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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

ERP for business management

SeniorERP is the latest technological ERP platform for distribution, manufacturing, retail and services

Monitorizare cash flow in ERP

SeniorERP includes specific modules for managing activities of distribution, manufacturing, services and retail and can be extended with specialized software solutions such as: CRM, Business Intelligence, SFA, WMS, E-commerce and so on.

What can SeniorERP do for your business?

Reduce operational costs

The ERP system is composed of a series of modules that are intended for various departments such as manufacturing, finance and accounting, procurement, sales etc. Even if it has a highly varied nature, the information is only operated once and is accessible to any other module, if necessary. This way fewer resources are used, the probability of committing errors decreases, and the software facilitates access to last-minute information. In addition, SeniorERP automates repetitive activities, such as issuing invoices and related documents, replenishment or transfer orders from other warehouses, based on sales orders and much more.

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Improve sales processes

The ERP sales module allows a company to (re) organize and track the sales process in an efficient way, due to the multiple configuration options and tracking of the sales channels, like commercial agents, sales divisions, distributors, key accounts, retail, online portal.

Depending on the complexity of the commercial process and/or the size of the company, you can opt for ERP components dedicated to optimizing and managing the sales divisions and areas, customer orders, invoices, etc., but you also get specialized add-ons for each sale channel separately: agents, retail or online stores,, IKA, or CRM systems – dedicated to customers, prospects, and business partners relationship management.

Increase order fulfilment level

By automating the chain of order retrieval, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse, logistics, the vast majority of potential malfunctions that lead to not fulfilling orders or to the delivery of unsolicited goods is eliminated. The logistics module of the ERP system allows for planning and streamlining procurement, storage and redistribution processes inside a company or delivery of goods to customers. The primary data for planning these resources is taken from related modules – purchasing, inventory, fleet, or specific add-ons: SeniorInventory for advanced optimization of the supplying process, or SeniorWMS for reception, storage and delivery of goods.

Planificare soferi in SeniorERP

Control Cash Flow in sistemul ERP
Improve your cashflow

Through the implementation of coherent trade policies and by the ease with which specific indicators can be obtained, the company controls more strictly the cash flow and the money recovery periods, imposing a financial discipline to all factors involved. The ERP Controlling module allows the planning of financial parameters and it offers both proactive capabilities for early warning in case of negative overcoming and complex analysis tools to determine the influence factors.

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Stock optimization

In many cases there were reported major decreases of the values immobilized in stocks, given that customer satisfaction has increased. This is due to the operational and decisional management tools that allow control of the processes of sourcing, manufacturing, picking, shipping, and so on. Also, the stocks that have short deadlines, low inventory turn etc. are kept under control. For companies that work with stocks for thousands of products and have complex and time consuming purchasing processes, that require lots of resources, SeniorInventory is extremely useful for advanced optimization of these processes, resulting in reducing by up to 85% the supply planning time.

Optimizare stocuri in SeniorERP

Effective management of manufacturing activity 

The manufacturing department employees have at their disposal a range of instruments through which they can easily manage their activity: manufacturing recipes, material requisition, wizards for the automatic generation of documents, stock reports depending on the recipe related products etc. Thus, you get a number of benefits, such as:

  • Automating workflows specific to the manufacturing activity;
  • The ability to track the goods from raw materials to finished product;
  • Transparency of manufacturing costs;
  • Balance between forecasted and actual production

Facilitate the decision-making process

Daily decisions are taken based on information available at the time. For data analysis, the ERP system offers a series of reports for specific business indicators, grouped into categories: sales, purchasing, inventory, etc. SeniorERP is completed by an enhanced Business Intelligence add-on: SeniorVisualBI, developed on the Tableau Software platform, the world leader in data visualization. The BI system is easy to use – just drag-and-drop – and offers advanced capabilities for analysis and reporting.

SeniorERP comprises several modules, specialized on departments and types of activities:


The ERP Administration Module gives users the possibility to define different levels of access to information within the application, by defining specific groups, such as departments. The module also allows customization of printed documents and backup settings. This component provides facilities for intervention in the general setup, the general parameters grouped by different functions, even after deployment.

