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Expand your sales channels: launch an online store!

Online selling is one of the largest commercial opportunities of the moment, and ecommerce platforms have known lately a stunning success. If you have not thought yet to open an online store, now is the time to do it!

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You’re one step ahead of your competitors

A high market share assures a corresponding high revenue. That’s why it’s important to impose yourself in front of the competition through a high reaction speed to customer requests, high availability, but also through innovative promotion methods. Moreover, you must ensure that you refer to a large number of clients.

An online store:

  • Is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • It is not limited by the work schedule or by the number of employees
  • It provides you with new promoting methods, specific to the online environment: banners, newsletters, etc.
  • It gives you access to new customer categories, such as those who prefer online commerce at the expense of the traditional one

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You can manage better your financial resources

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The financial component is important for any business. By implementing an online shop:

  • You lower the administration costs, because maintaining an online store is cheaper than a physical one
  • You need fewer employees, so that staff costs will be significantly reduced
  • You can improve the cash flow by integrating online payment methods and giving the customer the option to pay on the spot
  • The online customer retention and attraction methods are easier to control in terms of costs and the detailed monitoring and optimization possibilities allow carrying out successful marketing campaigns

It’s flexible and offers various promotional methods

The ecommerce platform from Senior Software is easy to manage and promote. In addition, you benefit from an online store optimized for a large number of products with a 100% customizable design.

  • If you own several online stores, you are able to control them in the same platform and you can retrieve orders from multiple shops in the same interface
  • You can choose the marketing tools that fit you: coupons, promotional prices, quantitative or qualitative discounts, special pages for new products, gift products or associated ones, 2 + 1 discount types etc.
  • Your data is safe because you are able to give each user individual administration rights, depending on its role.

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It is easy to use by clients


Functionalitati pentru clienti in magazinul online


In order to convince them to buy, you need to offer customers an easy to use online store, where they can quickly find the products or services that fit their needs. The ecommerce platform from Senior Software offers:

  • Dynamic search Filters, images for products with the possibility of zooming in, wishlists, recently viewed products/categories
  • Tag filters and tag cloud for popular searches
  • 100% customizable catalogues, the possibility to make comparisons between products and to leave comments for them
  • The possibility to make orders in just two steps: order and choose the method of payment
  • Visualizing the shopping cart with the exact calculation of the taxes, including transport fees

Integrates the latest technologies

We offer you the latest technologies integrated in your online commerce platform, to ensure your customers the best online buying experience:

  • It can be integrated with social media networks, making it possible to login with a Facebook account or other social networks
  • It includes optimization features for most popular search engines
  • It’s optimized for smartphone and tablet
  • You are notified via sms when a new order is placed
  • It offers secure methods payment via ePayment and integration with all Romanian banks
  • It’s integrated with price comparison sites

Alte functionalitati pentru magazinul online


Optimize the internal processes

Orders processing involves: issuing the payment documents, preparing the products and then delivering them to customers. This activity is time consuming and involves special attention from the employees because any mistake or delay could lead to the loss of a client. But by integrating the online platform with an ERP system, all these risks are significantly reduced:

  • After it is placed on the site, the order is automatically sent to the ERP system. Based on it the customer invoice will be created, and along with this the accounting note is automatically generated
  • The prices from ERP are also available on the site. Once a price list is modified in ERP, it is automatically updated on the online store

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  • Because the time dedicated to operational activities is lower, the employees can process and deliver more orders in a shorter time
  • The communication with every customer is personalized: they can view the status of the placed orders, the discount which they may benefit from, the purchase history or they can choose a payment and delivery method that is closer to their needs

Provide quality services to clients

Besides the benefits that the online store offers, its integration with the ERP system significantly contributes to increasing the customer satisfaction:

  • You are able to update and display the stock availability in real time
  • The orders placed by customers on the site are automatically sent to the ERP, without the intervention of any employee, so that the risk of error is minimal
  • Automatic transmission of orders allows you to process them in a much shorter time and deliver them as soon as possible.

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