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TMS – transport route planning & optimization system

Plan the delivery of goods with optimal transport routes

The TMS solution is addressed to all distributors and manufacturers who have their own fleet or use rented cars. The transport route optimization software is the ideal tool for delivering goods in a shorter time and at minimal costs. The application takes into account all the restrictions, such as the opening hours of the ramps or drivers’ necessary rest time.
TMS easily and quickly integrates into the company software infrastructure, providing an intuitive, easy to use interface.

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Choose an intuitive and modern transport management system that offers you:

Intuitive interface

The system interface can be customized according to each user preferences, using Drag&Drop features.

Modular structure

You can implement any of the system modules and adapt them according to your company’s requirements.

TMS – transport route planning & optimization system


The database can be simultaneously accessed from different locations by several users.

Mixed Planning

Several types of vehicles and trips can be integrated in the same system.

What are the benefits offered by the TMS solution?

Reduced the number of kilometers travelled

By optimizing the routes, the shortest and most efficient routes are shown in the system, which also contributes to the decrease of wear and tear of the fleet.

Reduced order planning time

Through the planning and automatic allocation functionalities of orders and, at the same time, by automating advanced calculations to establish transport costs.

Decreased delivery times

By displaying the fastest routes and the possibility of reconfiguring the route; fast communication with the headquarters allows the immediate pick up of the orders by another operator, in case of unforeseen situations.

Decreased transport costs

By optimally loading vehicles and delivering a large number of orders in a shorter time; the system also allows the calculation of costs and the management of fees on each vehicle.

The TMS solution’s functionalities

• Automatic route planning
• Create mandatory routes
• Professional navigation
⦁ Trips allocation
⦁ Routes optimization
• Bundled or partial orders
• Barcode management
• Order processing
⦁ Calculation of transport costs
• Calculation of CO2 emissions
• Packages Tracking
• Proof of delivery (POD)
• GPS monitoring
• Collecting/issuing reports
⦁ Online chat
⦁ Document management
⦁ Role management
TMS – transport route planning & optimization system


TMS – transport route planning & optimization system

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Route planning

You can independently plan routes for each vehicle depending on the characteristics of the vehicles. The system calculates the route between the stop points for each vehicle, including tolls. In addition, the system:

⦁ Allows adding new stops on the route
⦁ Allows calculation of alternative routes or even reversing the routes
⦁ Provides an overview of distances, duration, costs, CO2 emissions and tolls

Creation and modification of routes

The routes can be manually created in the web application of the TMS solution or imported from an external source, such as the route planning solution.

⦁ The system allows the creation of mandatory routes accompanied by custom voice instructions
⦁ Navigation system directs drivers on the required route and warns them if they deviate from the road
⦁ Routes can be allocated to a new group or to an existing driver group
⦁ Routes are automatically synchronized with driver apps and are also available on offline devices
⦁ Drivers are notified of missing segments, can return to perform them or can be allocated to other drivers

Trip optimization

Drivers’ trips can be optimized whether they have a daily, weekly or monthly plan. Optimal planning of transport routes is also supported by the intelligent suggestion system. The TMS application takes into account all the information available:

⦁ Orders
⦁ Vehicles
⦁ Trailers
⦁ Vehicle combinations
⦁ Warehouses
⦁ Drivers
⦁ Travels

Cost reduction

The TMS solution allows you to calculate the transport costs for each vehicle in your own fleet or that of an intermediary.

⦁ You can create and manage individual freight rates for each intermediary agent
⦁ Cost structures can be simple, based on distance and volume, or complex, including various surcharges

The ETA Distribution Group processes on average 1,000 orders daily, delivered through 40 delivery vehicles, from the 5 warehouses, to over 7,000 customers in 3 counties. The route optimization solution allows us not only to adapt to the requirements of each of the 7,000 customers, but also to reduce our operational costs and become more efficient.”

Iulian Parascanu, Administrator of the ETA Distribution Group


Suport pentru echipele de vanzare de pe teren

Operations planning

An activity created in the TMS solution can have an unlimited number of steps, and the dispatcher can individually track the way they are done. The application allows:

⦁ The creation of custom fields the drivers can use to collect information from customers
⦁ Establishing custom rules for carrying out activities
⦁ Optimizing vehicle routes and how to use resources: time, fuel
⦁ Create user groups and flexibly allocate licenses (at driver or vehicle level)
⦁ Bar code scanning to accurately identify the packages to be delivered

Assignment of operations

The connection between the driver and the headquarters allows the real-time information flow for activities and drivers.

⦁ The dispatcher sees in real time driver’s status: online, during a break, during an activity
⦁ Dispatchers have at their disposal different rules for assigning activities: to the nearest available driver, to all drivers or to a group
⦁ Automatic rejection option: if the driver does not accept an assigned activity within a certain period of time, the system will automatically send it to the next available driver

Operations tracking

Dispatchers can collect real-time information on the activities, the position of drivers and all their journeys. GPS history on your device or external black box collects information even when the driver is offline.

⦁ The system provides a real-time map with all orders and drivers involved in their delivery, their status, availability and current speed
⦁ The POD (Proof of Delivery) module captures electronic signatures and stores photos as proof of activity
⦁ The parcel tracking functionality allows users to communicate their position and estimated delivery time
⦁ System reports and activity statistics can be exported to .csv for further analysis
⦁ The system stores the history of all activities

Professional navigation

After accepting the activity, the driver can be led to its location by simply pressing the navigation icon.

⦁ The integrated navigation system provides additional information on the route, correlated with the attributes of the cars
⦁ Driver can be guided by voice instructions from start to destination
⦁ When it comes to a compulsory route it is not possible to recalculate, and it must be travelled exactly as planned
⦁ The navigation solution includes a chat system to reduce communication costs
⦁ All messages are associated with an activity and can be attached to a conversation including documents or pictures

TMS – transport route planning & optimization system

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“The TMS solution offered by Senior Software allows us to harmonize route planning with clients’ working schedules, and the crew planning is done the night before, so that the next day everyone knows what their activity is for the whole day, customers, times and route.”

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