A top manufacturer and distributor of BIO products for major retailers automates its business with integrated systems from Senior Software

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Bio Logistic, top player in the Romanian BIO products manufacturing & distribution market, has invested in a package of high-performance software systems to automate its activity and strengthen its online presence. Using integrated solutions from Senior Software, the company will gain increased visibility and control over the business, access to detailed analytics and reports, optimization of the entire work process and more efficient resource management in the organization.

One of the most important producers and distributors of BIO certified products in Romania, Bio Logistic, has partnered with Senior Software to automate and manage their business in an integrated manner. With a portfolio of over 300 articles, Bio Logistic produces and distributes BIO certified food products through all channels: traditional trade, online and large retail chains (IKA): Auchan, Carrefour, Kaufland, Mega, Profi, Rewe, Romania Hipermarche, Selgros etc. Therefore, the use of integrated and high-performance systems, which ensure the optimization and connection of the company’s processes and, at the same time, enables accelerated business development, has become a priority for Bio Logistic from Timisoara.

Following an analysis of software solutions on the market, the company’s management decided that the integrated systems provided by Senior Software are the most suitable to meet Bio Logistic’s needs. Thus, the management chose SeniorERPERP software for resource management, SeniorVisualBIBusiness Intelligence software for reporting and analysis and Ecommerce – platform for B2B & B2C online promotion and sales.

A top manufacturer and distributor of BIO products for major retailers automates its business with integrated systems from Senior Software

We looked for software solutions that met the company’s needs and reflected the quality/price ratio according to our expectations and we determined that Senior Software best meets our requirements. As a result of our collaboration with Senior Software, we will automate the entire production – warehousing – ordering – invoicing – delivery flow. This includes all connections with partner platforms, courier services, EDI integration and more. We want to process more documents efficiently, in the same number of hours and with the same staff. The reporting and analysis side will also be automated, which will greatly contribute to making our business more efficient, and the automated P&L reporting and breakdown by cost centers will help us to increase business.

Thanks to the integration, we will automatically take orders from all channels without human intervention. Also, on the B2C side, it was necessary to move to a modern and streamlined online store which will contain all the elements necessary to make it easier for customers to place orders, from any type of device: tablet, phone, desktop or LT device.

Doru Radusean, Shareholder & General Manager – Bio Logistic

The solution package from Senior Software will replace the non-integrated software currently used by Bio Logistic. The lack of connection between them has caused the company a number of difficulties that have resulted in unacceptably long times to resolve certain tasks. In addition, the systems were struggling to cope with the multiple legislative changes that the business had to conform with.

”The solutions we are currently working with are not integrated and the limited connectivity between them has caused us discomfort in our work recently. Our experience so far in working with different providers has shown us that there are huge shortcomings with this way of working. We have therefore decided to work only with one partner, who will provide us with integrated solutions and ensure the smooth operation of the whole system.

It is very important to use integrated systems from the same provider. By working on the same database, the risk of errors appearing is practically eliminated. Links between processes are formed automatically, information is accessed and updated quickly operation times are shorter, and interaction with a single supplier makes it much easier to communicate and resolve any situations that may arise.”

Doru Radusean
Shareholder & General Manager - Bio Logistic

After implementing SeniorERP and the EDI functionalities integrated into it, the distributor expects to streamline the exchange of operational documents with customers and suppliers and to make invoicing and payments simpler. At the same time, timely submission of tax returns using the ERP solution, according to the latest legal provisions, is another objective pursued by the company. Furthermore, the Business Intelligence system will allow the Bio Logistic team to move away from reporting and analysis in Excel, which is currently time-consuming and error-prone. Company managers will also be able to track key performance indicators much more easily and thus have a clear picture of the business, which will help improve decision-making and business strategies.

In terms of choosing a business partner, in addition to providing integrated and intuitive systems from a single software provider, the flexibility of the solutions mattered to Bio Logistic, along with providing updates and expert support whenever needed. In 2022, Senior Software set up a new branch in Timisoara, the proximity of the software provider to Bio Logistic’s location being another aspect appreciated by the distributor of BIO products.

About Bio Logistic

Founded in 2007, Bio Logistic is one of the leading producers and distributors of certified organic food in Romania. The company was founded by brothers Cristian and Danut Onetiu and has a turnover of about 3 million euros. The company distributes a wide range of products from brands such as Holle Baby Food, Probios, Vivani, Allos, but also its own brands: Bio All Green and Natur All Green.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is a provider and developer of high-performance software systems for integrated business management. Founded in 2003, the company has achieved over 450 successful implementations, using the latest technology. Senior Software implements ERP systems, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware systems. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Contanta, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara) with a team of more than 180 employees.

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