Discover the ERP functionalities for Sales

With SeniorERP you track the sales process in an efficient manner, thanks to the multiple configuration and tracking settings for covered sales channels. The software manages direct and online sales, for great store chains and more.

The ERP system is an intuitive tool for customer relationship management. It makes work easier for sales teams and it gives them easy access to up-to-date information.


Centralized data

Real-time access to information about inventory, prices and clients’ history

Mobile app

Natively integrated with the ERP system, available on the web & on mobile

Automated sales process

All client orders arrive directly into the app, regardless of sales channel

Maximized profitability

Focus more on sales and less on repetitive tasks

More efficient teams

By automating processes and having real-time access to data

Happier clients

CRM and SFA functionalities available on the web or on mobiles

Sales ERP: Sales Divisions

The ERP allows you to divide products by sales divisions in order to create an commercial relationship with a partner on multiple sales channels, product lines and on different price lists, with division-specific payment terms specific.
Sales in SeniorERP
Sales in SeniorERP

Sales ERP: Sales Areas

Sales areas are used to organize and control the client visits system. For each sales zone visit structure and duration are planned. Also, when it comes to rotating the sales team, client organization stays unmodified, zone reassignment for new sales agents being made extremely quickly, while saving transaction history for future analyses.

Sales Management in SeniorERP

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Sales in SeniorERP

Sales ERP: Price Lists

Efficiently manage prices in RON or in other currencies, fixed or in discount/markup percentages, specific to a workplace or division, permanent or promotional, net or gross.

Sales ERP: Commercial Policies

Set prefferential discounts, payment terms or credit limits at partner level and be sure that they are automatically taken over sales documents. Additionally, the ERP system lowers the volume of uncollected debts, because sales restrictions can be imposed when unpaid invoices reach certain values.
Sales in SeniorERP

”With ERP Mobile, everything functioned very well and correctly from the first moment. The interface is very user friendly, and our colleagues managed to successfully manage. We can send inventory and orders from our tablets, we have product images and price lists and many other things that before we couldn’t do in the showroom. The app helps us a great amount.”

Alin Moldovan – Development Manager, Viamso

Sales ERP: Visits & activities

SeniorERP efficiently organizes sales agents’ activities and allows them to be as productive as possible.

With SeniorERP’s mobile app, visits to clients can be registered, alongside details activities tied to them. More so, employees can receive alerts directly on their phones, which helps them make sure they never miss a step.

Sales in SeniorERP
Sales ERP: Prospecting & potential clients
The first step in the sales process is in interacting with the potential client. SeniorERP offers an easy to use mobile app which allows you to register contact information and future clients’ preferences right from the field.
Sales in SeniorERP
Sales ERP: Opportunities

Once an interest for the offered products has been identified, it can be registered in the ERP as an opportunity attached to a client.

With the mobile app, field agents can easily add data about new opportunities and later transform them into ferm sales orders with a single click.

Sales in SeniorERP

Sales ERP: E-mailing Service

With SeniorERP you can send and receive e-mails, you can track their status and the recipient’s activity and automate payment notification operations based on due dates.

Create personalized templates in the ERP and associate new or existing partners’ e-mail addresses.

Sales in SeniorERP
Sales in SeniorERP

Sales ERP: Marketing Forms

SeniorERP allows you to configure multiple form types in order to gain information regarding the competition’s products, client satisfaction, their prefferences and more.

Sales agents can easily complete these forms during their visits, directly from the mobile app, installed on a tablet or phone.

Sales ERP: Personalized Offer

When the potential client manifests a real interest for the company’s products, a sales offer can be added to SeniorERP. This will constitute the basis for the next ferm order, but it is not a document that can modify or reserve product stocks.
A offer can be added from the SeniorERP desktop app or the mobile app, during a visit. Regardless of the way it was added, the offer arrives in the same database.

Sales ERP: Sales order

In SeniorERP sales orders can be added directly into the system or they can have multiple sources: the ERP’s mobile app, the SFA system, the online shop, imported from external systems such as a CRM.
A sales order goes through multiple stages: confirmation, reservation, picking and it ends with one or more shipping documents (notes or invoices). Thus the sales process stage is highlighted, as well as unconformities with client requests, supply quality, sales quality etc.

Sales ERP: Expedition approvals

In SeniorERP, one or more orders, partially or fully, can be shipped with one or more notes, which will be later billed. Also, each order or note line’s status can be extremely easy to follow.

More so, the ERP system allows shipping to multiple work points, and the invoice can be made cumulative and sent to the central office.

Sales in SeniorERP
Sales ERP: Client invoice

It is the document that ends the goods and/or services sales process. If all system parameters have been set, releasing an invoice means selecting the client, work point, invoiced articles and quantities.

The other information is automatically completed based on predetermined business rules. If other sales flows are used, the invoice can be a document that is generated automatically in SeniorERP.

Sales in SeniorERP
Sales ERP: Tax receipts

In the case of store-type managements, management can be kept at sales price, the unloading method is the specific one and the sale is registered on tax receipts.

The cash register is used as a fiscal printer, and it is operated 100% in the system. Also, an invoice can be automatically released for the operated tax receipt.

Sales in SeniorERP
Sales ERP: Accrued charge invoices

They are used when only a part of the sold service’s value immediately transforms into revenue, the rest being distributed in time. It is also similar for VAT exigibility. For the shipment of goods for which money was received in advance the invoice which contains the drawback for the previously received advance and the sold articles.

Sales ERP: Returns

In SeniorERP there are two possibilities of introducing a return:

1. From history – If the transaction source is already in the system, then you may partially or fully rectify any document associated to the selected customer. Merchandise is again in stock at the cost of goods sold from the time. It needs no further information, all data required will be taken from the transaction source.

2. Direct return – Immediately after implementation, when no transaction source exists in the system, returns will require manual filling correct specific data, including cost of goods when sold. In time, these situations become increasingly rare, being replaced by the situations described at point 1.

Sales ERP: Installment purchases

In case of selling high value goods, to stimulate demand, there is the option of payments under a step-by-step graph generated automatically according to set parameters.

One can trace the individual status of each, having the possibility to set the desired search option.

Sales in SeniorERP
Sales in SeniorERP

Sales ERP: Partners unification

It is an instrument which, in case of objective or subjective reasons, is introduced several times in nomenclature, all transactions are transferred to one and the unnecessary remaining clients / work points are removed. To remove a redundant partner, is in the first phase, attached work points are removed.

Following the unification process, the source partner is deleted and the destination partner receives, along its existing properties, associations with divisions, bank accounts, contacts, addresses, operations and, by case, the source partner’s authorizations.

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