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BI is a spectacle. With SeniorVisualBI you can see some things you can't even dream of. It helps us a lot in analysis and reporting. We extract a lot of information and follow up important indicators such as sales, weekly, monthly, annual results, related to sales reps, products, accounting and inventory.
Horatiu Vonica
General Manager, Rocast

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Monitor and analyze the large amounts of data generated by your company. Make informed decisions that promote business growth and development.

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I like SeniorVisualBI because it allows me to build my own reports. I no longer need a software developer to do it for me. We track from transfers and receipts to detailed sales by product, supplier or customer.
Roxana Jeglinschi

Roxana Jeglinschi

IT & Development Manager, Caranda Batteries
The decision-making process has definitely improved due to the rapid and accurate generation of quarterly statements and monthly reports. With SeniorVisualBI we have easy access to accurate information in a very short time and we can find out any information whenever we want.
Adrian Buica

Adrian Buica

IT Manager, Sano Vita

Why choose SeniorVisualBI?

The Business Intelligence system allows you to analyze a huge amount of data, bringing information about items, partners, cash flow, profit, discounts, fixed assets, stocks and more only at a click away.

Regardless of the volume of data, it can be represented and analyzed using an unlimited number of views. In addition, with a BI software you can:

Visualize information

Interact with data

Make predictions

Test various scenarios

Collaborate efficiently

Make the right decisions

What does SeniorVisualBI offer you?


Combine geographic reports and predictive analyses into one screen. It can be completed with demographic information, so you can find out the relationship between the evolution of sales, customer characteristics and their territorial division.

Add various filters, and the data will be updated automatically, depending on the components selected in the chart.

Geographical analyses

“Put the data on the map” to find answers to questions such as: where are your top customers or where is a higher sales rate by quantity and product types?

The geographical analysis helps you establish the best strategies to increase sales performance and to improve your business.

“With the Business Intelligence solution we get meaningful reports in real time, and important data is centralized with almost no effort. SeniorVisualBI has helped us improve the decision-making process.”

Gabriel Tofan – Managing Director

Predictive & what-if analyses

With predictive analyses you can estimate future values for specific categories of indicators, taking into account aspects of business seasonality or evolution.

The What-if function allows you to test different scenarios to get insights on their impact on the business.

Interactive graphs

A wide range of interactive charts, from the usual to the most complex ones, are available to you. These are useful for comparing data and quickly highlighting the minimum and maximum values, respectively to highlight the relationship between the part and the whole or to track the degree of achievement of the preset objectives.

Choose the best way to display data: line chart, bar chart, pie chart, Gannt, histograms, treemaps, heatmaps and more.

Available everywhere

SeniorVisualBI can be accessed from desktop, web or even from mobile devices.

Functionalities and the way of information is displayed are automatically adapted, depending on the type of the device from which they are accessed.


Quick access to data

Reports and analyses can be generated in just a few minutes and they are extremely easy to interact with.

More productive employees

The results of each individual person can be continuously tracked and adjusted to achieve their goals.

Better decisions

Integrated prediction and benchmarking features allow you to make the best decisions for your business.

Enhanced mobility

You can access the reports you need anywhere and from any device, and you can even export and send them by e-mail.

Business visibility

The system brings together all the data generated by your company and offers you intuitive ways to view it.

Better customer relationships

You know your customers preferences at any moment and you can adjust your offer and services according to them.

Innovation comes first

The Business Intelligence solution is constantly evolving to keep up with your business. Here are some of the latest capabilities of the solution:


Users can add various comments and notes to the reports they share, thus providing a context for the analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

It brings users features such as using natural language to query and explain report data.

Big data

Easily explore and analyse large amounts of data and turn them into intuitive analytics, based on which you can quickly make decisions.

Worldwide recognized platform

SeniorVisualBI is developed on the Tableau Software platform, the world leader in data visualization and reporting solutions

For the eighth consecutive year, Tableau Software is positioned as the leader among the analytics and business intelligence platforms by Gartner (a globally recognized technology consulting and research company).


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