The manufacturer of Torockoi cheeses has streamlined its business and plans to access new international markets

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De Coltesti has optimized its factory operations with state-of-the-art technology and is preparing to enter new European markets. With the help of modern systems from Senior Software, the cheese manufacturer has reduced costs and significantly improved business performance by streamlining workflows.

De Coltesti, the producer of Torockoi cheese, monitors its production activity, from the moment orders are launched until products are finished, with Senior Software’s MES solution.

The system used by the producer complements the other solutions implemented in the company: ERP – resource management software, BI – reporting & analysis software and SFA – sales force automation software.

Among the results that De Coltesti has achieved with the suite of perfectly integrated software, there are:

Automation of activities and data flows
Connecting business processes
40% reduction in order preparation time
Eliminating manual and error-prone tasks
Significant reduction of business costs
de coltesti utilizeaza cu succes sistemul MES pentru managementul productiei

”From the moment we implemented the MES solution, everything became much simpler. Everything we do in the ERP, is seen in MES and vice versa. Further, through the integration between ERP and MES, we have a much better flow of data from the field to the factory, and then to the warehouse, and then to the picking and shipping areas. And with BI, all data of interest is gathered and made available to us in real time.

We saved about 3 hours a day, and the risk of quantity or batch errors was eliminated. It is very easy to follow the production process and maintain product quality with the MES solution […] The interconnection between the systems allows us to have complete transparency on production. People are much more connected to what we are doing and everyone knows exactly what they have to do.”

Marius Chiorean, Sales Manager – De Coltesti

With a turnover of around 5 million euros, the producer processes 15,000 litres of milk daily and serves over 700 partners. The products, made according to Swiss recipes, are delivered in Romania to traditional shops and large retail chains, as well as to HoReCa partners. De Coltesti exports some of its products, such as matured cheeses, to countries such as Belgium and Hungary, and with the expansion of storage capacity, the producer plans to access new European markets.

”Our plan is to get better and better at what we do and we want Torockoi cheese to become recognized for its quality, not only nationally but also internationally.”

Marius Chiorean

Marius Chiorean

Sales Manager - De Coltesti

About De Coltesti

Founded in 1994 in Alba county, De Coltesti specializes in the production of cheeses and other dairy products, recognized on the Romanian market under the Torockoi brand. The producer uses milk from farms in the Trascaului Depression, which it processes in the factory in Coltesti. The company’s portfolio includes various types of cheeses, butter, cream, Telemea and Parmesan.

About Senior Software

Founded in 2003, Senior Software provides integrated business management solutions, including ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce, and Hardware systems. With over 500 successful implementations, the company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Contanta, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara) with a team of over 200 employees.

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