“With SeniorERP, today we have a solid company with great development prospects”

Find out what were the benefits gained by the retailer after implementing SeniorERP

The retailer gained more control over the business, saved thousands of lei per month and increased online sales by 20% with the SeniorERP solution from Senior Software.

In just a few months, the company’s managers noticed the undeniable benefits of the ERP system, making them more confident in their plans for expanding the business to other countries.

While looking for the best ERP on the market, the retailer decided to buy SeniorERP after the software was recommended by another company has been using it for some years.

After only a few months of use, saves over 15,000 lei / month with the SeniorERP system from Senior Software.

The largest online store with women’s shoes in Romania, has invested in a modern ERP software to automate repetitive activities and to manage daily orders more efficiently.

The company registered increased online sales, saved time and lowered costs regarding multiple processes and departments.

Shortly after implementation, the retailer has already noticed results that are easy to quantify:

Time savings of over 4 hours / day – by automating activities like making the NIR, generating invoices, importing courier slips, etc.

Savings of over 15,000 lei / month – by eliminating the need to reward customers for canceled orders

20% increase in online sales – through efficient stock control and access to accurate information about product availability

Processing over 800 orders per day – about 300 more than the period when all processes were carried out with pen and paper or in Excel

Reducing orders with problems from a few hundred to about 3-4 orders / month

Thanks to the SeniorERP contribution, online sales increased by 20%, exactly what we needed in the pandemic year. With ERP we gained trust, control and a lot of time. Only on the NIR side we saved somewhere around 2 hours a day, and that means a lot. In addition, the system has allowed us to accelerate and invest more in marketing campaigns. In one year, through the automation given by SeniorERP, we manage to save significant amounts of money.

Nicolae Slav, CEO

Other changes in the company after automation

The company already owned an ecommerce platform, and while implementing the ERP suite from Senior Software, the shoe retailer also automated its warehouses. Thus, SeniorERP has been integrated with two other software, and communication, data retrieval and updating information are now happening much faster. After automating the business, the team noticed many other changes, such as:

Increased work capacity with the same number of employees

Visibility over stocks and sales information

Elimination of repetitive manual operations

Increased customer satisfaction

Visibility on courier receipts

Fast generation of profitability reports on suppliers “With SeniorERP, today we have a solid company with great development prospects”

Increased data and order processing accuracy

Outlining the business strategy based on correct information

Reduced number of human errors

Automatic order validation

Greater control of delivery times for orders from suppliers

Synchronization and updating data in real time

„Now I feel that we are operating as a 2021 company”

With the use of SeniorERP software, the management of became more confident in their plans to expand the business in other countries.

”Until the SeniorERP implementation we were a little stuck and reluctant to develop in other countries. Exactly after we implemented, we got the courage to expand in Bulgaria and other countries. Now we are talking about Greece and Hungary, but we are also considering Poland and Italy.
Now I feel that we are operating as a 2021 company. ERP helped me to better organize and structure my departments. People are now united, connected and even more productive. We have stabilized from an operational point of view and we can focus more on development. With SeniorERP, today we have a solid company with great development prospects.”

added Nicolae Slav


With a turnover of almost 5 million euros, sells women’s shoes, with a retail experience of about 10 years. The business has two warehouses and two physical stores in Bucharest, to which is added the online store, processing a total of about 800 orders per day. The company sells products in Romania and Bulgaria, and will expand its activity in Greece, Hungary, Poland and Italy.

About Senior Software

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