Flexibil increases the company’s

profitability using Senior Software’s

production systems

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Flexibil, the manufacturer of anti-vibration systems, has become a much more profitable business due to the investment in APS and MES systems from Senior Software. The production activity of the company is improved, the factory operations are carefully planned and the employees are remunerated according to the volume and quality of the products made.

Flexibil has streamlined workflows and factory production using Senior Software’s solutions.

With the APS solution for production planning and MES for the management of production activities, the company from Maramures (Romania) gained many advantages:

Detailed production planning, taking into account existing constraints

Efficient management of the number of orders, raw material and production capacity

Optimal monitoring of operations, overview and complete control

Employees remuneration according to the volume and quality of the products

Efficient information flow and easy access to updated data

Increased productivity and shorter delivery times

Flexibil increases the company’s profitability using Senior Software’s production systems

APS & MES suite, an important step towards Industry 4.0

Due to Senior Software solutions, the manufacturer complies exactly with the production standards, recipes and execution time, ensuring the quality of batches and products. The manufacturer currently operates at the highest level of efficiency and the data flow has been streamlined.

”Customer orders are registered in ERP, from where they are automatically taken over in MES, and based on the tree structure of the products, production orders are generated for different departments. These orders are taken over in APS, where production planning is performed, a major advantage being the possibility of planning in accordance with all the constraints that occur.
In APS we see the number of available orders and if it is necessary to adjust the production capacity, to increase or decrease the number of shifts. The Gantt chart gives us a ``helicopter view`` of production, being a very useful feature.
MES is an open solution that lends itself easily to integration with the various systems and components within the company, being a basis for Industry 4.0, the one in which all elements communicate with each other and synchronize with each other. Using MES, we assimilate the various new products into production much faster.”
Nicolae Borota
Technical Director - Flexibil

About Flexibil

Flexibil manufactures anti-vibration and noise isolation components and systems, used in various industrial fields. The company designs, tests and produces rubber & rubber-metal anti-vibration systems, with more than 2,500 products with special applications. The Flexibil products are exported to countries from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and the company has a turnover of about 7 million euros.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only software systems provider in Romania that offers a complete suite of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, the company has completed over 450 successful implementations and has 6 divisions through which it implements intuitive systems such as ERP, BI, SCM, APS, MES, E-commerce and Hardware. Senior Software operates in Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Iasi, with a dedicated team of 160 employees.

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