ERP for Marketing and Sales

Next level in sales, with the right tools

SeniorERP allows you to monitor the sales process efficiently, thanks to the multiple options of configuring and tracking sales channels. In a single system you manage direct sales, online sales, retail, IKA and more.
An ERP for Marketing & Sales is an intuitive tool for customer relationship management. It makes work easier for sales teams and it gives them easy access to updated information.

For us, the most important benefit from the SeniorERP implementation is the elimination of time losses and human errors. We have reduced the processing time to a few hours, compared to a few days.”

Liviu Semenescu, Pangram – Monte Banato

What are the benefits?

Synchronize demand and offer

Being always up to date with what customers want.

Improve communication

Between the field teams and other departments.

Eliminate errors

Generated by manual data processing.

software automatizare activitati marketing si vanzari

Enhance employee productivity

By efficiently organizing customer visits.

Lower delivery times

By automating repetitive operations.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Giving them up-to-date information and prompt services at all times.



decrease in order processing time


operation speed increase


fewer returns


Lead Generation

The first step in the sales process is the interaction with the potential customer. Make sure you have the right tools to capture all the information you need to complete your sale.

SeniorERP offers an easy-to-use mobile app that helps you record your future customers’ contact details and preferences directly on site.

Visits & Activities

Efficiently organize the work of field employees and allow them to be as productive as possible.

In the ERP mobile app customer visits can be recorded, along with related details and the activities. Furthermore, the agent can receive alerts directly on his/her phone, thus making sure that he/she does not miss any step.

Marketing forms

Keep up with what’s going on in the market to be one step ahead of your competitors. Set up different types of forms in SeniorERP to obtain information about the competition’s products, customer satisfaction, preferences and more.

The field agents can easily fill out these forms during visits, directly from the mobile app, installed on their tablet or phone.


Once you have identified an interest in the products you offer, you can register it in ERP as an opportunity attached to a customer.

With the mobile app it is easy for field employees to add data about opportunities and then convert them with a single click into firm sales orders.

ERP for Marketing and Sales

Efficiently organize the sales process with SeniorERP

Prices lists

Efficiently manages prices in RON or foreign currency, fixed or variable, specific to a business unit or a division, permanent or promotional, net or gross.

Commercial policies

Set preferential discounts, payment terms or partner-level credit limits and you can be sure that they are automatically applied on sales documents.

Sales Divisions

Divide the products into sales divisions to facilitate the existence of a commercial relationship with a partner on several sales channels, with different product ranges and not only.

Sales areas

Sales areas are used for organizing and controlling the customer visit system. Within each sales area, the structure and duration of the visits are planned.


ERP for Marketing and Sales
E-mailing services

Communicate faster and more efficiently with partners, with the emailing service available in the SeniorERP application. You can send and receive emails, track their status and the recipient’s activity and automate payment notices.

Create custom templates directly from the ERP system and assign email addresses to new or existing partners.

Custom offer

When the potential customer shows real interest in the company’s products, a sales offer can be added to SeniorERP. This will be the basis for the future sales order, but it is not a document that modifies or reserves the inventory.

An offer can be added from the SeniorERP’s desktop application or from the mobile app during the field visit. Regardless of how it was added, the offer arrives in the same database.

Sales order

In SeniorERP, sales orders can be added directly to the system or can have different sources: ERP mobile app, SFA system, online store, import from external systems such as CRM.

A sales order goes through several stages: confirmation, reservation, picking. A sales order is a document that affects the inventory because the products can no longer be added to other documents once they have been reserved.

Delivery note

This document accompanies the goods from the moment they leave the supplier until they reach the customer. In SeniorERP, one or more orders, in part or in full, can be delivered by one or more delivery notes, and they are invoiced later. In addition, the status of each order or delivery note line can be easily tracked.

It is successfully covered including the scenario in which the customer wants delivery to several addresses, and the invoice to be made cumulatively and transmitted to the head office.

Customer invoice

It is the document that concludes the first part of the sales process. If all system parameters have been set, the issuance of an invoice consists of selecting the customer, the business unit, the invoiced items and filling in the quantities. The rest of the information is automatically filled in based on the predetermined business rules.

Of course, if other sales channels are used, the invoice can be a document automatically generated in SeniorERP.

Advantages of the ERP system for Marketing and Sales

Mobile application

Natively integrated with the ERP system, available on web or on mobile.

Activity management

And the possibility of being notified in order to perform them on time.

Centralized data

Regarding sales, inventories, prices, customers and more.



Quickly and efficiently take field orders with the SeniorERP mobile application or the SeniorSFA system.


Automatically send documents to IKA using EDI functionality.

Van Sales

You have the full functionality for this type of sales if you choose SeniorERP integrated with SeniorSFA.


Use SeniorERP’s POS application or integrate the system with any other retail solution.


Choose the complete solution from Senior Software or integrate your online store with SeniorERP.


Successfully receive orders from, or any other online store you want.

With SeniorERP we have achieved full traceability, starting with placing the order to delivering of the products. We can know at any time what the status of the order is.”

Adrian Buica, Sano Vita

ERP for Marketing and Sales

Supporting you, from the first contact with your customers

Easily add data about potential customers and sales opportunities using the CRM mobile app, accessible from the web or from the mobile phone.

Quickly convert opportunities into sales orders and forward them to the head office for a timely processing.

Permanently adjust the supply to the market demand, collecting information in the field with marketing forms.

Support for field sales teams

Give your field employees quick access to the system, with the integrated SFA application, available on the web or on the mobile phone.

Increase the productivity of sales people by efficiently planning customer visits and activities.

Increase the efficiency of operators by providing real-time information about stocks, prices and customer history.

ERP for Marketing and Sales

With ERP we process hundreds of invoices and orders every day and manage a considerable nomenclature of customers and items. Due to the courier integration, the order processing time has decreased by 30-40%.”

Ovidiu Bodea, ApiLand

ERP for Marketing and Sales

Automation of the entire sales process

Regardless of the sales channel (direct, online store, telesales, van sales, retail) all orders from the customers arrive in SeniorERP.

Approve the quantities in the sales orders and then send them to the warehouse, so that the goods would be ready for delivery.

Generate subsequent documents at the touch of a button, and all information about quantities, prices or business policies will be automatically retrieved.

Well defined commercial policies

Improve the relationship with your partners by defining in detail discounts, credit limits, payment terms or price lists.

Decrease the volume of uncollected debts, by imposing sales restrictions in case of exceeding a certain value of unpaid invoices.

Efficiently track prices through the price lists in RON or in a foreign currency, expressed in fixed or variable prices.

ERP for Marketing and Sales
ERP for Marketing and Sales

Motivated sales agents

Easily track sales volumes and encashments for each sales agent.

Set sales targets based on past sales volumes, correlated with company goals.

Each agent can track progress for his own target, to help him make sure that he reaches it.

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