ERP Services from Senior Software

The quality of services

guarantees the success of an ERP implementation

Each company needs a powerful IT system to manage its own resources and customer relations. A successful implementation equally depends on the intrinsic quality of the system, as well as on how it is parameterized according to the customer’s needs.
Thanks to the experience already gained in the field, as well as to the quality of the personnel, Senior Software helps companies achieve their own growth goals by offering ERP services with added value.

The implementation went very well, even above expectations, considering that almost 90% of the implementation took place remotely. There were a lot of integrations and automations between the ERP and our online store. Things are going well, results are good.”

Sergiu Dangulea, General Manager Spy Shop

Senior Software offers ERP services which help customers obtain benefits such as:


Of business data, offered through backup services.


Proven by the large number of clients that use the system.

Predictable costs

Prices are communicated to the client in a transparent way, contractually.


Supplier's trust

Guaranteed by its experience with implementing ERP solutions.


Any change in the business environment is quickly implemented in the system.


Benefit from the same performances, regardless of company size.

What do we offer to our customers ?


Based on our experience, we have adapted the ERP system to company-specific requirements, respecting their desire for simplicity of use, automation of repetitive operations, scalability and real-time operation.


The specific workflows are largely implemented in the system, and business processes are familiar to us, so the implementation time is reduced and it is easy for us to lead the customer to the set goals.


The state-of-the-art technology integrated into SeniorERP is an additional guarantee offered to the company that implements an ERP system that future development will not be limited, but will be supported by the IT infrastructure.


The implementation process is very clearly defined and controlled, and after its completion, the project is taken over by the support department, so we are always there for our customers.


Business Process Analysis

It involves knowing and establishing the flow of specific activities and documents, analyzing data and integration problems. The optimization possibilities and customizations necessary for the optimal implementation of the customer’s activity are identified.

Project management

It involves in-depth research into the users’ needs, resources available for the project, as well as complications or risks that may affect the project. Provides a solid foundation and a benchmark against which the project can be evaluated.

System implementation

With the start of the implementation of an ERP application the entire activity of the customer’s company is based on the experience and knowledge of the implementers. Therefore, it takes a lot of attention in entrusting this responsibility to ensure the well-being of your own company.

Custom developments

In order to provide an efficient IT tool, development requirements must be transformed into commonly agreed and functionally validated specifications. Senior Software ensures customized developments on demand in order to meet the needs of the customers.

Post-implementation support

In order to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and after the implementation of the application, Senior Software provides them with the post-implementation support system. Customers can call the support service for questions of technical nature or in case of possible reports of abnormal operation of the solution.

System maintenance

Senior Software provides the companies which do not have an IT department with a seniorERP maintenance service. It is designed to ensure the proper functioning of the application and significantly reduce the risk of interruptions of activity.



Years of experience

Active users


EURO administrated with SeniorERP

Senior CloudBridge is the first software solution on the Romanian market with which you can manage the On-premises SeniorERP solution through the cloud.
This enables Senior Software operators to be securely connected to the workstations of companies that use SeniorERP through the world’s fastest cloud platform, Microsoft Azure.

Administration and maintenance of the ERP system

Continuous monitoring of the proper functioning of SeniorERP, as well as the operating system (OS) and the upgrading apps with a single click.

ERP Order Management

All customizations made for SeniorERP are centralized in Senior CloudBrigde. Here, they are analyzed, improved and generalized, and then quickly applied to customers.

What are the benefits?

50% reduction in upgrade expenses

60% less time spent at the customer’s premises

Reduction of software installation and configuration costs on new workstations

Significant decrease in upgrade time

Eliminating the need to temporarily block the user’s activity in favor of implementing various customizations