System development

Continuous focus on system improvement

Each business is unique and, more than that, is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, the ERP solution must be able to respond exactly to the needs of the companies and keep up with changes of any kind: business, IT or legislation.
The ERP development team is constantly working to includethe latest technologies, modern workflows and functionalities in the system, which are designed to cover the specific requirements of the companies that choose this solution.

The benefits offered by a constantly updated ERP system

Enhanced performance

Includes the latest technologies on the market, which means it runs at optimum speed.

Productive employees

The interface is modern, being designed to be easy to use by any employee.

Satisfied customers

The system runs without errors, and you can focus on providing your customers with quality services.


No unnecessary losses

Any legislative changes are included in the system and are made available to you in due time.

Data safety

It always offers the latest backup methods for protecting your company’s data.

Trust in the provider

You have an ERP system which meets any challenge, you don’t have to change it whenever your company is developing.

Senior Software performs 3 types of ERP development activities

Dedicated to new projects

Identified in the implementation analysis processes

At the request of the costumers

Depending on the needs that arise after the implementation of the system


Whose goal is to keep the system up to date with the latest technologies

As a result of the analysis done prior to the implementation, ERP development needs can be identified in order to cover certain customer-specific business needs. In order to provide an efficient IT tool, these requirements must be converted into commonly agreed and functionally validated specifications. Senior Software provides customized developments to meet the specific needs of its clients.

The developments we perform can be:

The development of completely new modules

perfectly integrated with those already in the system

Changes to the standard workflows

because every business is unique and needs total flexibility

Adding new functionalities

to best cover the business needs of companies

Useful developments for integration with other solutions

whether they are solutions from the Senior Software portfolio or other systems

The approach to development is determined by the Analysis Department, where they will decide if developments will be carried out or not. Subsequently, Analysis hand over the projects to the ERP development department, which, together with Testing, makes sure that they are properly integrated into the ERP system and that they work properly.

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