ERP Administrare Aranjare Documente


The Controlling Module enables the planning of the company’s financial parameters and offers both proactive capabilities for early warning in case of negative overcoming and complex analysis tools to determine the factors of influence. Considering the extremely high level of automation of the accounting effects generation, we recommend to companies that implement SeniorERP and didn’t use in the past such a tool, to consider it as a natural qualitative evolution of the financial department’s activity, from manual data operating to analysis and control.


The Accounting Module is designed for the automation of accounting operations, providing utility and flexibility for both small and medium-sized companies as well as large ones with complex activity (with many branches and outlets, various currencies). SeniorERP is updated in accordance with the Romanian law in force and at the same time is aligned with the international financial reporting standards. The module allows registration of all primary documents and offers all relevant accounting financial statements, at European standards.

ERP Contabilitate Verificari

ERP Trezorerie Operatii Casa

The Treasury Module integrates the financial flows of the company, aiming to track in detail every type of operation and allowing a logical structuring process, according to their nature: cash register/bank, customers/suppliers, receipts/payments etc. For ease of operation and superior quality information assurance, there have been implemented specific patterns of operations, capable of decision-making processes as well as cash flow analysis.

Fixed assets

The operations applied to the fixed assets throughout their functioning, their location within the company and the employees responsible, are tracked in detail. From the financial-accounting point of view, the Fixed Assets Module implements a configurable number of financial depreciation standards, automatically generates accounting notes and assigns costs to cost centers according to pre-defined criteria.

ERP Mijloace Fixe Amortizare

ERP Preturi Lista Pret

The supply or sales processes cannot be effective without tracking the purchase or sales prices. Whether they are in RON or in a foreign currency, expressed in fixed prices or in percentage of discount, specific to a branch or division, permanent or promotional, net or gross, the price management in our ERP system was designed to be intuitive and efficient even for many thousands of items, related to many thousands of partners.


The Sales Module of the ERP system allows a company to (re) organize and track the sales process in an efficient way, due to multiple configuration options and tracking of the sales channels, but also of specific documents processing functionalities – orders, invoices etc. Commercial agents, sales divisions, distributors, key accounts, retail, the on-line portal are just some of the offered facilities. For complex and lengthy processes such as consultative selling, or improving relationships with various partners, we recommend CRM solutions.

ERP Vanzari Comanda Vanzare

ERP Aprovizionare NIR

Depending on customer characteristics, the Purchasing Module of the ERP system can track the supply process starting from estimates, passing through specific stages of purchase orders, tax documents arrival, reception of goods management and ending with the links to the accounting, sales, inventory and other modules.


In the Manufacturing Module, the responsible employees have at their disposal a range of instruments to help them manage their activity: manufacturing recipes, material requisition or consumption, wizards for automatic generation of documents, stock reports depending on the recipe related to the products etc. Each recipe can have one or more versions to avoid the useless overload of product lists in case of small series or unique manufacturing.

ERP Productie OP din OC

ERP Stocuri Transfer Intre Depozite

Following the validity periods, warranties, different product characteristics, real-time management of stocks in geographically distributed warehouses, knowing at all times the cost of the goods according to the selected method of discharging, batch tracing, proper management of refundable packaging or activities associated with a product, are common problems that the Stocks Module was designed to answer to. For advanced planning processes on stocks we recommend SeniorInventory.

Car Fleet

Companies that have their own car fleet need an efficient and flexible tool: the Car Fleet Module of the ERP system is an indispensable product for the fleet manager that increases the profitability, availability and efficiency of use of a company car, offering permanent evidence of the activity for each car: route, consumption, accidents, fines.

ERP Parc Auto Planificare Sofer

ERP Logistica Zona Livrare

The role of Logistics is to streamline the processes of purchasing, storage, and redistribution of goods inside a company, or the delivery of goods to customers. The ERP Logistics Module plans the existing infrastructure resources in order to obtain an optimal use of them. Primary information is taken from the related ERP modules: SeniorWMS – software specialized in managing all warehouse flows or SeniorInventory – software dedicated to optimizing supply processes.


The Listings Module within the ERP system includes functionalities dedicated to locations, staff, partners, treasury, fixed assets, accounting, documents, geographic, fleet, controlling, and allows you to define and configure data mapping workflows and association of certain types of documents.

