Project Management

The success of the implementation project

ERP project management is the basic component of all successful implementations. In-depth research of user needs, available resources, as well as complications or risks that may affect the project, provide a solid foundation and a benchmark against which the project can be evaluated.

The project manager is the person assigned to plan, coordinate, verify, correlate the work of the entire project team. These activities are carried out throughout the implementation period and even during the post-implementation period of the project.

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Operations undertaken by the ERP Project Manager

Project Management

“The Senior Software team has been with us throughout the implementation period, from the analysis step to the Go Live. Because the implementation coincided with our moving to the new warehouse, adapting was faster than expected. Within a week we were perfectly operational”

Laura Teposu – Business Development Director

Development of the ERP project plan

The of the planning phase of the project is to confirm the requirements of the project in terms of time planning and participants. The implementation framework is also agreed upon and the roles and responsibilities of Senior Software consultants and personnel on behalf of the customer are defined.
The planning stage consists in the preparation of the implementation project plan, in collaboration with the client. The project manager appointed by Senior Software will keep in touch with the company’s representatives at all times. Also at this stage, critical activities and their order are identified and the risk associated with the implementation is calculated.

Process automation

Project management is the basic component of the implementation process, on which the success of the project of the automation of the company’s processes depends to a large extent.

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The project plan will reflect the distribution of activities necessary to achieve the customer’s objectives. Following the assessment of the availability of resources and competence levels, each task in the project plan will be allocated to the right employee, and the resulting activity plans will circulate among all team members. The plan will be maintained throughout the project to reflect the actual performance compared to what was planned, and any changes agreed for its proper fulfilment.

“We have chosen to collaborate with Senior Software because of the easy communication, the fact that they are very open to the many changes that we requested, so that the application could adapt to our business. I strongly recommend both the solutions and the Senior Software team.”

Sergiu Dangulea – General Manager Spy Shop

Continuous assessment and calibration of the project

The ERP Project Manager will carry out the assessments, together with all members of the project team, to determine the progress made and solve the problems that delay the completion of certain tasks. Once the current status of the project is discussed, the Project Manager will update the plan and inform all relevant team members over the progress. In addition, he/she will identify the appropriate directions of action to solve the problems that arise during the implementation.

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