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Fleet Management ERP Module

ERP car fleet software module: FMS, route sheets, fuel, risk management etc.

Distribution companies which have their own car fleet need a flexible and efficient instrument (FMS – Fleet Management System) for their administration. The car fleet module integrated into SeniorERP is indispensable to a fleet manager, in order to increase profitability, the availability and efficient use of the companys cars.

Modul ERP Parc Auto

  • Easy identification of any vehicle in the company
  • Permanent record of each machine activity: tracking, fuel consumption, accidents, fines
  • Tracking the duration of unavailability for machines and identify their causes

  • Optimize fleet through more efficient delivery routes
  • Increase availability rate of company cars
  • Increase fleet profitability

ERP Car Fleet – FMS: Vehicles

This submodel will help you to easily locate your vehicle, its role within the organization, to check technical data, to know the technical status of the car, to keep informed about all the drivers who have driven that vehicle, or fill / watch a lot of other specific information.

ERP Car Fleet – FMS: Route sheets

A basic component of any car fleet software / module, is the completion and tracking of route sheets, indicators and results.

ERP Auto Fleet – FMS: Fines

The system manages the fines received in detail, including the number of points accumulated, the causes which produced them or penalties received.

ERP Car Fleet – FMS: Accidents

Details such cause of the accident, damages, the value of the damage, insurance company file number.

ERP Car Fleet – FMS: Fuel

This sub module records the fuel history and provides users with a system of consumption analysis in tabular and graphical modes.

ERP Car Fleet – FMS: risk management

For efficient use of fleet, it is necessary to monitor the car’s duration of immobilization and its causes. It also pursues actions to reduce duration of a car’s unavailability a car.