Kreativ: “We are backed by an integrated solution and a trustworthy partner, with whom we’ve been collaborating for over 10 years”

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Kreativ, distributor of professional tools and installation materials, passed its business challenges and developed at its desired pace, with the help of integrated ERP, Business Intelligence and B2B solutions from Senior Software, which it has been successfully using for over 10 years. Thanks to the systems, the company has permanent access to up-to-date and accurate information, even from mobile, and has control over all business and efficiently manages all 15,000 products in its portfolio. At the same time, the distributor manages to receive and ship orders in very short time.

Kreativ, distributor of professional tools and installation materials from Satu Mare (Romania), has been successfully using a package of integrated systems from Senior Software for over 10 years. With SeniorERPsoft ERP for resource management, SeniorVisualBIsoft Business Intelligence for reporting and data analysis and SeniorB2B – B2B portal for business to business sales, the company managed to develop at its desired pace, contrary to the unpredictability of the market and the crisis situation of recent years. Kreativ has a turnover of 9 million euros and a portfolio of about 15,000 products from established suppliers from Europe, the USA and Mexico. The distribution of products on the market is carried out through 4 divisions.

Supported by perfectly integrated software systems, the distributor gained increased visibility and control over the entire business and managed to successfully overcome all challenges regarding: processing large volumes of data, visibility over information and optimization of work processes. Thanks to Senior Software’s solutions, the Kreativ team has access to correct and up-to-date data, from anywhere and at any time, benefits from complete product traceability, generates detailed reports and complex analyses, and the sales process is carried out in a much more efficient way.

Kreativ: “We are backed by an integrated solution and a trustworthy partner, with whom we’ve been collaborating for over 10 years”

“Time is a very important resource and, since we noticed that our sales agents and clients lose a lot of time if they don’t have real-time information, we looked into ways of optimizing the sales process, and Senior Software helped us in this regard. With the help of the mobile ERP application, our sales agents can provide real information regarding stocks and prices, information regarding client statuses and much more important data to our clients. I can say that order receiving and processing times have been greatly lowered.

Also, it is important for both me and my team to always be up to date with everything that happens in our business. Because we work with suppliers that have portfolios of even over 10,000 products, it’s essential to manage data imports as accurately and efficiently as possible. Data exporting and processing, the ability to track invoice history logs and customer statuses, as well as a product’s evolution and its market tendencies, along with the ability to make forecasts regarding orders, are other aspects gained with Senior Software’s systems.”

Attila Simon, Managing Director – Kreativ

Regarding the e-commerce platform, the distributor can optimize the sales process even more, promote its product portfolio more efficiently, improve customer relationships and increase the number of shipped orders. At the same time, reporting and data analysis, possible with BI, allow the company to gain a clear overview over all operations, as well as over the business direction that needs to be followed.

Thanks to the use of perfectly integrated systems, data is automatically and accurately transmitted from one system to another, which allows for quick connection of business processes, elimination of errors and shortening of work times on various operations.

“While some talk with concern about the crisis, we see it as an opportunity and we still have very big plans, which will certainly be supported by Senior Software systems. If we do not adapt to the new context, if we do not move quickly to offer more and better services, to change certain procedures and processes, then maybe we will not be here in a few months. But fortunately, we have an integrated solution and a reliable partner with whom we have been collaborating for over 10 years.

It is very important to remember that any project implementation must be done by a good team. Senior Software really listens to customer requests and adapts all solutions according to the company’s needs, making them much easier to use, more viable and more stable in the future. We have been through very difficult times in all these years of activity and without Senior Software`s systems, we wouldn`t have survived those very difficult moments.”

Attila Simon
Managing Director – Kreativ

The company’s leadership chose to collaborate with Senior Software after conducting a thorough analysis of the software systems available on the market, as well as after receiving recommendations from other companies who were successfully using the integrated system. The professionalism of the Senior Software team and its vast experience were other aspects that mattered in choosing the supplier as a development partner.

About Kreativ

Kreativ is a national distributor of professional tools and installation materials, with a portfolio of approx. 15,000 products from famous suppliers from Europe, the USA and Mexico. Kreativ, with a turnover of around 9 million euros, is active on the Romanian market through 4 divisions (Novapex – sanitary, heating and HRV ventilation installations, Bolman – accessories, equipment, electric and manual tools, DIY – do-it-yourself products, Online Stores – SculeShop and Shopinstalatii).

About Senior Software

Senior Software is a provider and developer of high-performance software systems for integrated business management. Founded in 2003, the company has achieved over 500 successful implementations, using the latest technology. Senior Software implements ERP systems, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware systems. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Contanta, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara) with a team of more almost 200 employees.

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