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Solutie Software CPM - Corporate Performance Management

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CPM is the only solution on the market that successfully combines performance management capabilities with Business Intelligence.
Thus, you gain total control over the budgeting and financial planning processes and manage to achieve your company’s growth goals with the latest available technologies.
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What does the CPM solution offer you?

Companies like Porsche, Volvo, Alliance Healthcare and many more benefit from the CPM solution. Join us too!

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Discover the success stories of the companies that chose the CPM solution:

Why choose the CPM system?

The CPM solution easily integrates data from different sources and provides you with a self-service analysis environment that allows you to:
Make changes

through data input functionality

Collaborate efficiently

using the included presentation and chat functions

Have access to data

in real time, wherever you are

Generate reports quickly

thanks to the web interface that is extremely intuitive

You get increased control

on expenditure as budget responsible

Analyze your data

in a wide variety of graphics and dashboards

What are the benefits of the system?

Companies that implemented the CPM solution got rid of Excel files and obtained, among others:
50% reduction

of the time dedicated to the allocation and consolidation of the budget

Simplification of processes

such as budget, analysis and reporting

Loss reduction

through decisions resulting from predictive analyses and coherent reports

Adjusting strategies

as a result of increased visibility on business activities

Realistic scheduling

by quickly combining historical data and budget estimates

Speeding up the decisions

by generating comparative reports and what-if analysis

The first thing we noticed after implementing the CPM solution was the intuitive web interface, but also a greater coherence in data, formal validations and consolidation of information. At the same time, the budgeting process has been considerably simplified.”

Daniela Petra, CFO Regina Maria

The CPM solution from Senior Software gives us both real-time access to information and the possibility to edit it anytime, and the presentation of budgets is done in a much more friendly way than in a simple Excel.”

Daniela Vasile, Financial Director of Porsche Romania

The CPM solution successfully covers the needs of companies in any industry


Food and Beverages

Quickly create analysis that help you save time and money and make better business decisions.




Make better research and commercial decisions to achieve clinical, operational and financial excellence.





It synchronizes demand with supply, increases profitability and aligns financial objectives with factory operations.




Improves the decision-making processes of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.



Increases clinical productivity, improves supply chain efficiency and optimizes the revenue cycle.





Make more informed decisions, reduce waste and improve the efficiency of operational activities.





Increases transparency, visibility and efficiency at each stage of the construction processes.


Energy & Utilities

Efficiently controls costs and predicts demand to maintain profitability and sustainability of services.



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