System implementation

Expertise and best practices, defined in the implementation process

A high-performance ERP system incorporates the know-how of hundreds of implementations. The capabilities of the product are doubled by the specialization of the team of consultants who implement the solution and offer technical support.

All this led to the process standardization and made it possible to implement the SeniorERP system in an extremely short period of time. Thus, Go Live can be given even within a month of the start of the process.

Why implement SeniorERP?

The experience of over 400 implementations, doubled by the know-how of the implementation, analysis and support teams, transformed SeniorERP in a reliable system for small and medium-sized companies, with business in Romania, but also outside the country. The system is perfectly adapted to local legislation and business mode, offering to the companies:

An extremely intuitive interface

The users can quickly find the information they are looking for and can easily enter data

ERP implementation in record time

The working processes are very well developed, the system being operational in 30 days

The best quality/price ratio

A performant ERP system at an affordable price, the results of which are immediately visible

The stages of implementing the SeniorERP system

System implementation

“The collaboration with the Senior Software technical team was very ok. They were prompt and quickly solved our problems and requests on the workflow side.”

Marius Trifu – CEO Ocean Fish

Which are the stages of SeniorERP’s implementation?


Software installation on the server

This phase involves the installation of SeniorERP on the customer’s hardware platform by a Technical Consultant from Senior Software. The involvement of the customer’s IT System Administrator is vital at this stage to provide assistance in accessing the system and installing the application.


Software installation on user workstations

After the server has been configured, the SeniorERP solution is installed on each workstation. Optimizations made over time by the Senior Software team have made this process a quick one, which can even be performed remotely.

“The Senior Software team was with us both during the implementation and at Go Live and always responded promptly to any new request or idea we brought to this project. We were very pleased with the collaboration with Senior Software, both during the implementation period and after. That’s why we recommend their solutions to other companies.”

Bogdan Spatariu, Operations Manager – Marvel


Import of customer files

At this stage, customer data is imported. As a general rule, this activity should be performed at least one week before Go Live.

Special attention should also be paid to the quality of the data to be imported into the ERP system. Their accuracy is vital for the future operation of the system, as well as for carrying out analyses or reports after the Go Live moment.


Training, configuration, setup, and software customization

To streamline the entire process of ERP implementation, the Senior Software consultant combines the training sessions with the sessions for configuring the SeniorERP application. In addition, he/she will take over and incorporate user feedback on the spot, thus being able to customize the application according to their preferences and ensure that they use it correctly.

Correct and prompt decisions

The correct implementation of a state-of-the-art computer system gives the company visibility on the data, improvement of the decision-making processes and a high speed of reaction to internal or external challenges.

Discuss with a consultant!

Go Live

This is the moment when the customer starts working exclusively in SeniorERP. At this stage, the consultant closely follows the way the users use the application in everyday activities and makes sure that they successfully meet the operational requirements and procedures.


Accounting assessment

After the end of the Go Live period, the next stage is the configuration and training on the accounting module of the application. The implementation of SeniorERP is considered concluded with the successful closing of the first accounting month in the application.

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Companies that have chosen to automate their activity with SeniorERP: