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SeniorWMS for warehouse management

100% accuracy in goods traceability with SeniorWMS

Harta depozit in WMS

SeniorWMS is a WMS (Warehouse Management System) system for the management of goods stored in warehouses. It is designed to create and control the goods flow inside them.

A modern WMS can help you avoid unpleasant situations that arise in the management of warehouses, such as:

  • Spending too much time processing orders from clients and sending them to the warehouse
  • A picking process that lasts too long, because of the large size of the warehouse or of the large number of products and product versions available
  • The employees responsible for picking mistake the orders very often, by picking other products, with different features than those required by the client
  • Difficult to manage customer returns
  • Difficulties in following goods traceability
  • People that deliver the goods cannot easily identify the orders for each client
  • Differences between ordered and received goods often occur and there is no efficient way for their registration
  • Clients complain of the long delivery time and often give up the company’s services

What are the advantages that SeniorWMS offers?

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Additionally, thanks to the SeniorWMS solution:

You know at any moment where and in what stage are your products

The WMS offers suggestions for goods settlement inside the warehouse, indicate the location of the products in the storage spaces and optimizes the inventory turnover based on FIFO, FEFO, etc. rules.

Harta depozit in WMS

WMS pentru gestiune depozit

You find out quickly the stock levels for each product separately

Through AIDC technologies (Auto-ID Data Capture), such as bar codes, at the time of goods reception in the warehouse they are labeled and you will know at any moment the level of stocks in the warehouse. In addition, the system performs automatic total or partial inventories but can provide real time data based on smart logistics attributes such as stock per packaging unit, lot, date, color, size or location.

You are sure that employees in the warehouse prepare each and every order correctly

Sales orders are automatically received from the ERP system and stock booking is done automatically with the transfer of orders in WMS. Picking lists can be generated on each order individually or by destination, truck or route.

Picking in depozit

WMS: Dispozitiv mobil

You know at any moment what your employees are doing in the warehouse

SeniorWMS automates specific processes from the warehouse through the mobile equipment, allowing real time data transfer to and from the warehouse staff.

New employees get familiar with the working space and with worflows faster

New employees can become productive since day one, because SeniorWMS has an intuitive interface, easy to use by any user, for both PC and mobile RF terminals.

Due to the integration with SeniorERP, WMS ensures increased visibility over all the activities conducted in the warehouse

On the one hand it receives supply orders from ERP and it processes them, by comparing the received quantity with the one from the documents, later sending the correct order back to the ERP. On the other hand it gets the delivery orders on the basis of which it must prepare the merchandise. This way, you are sure that the data from the ERP documents corresponds to the actual one in the warehouse.

Find out how you can optimally manage warehouses with WMS

Access to latest generation technology

SeniorWMS integrates latest generation technologies from the warehouse management area, such as: intelligent items, stock attributes, multiple packing, unit measurement per item, high level access safety, bar codes standards etc. It’s developed 100% on Microsoft .NET technology, with a highly intuitive interface and it can be used online through RF (radio frequencies) technology.

What are the activities that SeniorWMS covers?

Activitati WMS


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Management of purchasing orders:

Goods reception inside the warehouse is based on the purchase orders from SeniorERP, these being compared with the delivery notices received from suppliers. Goods are scanned using a mobile terminal, and any differences arising between orders and notices are registered in the system. After that, the quantity from the order is updated, and it is sent to SeniorERP for the subsequent documents to be issued.

Receiving and put-away:

At the reception, the system can perform the palletization, followed by labelling of the appropriate stock unit: piece, box, pallet, etc. Storage can be done on the basis of the system’s suggestions, which can calculate according to certain input data which is the optimal settlement way or the person that receives the goods can choose the appropriate method.

Return management

Similar to the reception of goods the system handles the returns, with the difference that they are related to customer orders, and not to the purchase ones. The WMS enables traceability of the returns and easy identification of goods during the receiving process. Furthermore, they can have attached a return reason, for later to be taken the appropriate measures: return to vendor, resending to the correct address, replacement, etc.

Quality control:

As a result of goods checking, managers are authorized to block certain batches and can also record the reason for blocking: quarantine, unsuitability, reserved for inspection, etc., or to unlock batches for different processes such as manufacturing or delivery.


Import of sale orders:

Incoming customer orders are transmitted from SeniorERP to WMS. Staff involvement in this process is significantly reduced, which leads to the elimination of human errors. In addition, orders export can be done automatically, after their capturing in ERP or at predetermined time intervals. Thus, overcrowding of the employees is avoided and the delivery time is reduced.

Processing the delivery orders:

SeniorWMS identifies and assigns the stock to each order. Stock allocation methods may be standard or specified by the user. He can assign merchandise from a particular location, or without specifying the location. A customer order can be divided into several delivery orders and back-orders can be generated. At the same time, the system is able to find replacement products or to identify the components of a kit. On the basis of criteria such as the location and the packing method, WMS may provide methods for picking or replenishment optimization.


Picking is the activity of collecting the goods from the warehouse. The person who performs the picking is called picker. He can perform this task with the help of a mobile terminal connected to WMS or based on a picking list.

The picking process can be done in 2 ways:

  • Based on the picking lists generated by the system:
    1. Pick-by-Order
    2. Group (sau Batch) Picking
    3. Zone Picking
    4. Multiple – Order – Picking
    5. Pick & Pack
    6. Pick2Container

  • Based on delivery orders:
    1. Pick-by-Order
    2. Group (sau Batch) Picking
    3. Pick & Pack
    4. Pick2Container
    5. Blank – Order – Picking


  • On time: it starts with the picking. For products that do not have sufficient stock, replenishment tasks are generated.
  • Off time: replenishment is not linked to the picking process but is based on the needed calculated amount.

Packing, Loading, Shipping:

Once the goods are packed, the system generates packing lists or shipping labels. Packaging can be made during or after the picking process. Goods loading is done using a scanning device, drivers can then quickly identify merchandise that they have to deliver. At the same time, returns and goods traceability to the customer can be tracked with ease.


The internal activities within the warehouse refer to:

  • Transfer of goods between different locations, that can be initiated by the system, or directly by the user
  • Authorised personnel that is dealing with stock corrections


Before starting the counting, count plans are generated. It is managed and controlled by the WMS, ensuring the accuracy of the entire process.


SeniorWMS contains a number of predefined reports, but users can create other custom reports. In addition, you can choose to integrate the inventory management system with SeniorVisualBI.

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