions, personalized price lists that can be updated in the online shop in just a few clicks, etc.

What benefits do I get if I choose the online store from Senior Software?

  • Revenue growth: expanding sales channels with an online store implies addressing a new segment of customers that prefer online shopping in favor of traditional shopping.
  • Improved cash flow: the customer will have to pay on the spot and the money will be in your account in a short time, depending on the processing speed of the Bank;
  • Reduced implementation and operating costs, because maintaining an online store doesn’t require too many employees;
  • Improved promotion and customer loyalty methods, through a more effective control of the target audience and the online advertising channels;

What is B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce?

Globally, e-commerce platforms intended for the commercial relationships between companies (B2B – business to business) have gained a higher importance than the B2C (business to consumer) ones. Having a higher growth potential and bringing multiple cost-cutting possibilities to companies, they become known in Romania too. The B2B selling process is a complex one that usually takes place over a long period of time, due to the large amounts traded.

Why choose a B2B portal?

In the field of online stores intended for the final consumer, the internet selling methods have been perfected over time, leading to spectacular results and providing a promising future. Today, companies that carry out B2B activities can benefit from the same proven and tested promotion and online selling methods, having some extra specific features.

Portals dedicated exclusively to B2B relationships simplify the selling and communication process between companies through specific functionalities, such as catalogues and orders management. For example, the costs generated by printing catalogues are removed once the online catalogue gets to the partners through the B2B portal, and orders can be placed in just a few clicks.

A B2B portal has advantages such as :

  • An interactive website, available 24/7, through which the desired products/services can be easily displayed;
  • Custom content and detailed descriptions for each product/service;
  • Online Merchandising;
  • Efficient Catalogues Management;
  • Promotions management tools;
  • Order management functions, etc.

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What does the integration of a B2B portal with an ERP system imply?

Because companies’ needs are more complex than of final consumers, B2B Portal integration with an ERP system leads to obtaining a significant added value for businesses that opt for the online selling, through advantages such as:

  • Automation of the orders capturing process, these being exported directly into the ERP system. Thus, it is no longer required for an operator to process a large number of orders, with hundreds of lines. In addition, orders are taken as they are placed, thanks to B2B Portal synchronization with the ERP system.
  • Reducing order fulfillment time and increasing their accuracy.
  • Elimination of the possibility of human error, because the data doesn’t need not be processed twice
  • Price synchronization between ERP and B2B Portal, through price lists import/export
  • Increased security for registered users.
  • A wide range of payment methods.

What benefits do I get if I choose the B2B Portal from Senior Software?

The B2B platform offered by Senior Software provides the following benefits to companies that want to grow sales and improve relationships with business partners:

  • Streamlining and improving communication between partners (through lower response times, transparency of prices, discounts, etc.)
  • Reduce costs by automating certain sales activities: customer registration, sending catalogues and offers, etc. and the existence of self-service functionalities for clients;
  • Offers unique experiences to the customers, through the many details that can be provided in an interactive way through the B2B Portal;
  • Reduce the launching time of new products and the costs of these activities through the online publishing of the new catalogues.
  • Increase customer retention by updating the available stocks and the credit limits in real time. A wide range of information from the ERP, referring to the personal balance or the order history and status can be made available to the customer through its personal account from the portal.

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