Fixed Assets in SeniorERP

Discover the ERP functionalities for Fixed Assets & Small Inventory

With SeniorERP you have complete visibility over fixed assets and depreciations. The ERP system helps you manage depreciation plans for fixed assets that you own or rent.

The solution tracks in detail operations made on fixed assets over their entire life cycle, as well as the ones responsible with them and their location within the company.

Regarding the management of fixed assets, SeniorERP allows:

The Implementation

of a configurable number of depreciation standards

Automated Calculation

of depreciations regarding fixed assets

Automated generation

of accounting notes based on predefined formulas


of costs by centers, based on previously defined criteria


Safe access: access to the system is role-based.

Up to date: it is updated based on the current legislation. Any change is integrated in the system in due time.

Easy to use: the system has an intuitive UI and any user can quickly learn how to use it, without any extra IT knowledge.

Fixed Assets in SeniorERP

Fixed Assets ERP: Fixed Assets Catalogue

Represents all the company’s goods that are classified as fixed assets, or if it’s the case, small inventory. SeniorERP gives users access to catalogue with classification codes for fixed assets and allows you ot generate reports on fixed assets, all data coming from a single database.

Fixed assets can be added manually and through the elements of an invoice taken from the system and the catalogue which contains all classification codes for fixed assets can be edited at any time.

With SeniorERP’s fixed assets catalogue you can track numerous specific information, such as:

Classification codes & group names
The fixed asset's complete name
Inventory number and value
Technical specifications of the fixed asset
Dates of acquisition and of putting in use
Asset type and entry value
Management and person responsible for the fixed asset
Cost center and related accounting accounts
Depreciation duration and remaining duration
Depreciation coefficient and type
Value left to be depreciated
Supplier and data regarding entry documents
Fixed Assets ERP: Fixed Assets Classification

Special attention must be given to the classification of fixed assets based on cost because any associated operation generates both the specific accounting notes and the cost centre distribution.

When it comes to accounting depreciations, based on this classification, the depreciation period is set. The classification offers an available minimum and an available maximum.

Fixed Assets in SeniorERP
Fixed Assets ERP: Fixed Asset Operations
There are operations that can have a fixed asset as subject. Example: reevaluation, cassation, selling, inventory etc. SeniorERP manages complex reevaluation operations for fixed assets and it takes into account numerous configurable parameters.
Fixed Assets in SeniorERP
Fixed Assets ERP: Depreciation Calculation

In SeniorERP, a fixed asset can have one or more depreciations associated to it. A depreciation has at least one depreciation standard associated. A single depreciation stanard is the one that generates accounting notes. The SERP system covers the following depreciation methods: liniar, progressive and degressive with its two variants.

Another mention is tied to the ability to declare multiple standards of depreciation (ex.: accounting depreciation standard, fiscal depreciation standard (using SAPARD credits etc). When reports are launched the selected depreciation standard will be taken into account.

Fixed Assets in SeniorERP

Fixed Assets in SeniorERP

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Fixed Assets ERP: Depreciation classification

At the beginning of the depreciation period of a fixed asset, select the depreciation period and classification, in conformity with the fixed asset depreciation nomenclature.

The ERP system uses the newest version of the fixed asset classification Catalogue, in conformity with the current legislation.

Fixed Assets in SeniorERP
Fixed Assets ERP: Depreciated value, value to be depreciated
Fixed Assets in SeniorERP
With SeniorERP you can obtain, at any given time, the status of your fixed assets from a period + depreciated value and remaining time + value to be deprecated point of view. For fixed asset reevaluations, the ERP system will automatically calculate the depreciation’s value and will generate the required accounting notes, in line with the accounting legislation.
Fixed Assets ERP: Depreciation Accounting Notes
Fixed Assets in SeniorERP
Each month, the ERP system generates the accounting notes specific to the depreciation of fixed assets, according to the legal norms.

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