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The optimization of sales & manufacturing processes at Mirdatod Prod

Implemented Solutions: SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI

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Mirdatod Prod, manufacturer of the “Telemea de Ibanesti” brand, has had an impressive evolution in the last 4 years, since they started using the powerful systems for integrated business management – ERP & BI from Senior Software.

With the help of the resource management & data analysis solutions, the cheese & dairy products manufacturer & distributor gained multiple benefits, simplifying & improving manufacturing & sales processes.

“4 years ago we couldn’t see so many opportunities and so much information gained in such a short amount of time. Now, we definitely see this software’s true value. Compared to our previous way of operating, the difference is astronomical.“
David Todoran
Manager, Mirdatod Prod

What are the advantages gained?

Among the changes registered by the company with the help of the SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI systems, we count:

Automation of sales & manufacturing operations

Optimized resource management

Lowering work & order processing times

Lowered manufacturing costs

Increased data accuracy & traceability

Quick problem identifying & solving

Generation of detailed reports & analyses

Quickness in accessing any information

Improved decision making process

Forming new advantageous partnerships

Complete visibility over the inventory

Improved control over the business

In 2018, the company decided to invest in the SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI systems, replacing the old software used by the company. The decision was based on the need to automate planning & resource management operations, but also reporting & analysis, with scalable & easy to use solutions which can easily sustain the company’s growth.

Not only did the system greatly simplified work procedures. but the ERP system now allows the company to gather essential data for the company’s day to day activities in just a few seconds.

The information from BI, on the other hand, lead to the opening of the new factory, to the forming of advantageous partnerships & to the extension of their product line.

Following all this, through the partnership with Senior Software, the company is planning to further increase production, using the Ibanesti & Reghin factories at maximum capacity while also solidifying the brand’s position on the dairy products market.

Video Case Study: The optimization of sales & manufacturing processes at Mirdatod Prod

“With ERP from Senior Software, everything is much easier, reports & information come way faster. The system […] offers, in just a few seconds, exact data regarding raw materials, consumption, quantities and absolutely everything regarding manufacturing. SeniorVisualBI influenced us only positively. Even the decision to build a new factory, was based heavily on the analysis and information from BI. I advise all those who want to expand their business to use smart solutions. I think it’s impossible to have an image as complex as possible without powerful software.”

David Todoran – Manager, Mirdatod Prod

About the company

Mirdatod prod manufactures & distributes cheese & other dairy products. The company started operations in 1995, as a family business and became famous on the Romanian market thanks to the “Telemea de Ibanesti” product, which is DOP certified. Owned by the brothers Mircea & David Todoran, the company has its headquarters in the Mures County, has 185 employees & processes 80 000 liters of milk in the two factories from Ibanesti & Reghin, the raw mater coming from over 4 000 farmers from the area. In 2021, the company had a turnover of 13,5 million euros, and for 2022 the company expect it to reach 20 million euros.

years experience
liters of milk processed daily

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