Dr.Wheel aims to double

its turnover by using

Senior Software’s systems

Find out what benefits the car parts and services supplier gained by using the ERP and BI systems

Dr. Wheel, an automotive services and accessories provider from Mures (Romania) has invested in integrated software to improve their sales process and business flow management. The company chose the ERP and BI solutions from Senior Software and integrated the resource planning system with the application used for the car service business.

Dr. Wheel, a business from Mures that sells car parts & accessories, aims to achieve a turnover of 10 million euros by using integrated systems for resource management and data analysis.

Looking to expand its business and digitize work processes through better data and sales management, the company chose SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI from Senior Software.

”I see the greatest utility for ERP in the online section of the business, in customer management, warehouse goods and supply processes. We want to sell the products through eMAG, OLX and B2B platforms where customers will be able to see and order them, and have real-time stock availability, without wrong infiormation about the stock and orders that we cannot deliver.
With Senior Software’s support we will double the clients in our portfolio which I believe will bring us an immediate increase in sales. ERP has exactly what we need to grow in the next 5 years and we expect to double our turnover, from 5 to 10 million euros.”
Marian Bota
General Manager of Vladadel, the company who owns the Dr. Wheel brand

With the BI solution the company aims to follow all business aspects through each workstation, by carefully monitoring profit & cost centers.

The use of complex analyses and detailed reports, based on real-time indicators, will lead to an improved business strategy, reduced financial losses and maximized profit.

”BI helps a lot in seeing exactly any syncope and any extra achievement, which allows me to make the right decisions more easily, immediately, without delaying certain measures or not taking them at all. This, along with managing the information which comes from the client and goes to the client, matters enormously”

– added Marian Bota

SeniorERP integrated with the car service management software

The business in Mures County also includes a car repair and maintenance area, and the SeniorERP solution has been integrated with the car service software already existing in the company. The interface with the service management application ensures the workflow’s continuity to processes such as billing, order placement and analysis.

Thus, invoicing and receipts are made in a shorter time by importing data from bills of quantities into SeniorERP. Customer and item information is also imported into the ERP, keeping data and stocks accurate. In addition, customers will be automatically notified by e-mail about existing balances.

”We have a good service software system, but it doesn’t cover accounting and administration at the level of our needs. Before implementing the ERP from Senior Software, we used 3 systems and it was a lot of work to get information this way.
With the new ERP system, once all data is transferred, employees will have easier access to information and will act faster when a repair request appears or in case of other requests. We hope to halve the time for managing customer requests.”
Marian Bota
General Manager for Dr. Wheel

The importance of the right software supplier and integrated systems in the automotive industry

Dr. Wheel’s team turned to Senior Software for partnership after receiving positive feedback from automotive businesses that were already using ERP and BI solutions from this company.

”I ended up partnering with Senior Software after seeing the list of companies they work with and I was able to find out directly from its customers what they think about the system and how it helps them.
In our field, a company that wants to be stable on the market, has no chance without such integrated systems. Senior Software is able to support us in what we want to build and this means a lot to us”

specified the general manager of Vladadel

About Dr. Wheel

Dr. Wheel is the brand launched by Vladadel, a company from Mures (Romania) – provider of services and car parts. With an experience of more then 10 years in the automotive area, in addition to sales, Dr. Wheel also performs car repair and maintenance activities. The company’s turnover is about 5 million euros. In the near future, the managing team plans to open two more workstations.

About Senior Software

Senior Software Software is the only software systems provider in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, the company has completed over 450 successful implementations. Senior Software has 6 divisions through which it implements intuitive systems such as ERP, BI, SCM, APS, MES, E-commerce and Hardware. The company operates in Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Iasi, with a dedicated team of 160 employees.

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