Post-Implementation Support

Always together with our customers

To ensure customer satisfaction after the implementation of the application, Senior Software provides them with a post-implementation support system. It gives answers to the clients’ technical questions and ensures support in the case of abnormal operation of the solution.
The ERP support service is available from Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 18.30 and is accessible to customers from the first day post-Go Live.

The ERP support team offers the following services:

Taking technical questions from clients

Taking questions about using the application

Registering bugs or unconformities found while using the app

The analysis and solving of the categories mentioned before

The advantages of using the ERP support sistem:

Predictable and scalable support costs

Clients recognize costs and they receive detailed explanations regarding invoices, where every activity is mentioned, including their duration.

Consultancy offered by specialists

Senior Software’s support department is formed by specialists with experience and advanced technical, IT accounting and business abilities.


Increasing the system's reliability

Any situation that pops up can pe signaled in due time, thus preventing the interruption of activities and the persistance of certain issues with the app itself.

Increase in personnel trust

Knowing that they always have acces to specialists who know the app and that can offer quick answers, users will have more trust in working with the system.

“We chose to collaborate with Senior Software because we wanted a partner from Romania which would support us whenever necessary and which would provide us with customizable and scalable software, so as to support our business expansion.”

Adrian Buica – IT Manager Sano Vita

How does it work ?

Senior Software provides support through a ticketing system, after an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Companies that have active maintenance and technical support contracts have an ensured response time for incidents, as stipulated in the contract.
1The customer sends the request to the support department, then the system automatically creates a ticket that will be allocated to a support consultant.
2Depending on the agreed SLA and the priority of the request, the customer will receive a response to the request made within a certain period of time.
3Once the request has been resolved, the ticket will be closed and the customer will receive a confirmation of the resolution.

“The members of the Senior Software team have given us confidence, balance, involvement, availability and know-how. They understood and identified the needs of each department and each individual. We have dialogued and found the best solutions and we can say that we consider them part of the Pro Activ team.”

Alin Ionescu, Managing Director Pro Activ


Incidents reported by customers are classified in different categories of priorities, depending on their nature. The customer is also able to call the Account Manager when they consider that the incident has a different priority than that allocated by the ERP support department.

Low priority
  • The system is mostly functional
  • Small groups of users are affected
  • No critical business process is affected
Standard priority
  • Affects large groups of users
  • Affects important business processes
  • Does not affect critical business processes
High priority*
  • Obstructs the operation in the application
  • Obstructs the development of critical business functions
  • It has a major impact on the entire organization
* High-priority incidents, which affect the entire organization, occur quite rarely and are generated, in most cases, by technical problems – either with the server or the network. For this reason, we offer SeniorERP customers server maintenance services, cloud backup services or the option to move the entire infrastructure on the cloud, which prevent such problems from occurring.

In order for an incident to be opened, it must fulfill the following requirements:

To be forwarded to the support department of Senior Software by phone or e-mail

To contain the detailed description of the problem and the scenario in which it appeared

To be forwarded to the support department by a contact designated by the beneficiary

The customer must make the VPN connection available to Senior Software when requested

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