ERP Contabilitate Formule Contabile

ERP Spatiu De Lucru
Work Space

Work Space Module is intended for the processing of the two types of activities: the operation of current data and the issuance of the synthesis reports. Among the goals of this ERP component is increasing the efficiency and reducing of the acces time to relevant information for the user, and its concentration in a single place. For company advanced data analysis we recommend SeniorVisualBI.

Due to the advantages offered by the latest technology incorporated in the system, SeniorERP offers a flexible licensing policy.

Choose the ERP version that fits your business:

  • SeniorERP Express
  • Free licensing
  • Management
  • Treasury
  • not included
  • not included
  • not included
  • not included
  • not available
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • 5 users max
  • SeniorERP Online
  • Monthly subscription
  • Management
  • Treasury
  • Accounting
  • Fixed Assets
  • not included
  • not included
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unavailable
  • unlimited number of users
  • SeniorERP Enterprise
  • Pricing per project
  • Management
  • Treasury
  • Accounting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Logistics
  • Controlling
  • Business Intelligence
  • SFA
  • E-commerce
  • HR & Payroll
  • WMS
  • EDI
  • unlimited number of users

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SeniorERP Express

SeniorERP Express represents a start-up ERP package for companies who want control of their business, but do not have the financial resources for such an investment. This licensing option includes 5 free licenses. Payment of licenses occurs when the decision is taken to extend the number of users or you wish to access extended features.

SeniorERP Express is intended for companies who:

  • Recently started the business, but want access to modern technology
  • Want a system capable to support the need for automation and optimization of operational processes
  • Want detailed reports about their basic activities
  • Have less than 5 users
  • Do not have the financial resources to bear the cost of the licenses
  • Have the minimum required hardware services needed for implementation
  • Have minimal IT administration services
  • Have the accounting outsourced or already have inside the company an accounting application

SeniorERP Online

SeniorERP Online is the first ERP in Romania available in cloud, on the Windows Azure platform. This version of licensing: SaaS (Software as a service), allows you to use the ERP system just by paying a monthly subscription, while benefiting in the same time of the flexibility, scalability, availability and security of the latest cloud computing platform from Microsoft. The subscription of SeniorERP Online on Windows Azure platform includes:

  • Software – access to the full version of the SeniorERP platform and the latest features available in the system
  • Hardware – access to the latest generation of servers and a safe working environment, and scalability in what concerns the number of operations and the size of the database, without additional costs
  • Administration – because the system is in the Cloud there is no need for dedicated personnel for administration of the associated infrastructure
  • Operating System – it is not necessary to allocate resources for configuring the operating system compatible with the system on the server
  • Back-up and failover – information is replicated in at least three guaranteed copies, which eliminates the risk of data loss and ensure 24 × 7 system and data availability
  • Access to Data Center services that meet the highest standards of data security: Windows Azure operates on the Microsoft Global Foundation Services infrastructure – ISO27001 certified, recognized internationally as a leading security data management standard
  • Maintenance – you benefit from maintenance without additional costs

SeniorERP Enterprise

By purchasing SeniorERP Enterprise, the system can be hosted on the client’s servers or at a specialized service provider, in order to meet the company-specific IT requirements. Unlike the online version, in the case of SeniorERP Enterprise, the customer has the right of ownership over the software licenses, but hardware infrastructure assurance and related maintenance services will be the customer’s responsibility also.

SeniorERP EnterpriseSeniorERP Online
Software licensesOwnedRented
Data and system locationWherever the client wishesthrough the internet
HardwareCustomer’s responsibilityIncluded
Software (Windows & SQL Server)Customer’s responsibilityIncluded
MentenantaCustomer’s responsibilityIncluded
IT ResourcesCustomer’s responsibilityNot needed

For details about the technology used in the development of the ERP system and minimum hardware infrastructure, click here.

Choose SeniorERP Enterprise or Online for your business and you benefit from:

  • Intuitive workflows: SeniorERP users find themselves naturally in the functionalities of the system, due to its specialization per fields of activity
  • Reduced time and risks of implementation, due to the know-how of the Senior Software team of consultants
  • Software Automating processes and increasing speed
  • Innovative, proactive solutions to requirements related to the operating performance of the business context
  • Scalability and safety guaranteed by the latest technology incorporated in the ERP software
  • Flexibility in company development
  • A long term partnership, supported by quality services and the fast pace of development of the system

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